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Public Bathroom Misbehavior

Spankings deliver my most intense climax, how and why a public
bathroom slut [m/m] needs it very dirty, the nastier I was used,
the more deserved my punished bad [wow], yes I want to be bad,
because I need the paddle real good

I must say, that I do what I enjoy....

Dirty secrets

I tossed my bag on my bed as I rounded through my bedroom door. I had just finished my college classes for the day. Looking around briefly, I noticed that my room was clean and I definably didn't clean it.

"Sam!" I called out, calling my friend Samantha whom I shared an apartment with....


The two maidens took Lea by the hand and lead her through the torch-
lit temple to the High Priestess's chamber. Lea was just twelve and
had only seen the High Priestess during the most important of
religious ceremonies. But even from a distance, she could tell the

My Step Son Made Me Do It

Dear diary, my name is Rob, this is my first submission. The only reason I’m doing this is I have a problem, a big one. A friend in my poker club that just happens to be a psyche. noticed that I’ve seemed kind of off lately, and suggested I write down on paper what was disturbing me.

First time blowjob

This happened when I was 18. I was sleeping over at a friend's house with 3 other guys. We were all the same age and went to highschool together. We spent much of the night playing pool, watching TV and listening to music. I do remember playing pool with Roger at one point in the evening and him ask....

My crossdressing

I was a straight-acting 24-year old slim and fit man, once upon a time. Then Sally got inside my head and now, I crave cock. I have evolved from being a school-jock and a dick to being fucked by an older man, then on the weekends by a DJ. I had my ass broken in by a big black guy when the club I fre....

A Wtf moment

I was slowly started to awake with my body facing down but slightly to the side and hugging a pillow. I could hear music playing somewhere and heard people chattering. My head was spinning and I kept seeing these flashbacks of a dream I must have had. I felt the urge to get up, but that’s when I n....

Phil and Mike try gay sex

Phil and Mike were best buddies in school. One day, on the
way home from school, Phil told Mike that he had found some
girlie magazines belonging to his older brother, Jim. Mike was
eager to see them, so they both went over to Phil's house.

Wait 'til you see ....

Bisexuality story

My daughter's college has a really nice out-door swimming pool. I
know because I came up to visit her one weekend during summer
session and got the chance to swim in it. Of course the hot, sunny
weather had a lot to do with how nice my swim was. Cathy had a

Screen Saver

Sarah and Kelly were room mates in college. Sarah was a junior
in computer science, with emphasis in graphics. Kelly was a psych
major. Sarah had been working on a graphics program for a class
project. It had started out as a stereo display of 3D surfaces in
motion; she w....