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The Video Booth

For the third weekend in a row Philip sat alone in his living room
watching a porn tape that he had rented from the local video
outlet. It was your typical adult flick -- a sultry blonde, on her
knees, giving head to a well-endowed stud. The plot was non-
existent and....

My Shame, a story of coming out

My name is Susan and I want to tell you what happened to me
recently. I'm doing this because right now I feel guilt, and remorse,
and most of all because I can't tell my husband, Peter (not his real
name), but I have to tell someone. Maybe publishing this anonymously

Transformed Brother, Lesbian Sister

"I swear to God, that brother of mine is the most
worthless creature on this planet!"
Lisa Thomas was about ready to toss a Ming Dynasty vase through
the patio doors when her roomate and business partner, Lynn Horton
grabbed it from behind.
"Whoa, ther....


I grew up in a small town, about an hour north of New York City. I had
spent lots of time with Playboy and Penthouse magazine, but was not really
active sexually through my teens or college years. I mean, I had steady
girlfriends, and had sex, but I wasn't a Casanova type, c....

Brad and Scott, the two cock

As Brad withdrew his cock I heard Scott say, "I think I will take that
spot!" He quickly moved between my legs and put the head of his cock
against my already cum soaked pussy. I felt him give one quick lunge
into me as I felt Brad's cum running down my ass. I then felt this....

Sex Bully

To this day, I can't believe how stupid and naive I was at 19. Twelve
years later, I still suffer the consequences.
I moved out of my parents home in Fresno and into the outskirts of
Los Angeles because the warehousing company I worked for moved there.
My parents and I....

Thai Heaven

As I stood on the station waiting for the train to arrive, I felt not
exactly depressed, but bothered and disoriented. It had been an
oppressively hot day, and it had not been a happy one. I had started the
long drive from Melbourne to Sydney early that morning, only to get to

Why Ladies go the Bathroom in Pairs

It was one of those not quite hot, pre-summer nights. You
know, the sultry kind that might make you want to forget
about wearing pantyhose, even underpants for that matter -
which I did as a matter of fact. I was out clubbing in the
City, just dancing up a storm and r....

The teacher takes me as her own

I don’t know how or why it happened, but my teacher must have known I would succumb to her. I had never known it about myself; I thought I was just shy and reserved.

I was on the junior dance committee and had been drafted by one of teachers for that. She knew I had a car and I help....

Vegas Male Stripper

I'd always heard that you could find anything you wanted in Las
Vegas, but I didn't believe that it could be true until I had to
take a business trip there in the fall of '88 for a convention.

I'd been in town for a day and had stopped in at one of the Adult