Another Way

For the last 20 years, my husband and I have worked
damned hard to retire, or rather create a financial
situation we could opt out of full time work, early as
we could. It has finally happened.

Last week, we sold the business for enough money to
invest in a trust fund of blue chip stocks, government
bonds and annuities to provide us with a substantial
income for the rest of our lives. We have two grown
children, who are making their own way in the world, and
when we have gone, they will receive the full benefits
of what we have achieved. Right now, we decided they
will get a supplement to their incomes, but that is
another story.

My husband was originally employed as a safety engineer,
then when the company and he disagreed over some
fundamental issues, he opened his own practice and built
it up to the point where it employed 11 other
consultants and a small office staff of twelve. He ran
the services side and I ran the office. Worked really
well, but there were a lot of problems and difficulties
we had to overcome, but that is no different to any
other business I suppose.

When it was just the two of us we looked at each other a
lot, but as work built up, Gary had to travel, and was
away a lot. Eventually, he was a part-time husband,
father, lover, friend. One year, he traveled so much
that he spent 5 weeks at home, for the entire year. We
figured that this was a sacrifice we just had to make if
we wanted to achieve our goal.

As the work built, we needed more staff. We took on
another couple of safety engineers and office staff.
This is when I became the office manager, as well as
chief secretary, hirer and firer, report proof-reader
and a lot of other things besides. What it really meant
was that the more mundane jobs were taken up by the two
women I took on, while I was able to concentrate more on
other jobs.

As more work came in, we took on more staff, and I had
five women in the office, plus me, and five engineers,
plus Gary. It was exciting, the work was fascinating,
and the engineers, all males initially, but one female
later, were in and out of the office.

They went wherever the work took them. From one side of
the country to the other, across the oceans, to Europe,
Australia, New Zealand, Africa, wherever they were
needed. Conferences, construction disasters, fairground
accidents, football riots, lots of places where safety
engineers were needed to evaluate and assess incidents,
provide reports, give evidence.

Insurance companies engaged us one week for something
and challenged our reports on something else the next.
Aircraft companies, construction companies, all sorts of
organizations called us. Governments, law enforcement
even intelligence agencies used our services. But
enough, needless to say, we did really well, business

The company was going about four years when I hired a 19
year old woman, Lin. She was absolutely gorgeous and she
stayed with us for two years. She had to go home, but I
can say, we were going to miss her a great deal. Well,
OK as it turned out, I missed her an awful lot, but she
opened a number of doors for me that I would not have
done so myself.

There were five of us in the office, all secretaries on
Lin's last day, so we had a small farewell luncheon and
an after work drinks session was planned. One couldn't
stay, she had kids waiting to be fed, so there were four
left. We went to a small bar not far from the office and
settled down. My two kids were with my mother, and I had
already arranged they would stay overnight, I pick them
up the next morning.

The wine flowed freely for a while, and soonish, there
was only Lin and myself left. I wasn't going to stay
longer but Lin asked if I was hungry, ready for dinner.
I thought about it and told her sure, she was nice
company and I wasn't needed anywhere in a hurry, so why

"Great!" Lin said, "Chinese? There is a pretty good
takeout shop not far from my place, if you like."

"Chinese is OK, but I have had a bit to drink, and not
really up to driving."

"My place is two blocks away, and the shop is about ten
doors away from it. Walkies!" I laughed and so we set
out, on foot, two blocks.

It wasn't really that far, well it didn't seem like it.
Talking to Lin all the way was fun. Boyfriends, work,
growing up, where each of us came from, lots of girl
talk so the walk passed quickly. We got the takeout and
went the few doors to Lin's apartment. She opened
another bottle of wine and poured a couple of glasses
while we ate and continued to chat. Then the
conversation got personal.

"How do you cope when Gary is away?" she asked.

"Oh, you just get on with it." I said, "The kids are
well looked after, I have mine and his parents as baby
sitters when I need them. The business consumes the rest
of the time."

She laughed a tinkling laugh and said, "No I mean, Gary
is away for three or four weeks at a time, sometimes
longer. I would go out of my head, clawing the walls if
I couldn't get laid in that time." I burst out laughing.

"Oh I do, but credit cards are not the only plastic
fantastic, and as long as I have some double-A
batteries, I am good." We both went into outraged
laughing mode. From there, the conversation got a lot
more raunchy and it
seemed a lot more funny.

Finished eating and still drinking, Lin and I cleared
the remnants off takeout off the table, put it in the
refrigerator, and had the place spotless, all with
laughter and wine. Then Lin stopped and asked, "Did you
ever..." she hesitated.

"Did I ever-What?"

"Erm... stray?"

"Oh gawd! Can't say I haven't thought about it, that's
for sure. But no, Either I haven't had the time, the
energy or the right person."


"" I corrected myself.

"Mmmm man... ri-ight," she said softly, "Something I
have wanted to do since we first met."

Lin then leaned over and kissed me. She kissed me! I
mean not the kiss of a friend saying hello, but a kiss!

Three things happened, she startled me, my nipples got
rock hard real quick and I just about orgasmed on the
- and not in that order

I knew I was horny, I just bought replacement batteries,
but my body knew what it wanted and reacted before I

I kissed her back.

I - kissed - her - back!


Here I was, kissing a woman and loving it, or rather, my
body was telling me it was loving it. Well, OK, I was
enjoying the intimacy of a kiss, but my body and my head
were seriously conflicting here. I went with my body.

