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How I Became A Whore

(Some prior notes about me and this story: If MALE bisexuality, crossdressing or interracial sex bother you, don't bother reading further. I am someone who considers himself a fairly "masculine" or normal guy, in many aspects. I think, however, that many straight, gay, or bi guys have always had sec....

Gay Locker Room

This was the first time at this gym. After a long and sweaty workout i went to the lockerroom to take a shower and maybe go in the sauna. When i entered the lockerroom i saw many tiny penises flopping around. None were bigger than 3 inches. i was amazed. i undressed and my 6 in cock flopped out whic....

New Sensation

This is the the first story I ever wrote. It has been posted on another site but i thought you folks might like it too:

When I was 19 I went on my first trip overseas. I had gotten a job as a camp counselor at a Summer Camp in upstate New York. It was my first time away from Australia....

Ass and Dick, the two Prick

John had driven the route almost bimonthly since the
move to LA. And each time, he stopped in some city to
gas up....for some reason Gilroy seemed to be that

And each time it was late ... John planned it that way
so he could speed a bit faster ....

Gay brothers

My brother had always seemed so much straighter than me.
He had gone out for football, and every other sport he
could find, while I was more into my books and my
hobbies. He was ruggedly good looking, and the few times
I'd seen it, he had a good body.


Rice x Poopy - Charlie Becomes Charlene

After a long and difficult divorce I moved to another
state and started a new job in a large office building.

I was rather depressed and confused but still very
sexually charged. Most evenings I would have a few
drinks, watch porn and fuck my hand. If I had eno....

Extra credit to Blake

Blake was a normal 18 year old boy in the middle of his sophmore year in high school. Blake was never much of a student and always got bad grades. His parents told him if he got one more bad mark on his report card that they would make him go to boarding school. So Blake triend his best to keep his ....

I watched as my husband fucked my friend

It was about 10pm on a Friday night and my husband Peter & I were watching TV. I was not really paying attention, but mulling over a recent conversation I had with my friend Josie.

Two weeks ago she had come around to my house and after a glass of wine we got onto the subject of my hu....

Are You Afraid of the Dick?

Jason started the fire, and awaited his friends to join him at the campsite for another meeting of the Erotic Stories Committee. He heard the bushes rustle, and thought they all were making their way through when he heard someone whisper to him, “Jace! Jace, over here!” the voice called out.

First dates can have some surprises

Before I start this I better explain a few things
first. I'm not gay, bi-curious, or attracted to men.
However, I'm not a gay basher or against gays in any
way. I've known some gay boys, and while they've never
been close friends I talk with them sometimes. The