A married guy with a curious gay side, finally gets his dream

I'd been trying anal sex using various objects on
myself for some time, it was a little fantasy of mine
to have a real cock but never got up the nerve to find
one until...

My son in law is a huge well-built guy, he is so
obviously heterosexual that he may as well have a sign
saying "gays back off, or else."

One every other weekend my wife and two daughters went
out on the town leaving me usually at home alone and
my son in law out with his mates, I used these nights
to fill my anus with different cock sized objects, one
particular night I added a twist to the self-abuse, I
put on some of my wife's undies, a tight skirt and
sheer blouse, my cock was rock hard as I pranced
around the house looking at myself, I imagined I was
meeting a guy who loved fucking married men like me.

I had fucked my arse with a few different sized
deodorant cans and a variety of bottles and a long
slightly soft cucumber that went particularly deep
into my guts, my cock leaked pre cum and eventually I
fisted my cock until I shot my cream onto the hard
wood floor, all the time imagining a huge meaty cock
raping my arse without end.

I had cleared away my outfit and objects of anal
pleasure, I sat watching a lame movie when a knock on
the door made me jump.

I peered through the blinds to see my son in law stood
hopping from one foot to the other, he held a double
pack of tequila laced beers, opening the door he
pushed in shoving the beers in my hand and dashed
upstairs to the bathroom, he yelled down hat he was
bursting for a pee and I should open a couple of beers
for us, I could hear the long stream of urine
splashing into the toilet, I idly thought of how well-
endowed he was as I opened the two bottles.

Once he had returned from the bathroom he bounced onto
the sofa taking the beer and downing most of it in one

"What this tosh you're watching?" He moaned and
grabbed the remote.

"Nothing much on," I told him sipping at my beer

"Pity you don't have some porn to watch," he laughed
glancing sidelong at me

"I have a couple but don't know where they are," I

"See if you can find them so I can watch the vintage
porn you used to watch," he laughed.

"Hey I'm not that old you cheeky fucker," I growled
lobbing a cushion at him, I got up and searched for
the DVD's I admitted I had.

After a few minutes I found the DVD's and returned to
the lounge, he had started another beer and stripped
off his jacket and jumper, his huge chest and massive
biceps bulged as he grinned at me holding the movies.

"Get one in the player then," he chuckled.

The film started a little hazily but got into it
stride with a young well-endowed blonde taking a huge
black cock deep down her throat, she was wearing the
hottest lingerie and looked sexy as hell on her knees
mouthing the meaty rod, her wet lips peeled back along
the cock in a close up as the massive girth stretched
her lips to their limit.

"God that's so fucking hot," he commented.

"She struggling to take it all, she obviously isn't
used to such a thick one," I added.

"Yeh well she'd struggle with this amount of meat as
well," he grinned hefting a swelling bulge in his
pants. "I haven't met anyone who can take even half of
it... including your daughter," he added quietly after
a quick glance at me.

"She obviously hasn't trained herself to accept it
then!" I said sharply.

"We'll I didn't mean to be quite so open," he said
blushing a little.

"No I mean it," I told him trying to let him know I
wasn't offended.

"She's tried but can't get it all in," he confessed
the third beer was loosening his tongue a bit.

"Surely it can't be bigger than that one?" I nodded at
the huge rod slipping deep into the blondes fanny, she
was in the missionary position with her legs over his
broad shoulders, the groaning and the wet slapping was
having a quite effect on him, I was just trying to
imagine what his cock was really like, the long thick
rod would be so suck able about now if only he'd let

"Earth to living room! Are you still with us?" He
asked breaking my train of thought

"Yes of course...another beer?" I asked.

He'd downed six beers now to my one, five left so I
opened another as the film ended.

"What's the other one about?" He shouted into the
kitchen as I grabbed the beers.

The look on his face was to say the least, was one of
horrific incredulity, I passed him the beer and
glanced at the screen......fuck he was watching the
one I'd stashed away months ago, two guys where
fucking the living day lights out of a cross-dresser,
he was one of the better cross-dressers he actually
looked very hit dressed as a girl walking into the
club to find a sex date, the film had shifted back to
showing the viewer how the cross-dresser had met the
two guys in the club, he took both men back to a hotel
room where they spent an hour having their cocks
sucked and his arse pumped full of cock, admittedly
they weren't that well-endowed but they could last a

"Oh my goodness where has that come from? I lied "it
must have been given to me by mistake, I've only ever
seen the first one" I added.

He was sipping beer and squirming on the sofa trying
to adjust his massive... or so he told me... cock, I
rose to turn it off.

