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A group of guys go diving, and they all fuck me and I suck all of them

I went scuba diving with a good bud from Georgia and
three of his friends last week. He and I had slept
together before on a trip to Cuba. Nothing much
happened there. We were in a small house with a
husband, wife and two children. He just felt me up
some, kis....

Caught By My Wife Having Gay Oral Sex

I visualized him in my masturbatory fantasies... and
even thought about him occasionally, when I was buried
deep in my wife. These were harmless musings that made
my orgasm stronger. He was ten years younger than me,
attractively fair, quite effeminate and charmingly ....

Third Wheel Stops By - Cum on mouth

I had managed to avoid Nate since the threesome I had
with him and Kim a couple of weeks before. Although I
had fun, I just couldn't face him after the way the
night ended. I had only seen Kim in passing at work and
she seemed as embarrassed as I, by the events of tha....

The fuck stop

Tim Cremers meets up with Chris Moreels just out of town close to the
woods. The scent of trees and daylight blend together. The cop is not happy
with this meet up, especially since Chris got the upper hand.

"What do you want from me?" Tim sneers after getting or....

Brother Bull

Warning: this story contains noncon, sex between half-brothers, bestiality with an animal fucking a man, adultery and watersports.

`Is he quiet?' asked the artist, as a young bull with a curly red coat came inquiringly towards them.

`He's playful at times,' said Tom. C....

My GF caught me looking at gay porn

I recently wrote about my first cocksucking experience but the act of writing it down triggered a memory I had suppressed for a long time, I did have one previous encounter…..
This was actually my first time sucking a cock……
I was a young student just 18. I was living in shared r....

Curtis wants money for college

So I stopped in a local gay bar for a drink the other
night. I don't go out to the bars much any more, but
the bar owner is an old pal of mine, so I wanted to say

Up to me comes this young pup, nineteen, just into
college, and he says he has see....

An Ideal Match - The Beginning

"How did you and Sue meet?"

The simultaneous gulp from both of us was audible
around the dinner table. An assembled group of 3 work
colleagues with partners had joined us for dinner at
our new home and the meal was going really well until
that question.....

An Education In Cuckoldry

"Ralph, I'm glad you could arrange to meet me here
this evening. I know the lateness of the hour may be
inconvenient, but I think I have something that will help
us both."

"Dr. Roland, I was rather surprised at your call for
this meeting, and especially ....

An Awakening

So this is where it is going to go;

I am going to tell you about myself, my love for cock
and how I go about getting it. I am not a size queen
and I am not gay. If you were to give me the option of
sucking cock or eating pussy, I could not chose between