Cock stroking gay

I first realised i was Bisexual when i had been exploring with my brother, but thats not for this story. I lived in a small town in England, i was only 14 and desperate to have some sex, but not really with a girl as much as with a guy, the thought of fucking a guy got me alot more excited than that of fucking a girl.

I had no idea what to do, so i went on the internet and found a website where you could build a profile, i found alot of gay men from around my area were on this site. I basically listed that i was 16 as to not put anyone off me being to young, i said i didnt mind the age of the man, aslong as he had a dick.

Overnight i got several messages from older men, some as old as 60 and some as young as 16 but i realised i wanted someone experienced, i found a man in his 40's and messaged him back, we talked for a while about what we would do, then i decided it was time to meet he ofcourse couldnt wait.

I got on the train and as soon as i sat down i got excited, i had a huge bone on and i was glad that his stop wasnt for a long time, i looked around, there was noone else in the same part of the train as me as it was a sunday morning. i slowly put my hands down my jeans to feel my 6 inch penis to be as hard as it had ever been and i slowly felt around my balls thinking to myself that in a matter of minutes another guy would do this for me, i had to calm down. it was too hard to calm down (no pun intended) but i finally got it to soften up.

I finally got off at the stop he had told me too, i went outside the station and waited for someone to approach me, finally after 10 minutes a tall man with grey hair approached me and asked if i was Ian i said yes he shook my hand and at that very moment i wished he was shaking something else.

We walked a little around the corner to this huge house, where he lived, he opened the door and held it open for me, i walked past admiring the huge bulge in his pants, he showed me to the living room and asked if i wanted a drink.

he looked at me and said "you look a hell of alot younger that 16 are you sure thats your age"

fuck i got scared i didnt want to blow my chance i wanted to blow his dick, but i though he knows something is up so i just looked at him with wide eyes and said "sorry i am actually 14 i completley understand if you want me to leave"

his reaction was surprising to me, his eyes lit up and he smiled and he was like "no you stay right there"

i could take a look at him now he was tall skinny had grey hair and wasnt the most attractive man but he definatley had a huge bulge that attracted me, he walked into the other room and pulled out a dvd, he put it in and it was 5 guys jerking each other off, all of a sudden his older hands pushed me down onto the sofa and grabbed my bulge as i grabbed his cock.

As he had pushed me down to the sofa i was scared but excited, he pulled my jeans rite off, and just left my boxers, he slipped his hand down them and started touching the head, he spit on his finger and put it back and i couldnt believe i was finally with a man, not only a man but a man who knew what he was doing.

"you like it" he said

"you have no fucking idea how long i have waited for this" i replied

His eyes beemed even more, "i want you to teach me everything today" i said staring into his eyes, he leaned forward and kissed me, i was freaked out abit at that i dont know why but then i calmed myself and leant back in, i ended up ontop of him, with my dick hanging out of my boxers rubbing against his leg.

he pushed me down, very aggresive i thought to myself but i loved it, he undid his pants and oh my god, i saw his huge dick come out, "wow how lucky am i" i said staring up at him, he looked down and laughed "come here stand up i am going to teach you how to suck a dick" he started on me, licking from my balls up to the head and all around, he started to put his hand around to my ass and stroked it. he started licking my balls and around my shaft finally puttin it all into his mouth as i moaned in ecstacy.

"i think i got it now" i said, i looked down at him and told him to stand up, i looked at his huge dick i was extremely excited, i kissed his head and then licked his head and his shaft all the way down to his hairy balls, he moaned i knew i was doing well then. i put my hand onto his ass and started moving it closer to his hole, i could feel his dick tense up then all of a sudden he came, all over my mouth i was surprised his dick flew out and he came all over my face, i could taste it in my mouth "swallow" he said, so i did, my first ever taste of cum and i loved it, i got some off my face and swallowed that too.

he looked at me and he told me to lay down "i am going to teach you how to lick someones ass" i was scared but extremely excited..

he pushed me on the ground, my dick rubbed against the carpet and then he lay down just behind me on his stomach and i could feel his breath on my ass, i could feel his hand running up my leg and then to my ass he spread open my cheeks and leant in. i could feel his breath getting closer, all of a sudden i felt a tounge licking around my ring, i could feel it going closer to the centre and then in "lick it fuck me fuck yes" i screamed, he got even more enthused and started licking deeper, "put a finger in there" i demanded him, he spat onto my hole and slowly put his middle finger into my ass, i could feel how tight it was for him, he loved it.

then i told him to lay down. himself, i saw his dick was hard again. i couldnt believe i was making this man so hard. i kissed him and pushed him onto his knees and i looked at his ass, i slowly began to lick just like had for me, i could feel the heat from his ass, and got more excited and plunged my tounge right inside he let out a moan and cummed all over again.

"this isnt fair, i have came 2 times already and you havent at all"

"what do you suggest" i said

"stick your dick in my ass" he said

this was it, all i had been waiting for. i spat onto his hole and put my tip to his hole, i could feel him tensing.
My head was almost touching his now swelling asshole, i looked up as i slowly got closer i put my hands on his hips and then i pushed through, first the head, i could feel him tense up, i slid it in further and further, i looked down and it was all in.

"Fuck me" he whispered.

I started to slide it back untill my head was just in it and then all the way back, he moaned.

"faster, cum in my ass" he shouted.

I went insane and just started fucking his ass as hard as i could, it didnt take long before my balls began to shrink and i could feel it, i came in his ass hole it felt amazing, i left it in for 5 seconds, and slipped it out and fell down on my back.

"Lick it out" he shouted. I got myself up, looked at his ass and a dribble of my cum came out, again i couldnt control myself and burried my face in there and started to lick it out, he was moaning, i could feel myself getting hard again.

After ensuring his ass was clean, i turned him over, and began sucking his dick, he grabbed my head and pulled me all the way down till i gagged, i loved it, told him to do it again, again i almost gagged but the feeling of his dick at the back of my throat was amazing.

I went over to the sofa and bent over "fuck my tight ass" I said, his eyes lit up again, he walked over, grabbed some lube and lubed my ass up and licked it again.

Then I felt his hands feeling me all over, I was trembling, II could feel his cock stroking my ass, he slowly very slowly pushed his head in, I let out a scream, he stopped "Are you ok?!"

"fucking brilliant go slow but dont stop"

He pushed in further again i screamed, it was almost all in, so i just pushed myself back onto him, and he moaned, he started slowly fucking me, he reached aroung and grabbed my young dick and started jerking me off he went for a good 30 minutes fucking my ass, he was amazing when all of a sudden i felt this rush and I came, and began to shake, that was it for him and he shot his load in my ass, i could feel his cum in my hole, he dropped down and began to lick my ass till there was no cum left.

That was all we got up to that day. But we left with the acknowledgement that there would be more.

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