"No leave it on!" he shouted, not looking away from
the screen, the cross- dresser was now on his knees
with one guy buried in his ass the other balls deep in
his mouth, his back arched sexily under the weight of
the guy fucking his ass, you could just see his own
cock wobbling madly between his stockinged thighs as
the guy pound his ass.

"I thought you were a real man?" I asked sitting back
watching his intent face watching the screen "I
wouldn't have had you down as someone who likes to see
other guys getting their ass pounded?" I added.

"Yeh but he isn't really a guy is he?" He said sitting
right on the sofa edge staring at the action on the

"So you'd do that then?" I said slowly hoping he'd not
blow his top.

"Nah, that's for fruits," he shrugged, "besides no ass
could take what I have to offer!" He said confidently
and sat back swigging off the last of his beer.

"Another?" I hoped he'd have one and still keep
watching the film, as I flipped the top off the bottle
I had a real trembling fit, I was actually goading
this massive guy into telling me he'd like to fuck a
cross-dresser, I was hoping that he'd say yes, my guts
were rolling over and over as I returned with his

"You wouldn't like to bet that I know someone that
could manage what you are supposed to have between
your legs?" I said holding out the beer for him, his
eyes were round as saucers as the cross-dresser was
sitting on one guy while the other was trying to enter
his ass as well, I knew he'd eventually get it in
because I'd fisted my cock watching this scene often,
usually I was sat on a can of deodorant buried deep
inside me, I pretend I was part of a sex scene waiting
to be filmed after they'd shot the cross-dressers

I glance down at his crotch as he took the bottle, a
long and very thick bulge showed inside his left leg
of his pants.

"Hang to the left I see!" I nodded at his obvious
bulge, he coughed and grabbed a cushion to cover his
arousal. "It's too late for that." I laughed.

"You don't want to this puppy out of its kennel!" He
said shyly.

"Anyone who tells me that he has the biggest cock ever
is usually the one that has a baby carrot sized cock!"
I laughed turning away.

I sat back down to watch him watching the film, he was
intent on the scenes, I sipped slowly at me beer and

"The girls going to back soon?" He asked not looking
away from the screen.

"Not sure but usually it's early morning so we have
three or so hours," I replied looking at the clock.

"Have you another film like this?" He asked.

"No that the only one... why do you like it?" I asked
slowly seeing disappointment in his eyes.

"Nah, it's for faggots!" He laughed grabbing his beer
and lying down on the sofa still sporting a huge hard

"Looks like it's turning you on a bit" I laughed
nodding at his flies as he turned to look at me
"besides how do you know that's for faggots, the guys
don't have gay tattooed on them, do they?"

"Well I mean... come on its obvious they are gay," he

"So if you were to find someone like him or her...
whatever, you'd think you'd be classed as gay to stick
your dick in her hole?" I pushed harder

"I can't say for certain I would or wouldn't... I mean
these types are only found in porn films" he said

"So given the chance you fuck her would you?" I paused
him again

"Yes... Err no... Well maybe if I'd had enough to
drink!" He said triumphantly.

"So I go upstairs put on some undies and you'd fuck me
then?" I asked.

"No way you idiot... you can't say that you not like
him... or her or whatever" he said flustered.

I rose and stood next to his prone bulk, looking down
at him I took a deep breath, this was it. "Get your
cock out and let me see it!" I said sipping at my beer
as though I asked this all the time.

"What now?!" He looked shocked.

I nodded and waited, slowly as though he was made of
toffee he placed his beer on the floor, looking at the
screen for confidence he unzipped his flies and hefted
out surely the thickest and longest cock in Britain.

I gulped and started to sweat a little. "Mmmm, that's
a big one but I could take it easily," I lied.

"You what that's supposed to mean?" He said holding
his shaft, it still stuck up above his fist by six
inches, his hands were massive and so was his cock.

"Yes I can take that easily... I'll go and change so
be here and ready when I come down" I said panicking a
bit but dashing upstairs, my innards were rolling over
and over, I felt like being sick, what the hell was I
doing, it's all very well playing around by myself
with a few toys but now I was getting ready to... I
sat on the bed with my pants around my ankles... could
I do this? Would he do this? There's only one way to
find out.

Fifteen minutes later I stood at the top of the stairs
listening, I could hear the DVD still playing.

"Are you ready?!" I shouted.

"Ready for what?" He shouted back.

