Public Bathroom Misbehavior

Spankings deliver my most intense climax, how and why a public
bathroom slut [m/m] needs it very dirty, the nastier I was used,
the more deserved my punished bad [wow], yes I want to be bad,
because I need the paddle real good

I must say, that I do what I enjoy, thru the craving I need and
get, when I'm spanked and being paddled, as my partner and I have
set arrangements to appropriate punishment on the virtues of
infractions to our monogamy, so having to form on to how my
favorite stimuli shall be applied, being especially fond of
deserving ass discipline, I decided on a fictional tale that told
of me sucking a cock in town, even though in being eager to
receive more discipline of the paddle, I could not help having
steady answers, to his intensity of questioning concerning every
detail of every second of what his cock did to me, such diminished
his interest in its administration from a full pace, the intensity
failed as my bogus story attempted to adlib to something there
never was, I was so wishing for my full punishment, I swore being
a bad liar would never deny my needs again, inevitably I evolved
into how I crave being punished, having every description in/of
the liking to the dirtier details of how men treat me with their
cocks, balls, asses, and cum, he likes hearing how my mouth and
ass craved the real nasty details of how the tip of tongue darted
a cocks peehole as he intermittently would stop pissing into my
tongue out open mouth, gazing into his eyes for a warning start of
the continuous streams that awaited my open mouth ,him grabbing
the back of my head my tilting tipping tongue into his hole, I
really do like orally demanding men, who slut me out in bathroom
stalls, having arrangements with limited time, to some
establishments restroom, their prime off-hours, is when the action
is most intense, having no fear of any adversity in being me, I
always circulate about posting my exact location of where exactly
I am available, I leave a few messages in key places that I'm
gonna be wanting to suck your cock in a stall located at a nearby
diner for Late Lunch, I crave for your cock to prefer that I'm
kept dirty, humiliated, exhibited and in constant use, I'm
unabashed about parading myself around, because I'm everyone's
nasty treat, needing you to abuse my mouth and ass as I worship
assholes, all condom-total-oral/anal, arriving for every nasty
detail, as I do drip cummed rubbers in my mouth, so you may allow
my mouth to french-kissed your asshole real wet, I love cum on my
lips I let it linger till my mouth get dry, rarely is it any task
of seeking to "own" cum, from strangers, a relish of multiple
cocks, balls, and assholes, I'm readily ascertainable only for
those who know where I am and what I'm doing, I usually service
about Five guys within a half hour, then I split for another
location..... The fact is, that I want them to know how much I
enjoy being used as a sex-toy, making myself available by
arranging my meat to arrive in a men's bathroom, where I await
squatted on the toilet, to b cummed on, the nastier the detail the
better, I like reaming guys after they've cummed in my mouth, or
having dick, that's been fucking my ass, put slowly back, deep
into my mouth. After having been used as the toilet slut, we
always consequentially role-play this turn-on into our spank
fantasy. The "demanding" paddle partner assertively commands his
punishment to my detailed account of my vivid bathroom
confession[s], appropriating the much needed discipline to his
porto-potty-whore, punished in one only way "paddlepunishment" as
every example of how good a whore I was, gets rewarded by smacks
of the paddle, I crave spankings and serving men in latrines, it's
what I live for,

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