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I'll never forget the first time I heard the upstairs neighbors
fucking. I was sitting on the bed folding laundry when I noticed the
rhythmic rocking of their bed. I looked up and started laughing when
I immediately suspected their activity.

I continued folding ....

Fun With My Dad

My name is Blake. I"m 18, 5"6", and 130 pounds of muscle. My cock is 6 1/2 inches hard (yes, I"m small). I"ve never seen my dad naked before, until now. My dad is 49, a little skinny & kinda tall. My dad and I never really talked much, and we didn"t have a close bond. Now, the story starts:

Eli the Bearded

If you remember from the first episode of Mood Changes, I was
recovering from a fantastic night with an awesome babe. Great
looking, really built, and extremely forward. This lady had taken and
drained me, giving me my first ever ass fuck then packed me off to
sleep by ....

Opie and the Pie

Opie Taylor was a good boy. On t'other hand, he was an 18-
year-old boy, which means he wasn't all THAT good. He played
hooky onc't in a while, and he threw rocks at squirrels, and he
knew some cuss words. But he didn't use them in front of
grown-ups. Of course, bei....


I am of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. I have a very strong sex drive - and I love having sex with an a....

Gradual Ease

Brandon sat at his favorite table at the coffee house on Pine Street. He sipped on a cup of rich Cuban Coffee as he watched the scenery around him. Boys of all types and sizes moved on the sidewalk, some alone and some not. He was particularly interested in those that were alone. This was his habit ....

A Mother-Daughter Twosome 2.

It was a hard climb up the narrow, rock-filled path, and Ann
had to stop two or three times to catch her breath. Whew, I'm
really out of shape! she panted to herself silently, standing
about fifty feet below the crest of the hill. Well, one last pull
... and she start....

A Mother-Daughter Twosome

"Ann Walker trudged wearily from the front office of the Bay
Construction Company, and turned down Market Street to begin the
four block walk to her car. San Francisco screamed around her in
the throes of its rush-hour convulsions, spewing people and cars
and dirt and....

Lesbian lovers 4,

I sat at my desk, looking at the screen of my Compaq computer. The
letters of the ad, black on white, looked so artificial. I found it hard
to believe that this electronic wisp would result in what I had in mind.

The letters proclaimed "I have a desire. It is to become....

My man dan

Danny and I have known each other for years. We went to high school together and that is where the two of us became life mates. Yes, we are gay.

We shared an apartment while in college. There we explored all facets of gay sex. Danny is the males male. He is into body building, His phy....