One more look in the mirror before I took the plunge,
my wife's black bob wig was ok... none of my hair was
showing, the black two inch choker his my Adam's
apple, the extra support corsellete and black
stockings neatly in place, my wife didn't have suck
big breasts so my own didn't look out of the way,
black thong held my cock and balls in place, the very
high heels may be an issue getting down the stairs but
I'd have to take it easy

At the door to the lounge I waited, taking a big
breath I strode into the semi dark room, he was
stilling sipping beer and watching the TV, I walked
straight by him into the kitchen, I grabbed two more
beers and teetered back, he was sitting bolt upright
staring at the kitchen door, as I entered he stood up
mouth a agape.

"Another beer?" I asked handing it to him.

"Fuck... I... you... why... I'm!" He stuttered lost
for words.

He stood dumbstruck looking at me, I raised the glass
tilting my hips to show off my outfit, then I turned
and showed him my round ass cut by the thong, I bent
at the waist to spread my ass cheeks a little, turning
back I waggled my eyebrows at him "well what do you
think?" I sipped at my beer "could you stick you meat
in me... I'm ready to try if you are?" I said boldly
even though I knew I was on shaky ground.

"You won't tell anyone?" He asked taking a long slug
of beer, I had him.

Placing my beer in his free hand I squatted before
him, unzipping his pants I reached in and took out his
cock, my hand shook as it wrapped around but not
meeting because of its thickness, it was semi hard but
still looked good to suck, I licked my dry lips hoping
to create enough wetness in my mouth for the first
ever cock I was about to suck, my lips stretched over
the head, his intake of breath made me smile around
his meat, slowly I took.

I took more and more in my mouth, up and down I went,
it's girth swelling along with the length, each
downward suck took the head nearer my gag reflex,
twice I gagged and had to take it out, I was
determined to accept it down my throat, his hips moved
forward on my next effort, holding onto to his hips I
pressed harder, I gagged but still pushed, the head
slowly and painfully passed my gullet opening and the
whole length slid hit and thick into my throat,
centimetre by centimetre it slid in.

Finally my nose was at his sparse pubic hairs,
wrapping my hands around his bottom I urged him to
fuck my mouth, carefully he dropped each beer onto the
sofa, taking my head into his hands he started to pump
my throat, I gaged badly at first but his strength
held me steady, after two minutes my throat was
producing thick goop that oiled the piston like
action, a few times I held him firm against my face
trying to get every last millimetre inside my throat.

He decide that I needed fucking because in a flash his
cock was out and I was bodily lifted put on my back on
the sofa, my thighs spread but my thong left on, his
weight shocked me, now I knew how my wife felt, his
bulk lay between my open thighs, his hips involuntary
humping against my crotch, holding both wrists above
my head with a massive hand he pulled my thong aside
exposing my hole, rubbing his hand across his coated
cock then rubbing it goop across my hole, his cock
head bumped against my opening, this was it he wasn't
to be stopped, I had little choice but to let him have
me, my eyes bulged as the giant purple head stopped
against my anus, his breath was hot on my neck, my
innards somersaulted as I waited for his cock to take
my anal cherry.

"You want me to?" He asked quietly. "If I do you won't
say anything?"

"If you stop now you'll regret it... I mean you'll
regret not having all that meat in an ass forever," I
whispered in his ear hoping he'd shove it in me, his
hips moved forward taking the head into my hole, I
groaned, it had been stretched a little today form
earlier, that didn't help with this monster though.

"Do me!" I grunted as he pushed further in. "Make me
your cum slut," I urged, two huge thrusts and I was
full of cock, groaning and then holding my breath I
just lay under his massive body with a cock that would
grace a horse stuffed inside my hole, he rested on me
with his cock pulsing inside my body.

"I'm usually a guy who fucks hard and long?" He

"Well you just do your best!" I squeezed his buttocks
through his jeans.

His hips rose and slammed down giving me an indication
of his intent, my breath shot from my lungs, hip
trembled under him as the fucking began.

My stockinged thighs wrapped around his thrusting
hips, my body shook from the impact of his groin
smashing into my hole.

"God! God! GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! Yes... yes...
yes... fuck... fuck... FUCK!" I babbled incoherently.

I lifted my head resting it against his heavily
muscled chest, curling into a ball under him I urged
him on, he took me with fierce pounding, my guts
churned from the constant intrusion of his penis,
stopping suddenly I lay back looking at him.

"Why have you stopped?" I asked through ragged

"I want to cum in you?" He said slowly, "is that

Smiling at his courtesy, nodding eagerly "fill me with
as much as you have then if you can do it again later
you can have me again" he shuffled his weight slipping
his massive arms under my legs and hooked them over
his shoulders leaning on my body I was bent double
with my knees restating on the sofa either side of me
head, his fore head rested on my, lifting his hips he
slammed down into me.

