My first bisexual encounter

I thought I would tell you about my first time with a woman. This is a true story that actually happened to me.

I met my girlfriend Terry about 6 years ago when I was on vacation in Key West. She and her husband were sitting at a table next to me having breakfast in the hotel I was staying at. We started talking and I found out that they lived only fifteen minutes from me.

Terry and I explored Key West together for a couple of days doing the things girls like to do, while her husband did the things guys like to do. We got to be best friends and thats how I met her.

Terry and her husband own a small farm and keep a few horses there. They also have a couple of dogs. I visited Terry often and she has a lovely place. As I am an only child, Terry and I were like sisters and we told each other everything. Terry loved to hear about my dates with guys and I could tell it turned her on hearing about my sexual encounters.

I adored Terry and loved every minute that I spent with her. It was about a year after meeting her that we were sitting outside in a spot that overlooked her pasture. We were watching the horses and two of them looked like they
were playing together.

Terry said to follow her so I got up and we walked to the fence to get a closer look. It was a stallion chasing a mare and I could see his huge penis hanging down. I had never really seen a horses penis that close and I didn't realise they were so big. I was mesmeised by the sight of it.

I was staring at the stallions cock and every once in a while it would get stiff and stick straight ahead. It looked like it was as big as my leg. It had to be almost three feet long. The stallion would bite the mare on the shoulders and try to mount her but she would move away from him, teasing I think.

I was getting wet looking at that huge penis and wondering how in the world that mare would be able to accomodate it. I would find out soon enough. My breathing was already becoming shallow and quick and I could feel a hot flush come over me. I hoped that my wetness wouldn't show because I had on a skimpy pair of white shorts.

Terry must have noticed either my breathing, or the red flush on my face because she moved closer, touching me with her shoulder. She bent her head to my ear and almost at a whisper said "Watch this." She startled me and I turned to face her quickly, brushing her lips with my cheek. She just leaned her head away a little and smiled but she kept her shoulder pressed against mine. I was so mesmerised that I couldn't move away.

The mare stood still and raised her tail and peed a little but held her tail raised even after she was done. The stallion came up behind her and sniffed her pussy and then he raised his head in the air and curled his lips into what looked like a smile. His cock was hanging almost to the ground but it wasn't stiff. I was getting wetter and hotter by the minute watching this sort of "horse porn" going on in front of me.

Soon the stallion mounted the mare and his cock went rigid right away. He was thrusting and trying to find her pussy. I couldn't belive how big he was and I must have let out a little moan at the sight. I was so busy watching that I didn't even feel Terrys hand on my thigh.

The stallion found his mark and thrust his huge penis half way inside the mare. I moaned out loud as I watched that incredible penetration. He actually shoved the mare forward a bit with his first thrust. On his second
thrust, he buried his huge cock in the mares pussy and thrust in and out of her.

I was breathing hard by now and I felt Terrys hand on the damp crotch of my shorts. I would normally have been shocked but she was rubbing my pussy through my shorts.

Between watching that huge cock go in and out of the mare, and her rubbing my pussy through my skimpy shorts, I felt like I could almost cum. I even parted my legs a bit to let her have better access. I was super hot at that moment. All I could think about was what that mare must have been feeling being fucked with a monster cock.

The stallion only fucked the mare for maybe five minutes but in that time, Terry had me really close to cumming. She had manged to remove her hand from my crotch and slide it under my waistband and under my soaking panties. I was breathing hard and little high pitched moans would escape my lips.

The stallion gave a few hard thrusts into the mare and I just knew he was cumming. My hips bucked involuntarily on Terrys hand as I felt a finger on my hard clit. She whispered in my ear " Cum for me darling.", and she rubbed my clit even harder. The feelings I was having were incredible. Terry was doing to me what I considered taboo and the fact that I was letting her, was getting me even hotter.

Just then the stallion pulled out of the mare. I know my mouth fell open as I watched that huge, three foot long cock come out of her pussy. It looked like a gallon of his cum was pouring out of her also. In that very moment, my orgasm hit me like a truck. I shook as a giant wave of pleasure tore through me. My legs turned into rubber and I had to hang onto the fence to keep from falling down. Terry held me up too and she withdrew her hand from my shorts. I saw her lick her fingers and smile at me.

I was still in a post orgasmic daze. Terry had her arms around me and leaned in to kiss me. I surprised myself by letting her. He lips were so soft, not like a mans. I opened my mouth a little and I felt her tounge slip past my lips. I let her tongue play with mine and I played with hers too. She pulled away for a moment and just whisperd "It gets me really wet to watch too". Then she put her hand on my breast and was masaging my still hard nipple through my tee shirt as she kissed me again. This time I was more responsive and I was starting to really like it.

I was getting horny again and I reached for her breast. Her nipples were really hard too and I pinched one and she let out a little moan. In a moment she pulled away from me again and asked me if I was still horny. All I could do was nod my head up and down.

With that, Terry took my hand and turned to walk back to the house. I knew we were going to the bedroom. All sorts of thoughts went through my head as I followed her, but at that moment I just wanted to cum again and I wanted to make Terry cum as good as I had a few minutes ago.

It was a little awkward for me for about the first five minutes. Terry slowly removed my clothes and kissed me all over as she did so. I could feel the fire burning inside me all over again. She seemed to know exactly what to do, and I just followed her lead. We explored each others bodies for three hours
that afternoon. The orgasms we gave each other were incredible, and I loved the way Terry's body felt. I was hooked from that moment on. I never would have though making love to another woman could feel so good.

I love having sex with a man. Don't get me wrong. But sex with Terry is always incredible. Terry is the only woman I have ever been with but I hope not the last..

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