My mouth opened but nothing came out, then again he
repeated his slamming load wet slaps and our grunting
was all I could hear, he pounded me unrelenting my
buttocks ached from his heavy weight slamming at them,
my hole opened wider than ever, cum leaked from my
cock from incessant rubbing on my prostate, I held his
hard close to mine urging him on through panting

"Fuck me... fuck me... cum in me... use me... ugh...
ugh... ugh... oh god yes... don't you dare stop...
harder do it harder you big cunt... oh god oh god!"

He fucked and fucked, I didn't think he'd stop, my
breathing was becoming laboured, I didn't have a
chance of stopping him, me erection had disappeared
now but dribbles and the felling of climaxing ran
through my penis.

"Please stop!" I screamed panicking "you're hurting
me!" I yelled, his only concession was to let my legs
free, the air rushed back into my lungs, I wrapped my
legs around his waist relishing the feel of his manly
presence between my thighs, he ground his cock into me
nearing his climax.

I know only too well the feeling men go through when
the urgency of ejaculation takes over, no power on
earth other than his ego can stop him, his face
scrunched up, his hands gripped the back of my neck
and top of my head, he drew me to himself as his balls
emptied his seed deep inside me, a warm rush of fluid
filled my innards as rope after sticky rope of spunk
spewed from his cock unneeded.

We lay panting as his climax subsided, my arms weak
from crushing his frame to me lay at my side, he
propped himself up on stiff arm looking down at me,
his cock still hard inside me

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'll not say a thing about this?" He pleaded.

"Oh yeh... as soon as my wife walks in I'll just say
how was your evening, then I'll say oh by the way I
had a good evening dressed in your undies with your
son in law laid between my legs fucking the life out
of me," I grinned as his light went on.

"I can cum again in a few minutes," he bragged.

"That's lovely," I offered patting his side, "but I
need to go to the loo first"

"Can I do you again though?" he asked eagerly.

"As often as you want," I laughed "now get your heavy
carcass off me while info and cleanup" he withdrew his
cock letting in a cool rush of air, my hole gaped for
a few minutes while I staggered upstairs, I sat on the
loo letting my muscles regain their shape, his cream
dripped out of me into the water, I cleaned up and
returned to the lounge, he was lying naked on the

I passed him closely, his hand reached out and stroked
my thigh, in the kitchen I stood drinking water, the
door opened and he walked up behind me, his semi hard
cock rubbed my arse cheeks as his arms rested on my
hips, I groaned as he squeezed my small frame, I
placed the glass on the drainer as his hand left my
hip and drew my thong down over my hips, my cock
sprang free, the thong stretched across my thighs as
his knee nudged my legs apart, his weight shifted
behind me dropping slightly to aim his now ridged cock
up at my sloppy hole.

Gripping the drainer I grunted as it entered my body
again, the veins and huge head made tremors of
delicious pain as it speared upward inside me, my cock
twitched as his hips moulded under my ass lifting me
slightly, I was surprised as his fist closed around my
cock, a groan of pleasure left my lips as he slowly
fisted my cock his huge meat deep inside me, carefully
he brought me to a climax.

My cum shot out and down the cupboard door, his smile
formed on my shoulder as I pushed down onto his meat
urging him to use me again, a hard shove took his cock
deeper inside me lifting me off the floor, leaning
back and taking a firm grip of my hips he began
abusing my hole again with his cock, my head bobbled
madly as his slapping hips rammed against my ass.

"God, you're so tight," he laughed. "After the first
time I thought you'd be too slack." He drove on,
slamming at my hole, with a loud grunt he came again
inside me. He withdrew immediately cum dipped down my
thighs, panting I rested on my arms for a moment, he
had other ideas, youth was his ally.

Taking me by the arm he marched us into the lounge,
taking the coffee table aside he pushed me on my knees
with my head on the sofa, kneeling behind me he aimed
his cock at my hole once more, a hard shove joined us
again, my head came up as the head of his cock entered
my guts once more, arms stiff I pushed back against
his cock.

He slammed away at my hole, my body shook from the
force of his fucking, the tip moved deeper inside me
as he rose to his feet slightly squatting behind me,
his weight resting on my hips as he got really serious
about using me, he lasted no longer than last time as
the excitement of sex overcame him, he bellowed his
triumph as hot spunk flowed inside me once again

I was sore and tired after he cleaned up and left,
putting my things away I showered and got in between
the cool sheets of our bed, later I roused as the bed
moved, my wife kissed my shoulder. "Have you missed
me?" She asked softly.

"Yes I was bored and sat around watching TV all
night," I lied.

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