I had never been involved with a woman before. Not even
considered it, unless you count the little bit of
fooling around I did with Susie Watts when we were just
twelve years old. Even than that was nothing more than a
few tight lipped kisses, while hugging, fully dressed,
practicing for when we were older.

"Lin-" I faltered as we came up for air.

"I wanted to just throw you over the desk at my
interview, you know."

"Lin-" I faltered again.

"It's OK, I know, but I have wanted to make love with
you since then."

"You -" I faltered, yet again. Fuck-this was getting

"Yes, me. No, I am not gay, but am bi-," she replied,
"And right now..." She kissed me again, and again I
kissed her back. Only this time, I really felt my
knickers getting wet. Ok, here I am, kissing a woman and
really getting off on it.

I felt Lin's hands wandering over my ass, pulling my
hips into her own, then on my breasts, her lips on mine,
then my neck, everywhere at once. The sensations of
being so intimately touched just overwhelmed me,
sweeping me away. Almost like magic, my clothes seemed
to disappear, and it was just moments that I was naked
before her, letting her do whatever she wanted to me.

Taking my hand, Lin led me to the bathroom and turned
the shower on. Both of us, in this small shower stall,
naked, hugging, kissing, touching. I felt her breasts on
mine, her lips on my nipples, tonguing them to the point
where I thought they might burst. The shiver of delight
mingled with the running water over my body made me cum
even before we got out of the shower.

She soaped me down, cleaning everything, my breasts, my
pussy and especially my ass. I was in a real sexual haze
by now, so tried to do the same for her, but I am sure
that it was just a clumsy set of motions that didn't
achieve much. Turning the shower off, Lin dried me with
a harsh toweling that seemed to just heighten my skin to
the sensuality of being touched by another woman.

I was too wrapped up in sensations to even consider
speaking, all I could do was moan and gasp, to cry and
scream my orgasm. Lin led me to her bed and laying me
down, she began to kiss me again, this time all over.
She kissed my mouth, my face, my breasts, my torso. She
kissed me with a softness that lingered until the
feeling was replaced by another kiss, just as soft and
lingering somewhere else on my body.

Lin kissed and lapped her way onto my pubis, then as she
pushed my knees apart, lifting them to expose my heated
sex. My clit was so engorged and hot for the touch of
her tongue I nearly came as soon as she lapped it. Lin
didn't stop there, she licked her way down to my labia
and the multiple folds of skin that were swollen with
the sexual pleasure she was bringing me.

I felt her tongue pushing the soft skin out of the way,
and then plunge as deep as she could go into my vagina,
tongue fucking me. Lin kept that up for a few minutes
and pushing my knees higher, she turned her attention to
my asshole. At the first sensation of her tongue licking
around the rim of my asshole, I started to cum. I
couldn't help it, it was just so unexpected from her, so
strong a feeling it was like my asshole and cunt were
connected sexually.

I had never had anyone do this to me before. No-one had
ever even touched my asshole sexually before. Yet it
produced such a strong sweeping cum it really took me
and shook me up.

As I came, Lin moved and returned to my swollen labia,
pushing her tongue into my sopping love hole, and
sucked, like she was drinking me. This really kept me
right on the edge and in moments I was cumming yet
again. The waves of pleasure sweeping through my body,
turning me into a boneless jelly, collapsing on her bed.

My heart was thumping, threatening to burst. My pussy
was pulsating in time with the surges of my heart, my
lungs gasping for air like I have never craved before.
Even so, I could still feel Lin's lips moving up my
body, suckling on my nipples, kissing my lips. She was
lying half in me with my arms wrapped around her, so I
could kiss her back, grateful for the stunning feelings
that had taken me to another level of sensuality.

"Oh god! ... I... have.... never... felt... that...
before!" I stumbled out, between kisses. I pushed my
tongue into her mouth, feeling that wonderful instrument
that ravaged me just minutes ago.

"Oh good, and I love the taste of your cum," she said as
we came up for air, "Rest now, just stay still, and just
hug me."

I did, and caught my breath.

"I've never been with a woman before," I said softly.

"I can believe that," Lin said, "But I just had to try-
you are so gorgeous, so calm and unflappable. I've
wanted you forever. This was my last chance, not that I
had too many opportunities before."

"I never thought I would ever cum like that." I said.


"Never considered a woman would ever make me feel like

"Ohh? Don't know what you are missing out on then?"

"No, and..." I trailed off.


"And... I don't know if I can... I want to..."

"Oh..That is okay," she said, gently, "The first time
for anything can be really difficult. So you want to
keep playing then?" I nodded. "Ok, I'd like to as well.
But you don't know how you can pleasure me?" I nodded
again. "You could use your fingers, but you got long
nails, so you would have to be very careful." I nodded
again, not trusting my voice here.

Lin rolled away from me, reaching over to a bedside
drawers and fumbling for a second or two, she rolled
back and held up a pearly white cock shaped dildo. "I
think you indicated you knew what to do with one of
these, so if you like, you can use this on me."

I laughed, "Yes," I think I was somewhat relieved at not
having to use my mouth on her. Ok, I am being s little
hypocritical here, but the idea of licking a woman is
just as difficult as it is to suck a dick for the first
time. You just gotta work into it, you just can't do it
without some emotional building up to it.

I began kissing Lin, running my hands over her svelte
body. Oh, was she firm - her 34B breasts, belly, ass all
screamed workout. I took her nipple into my mouth and
suckled her. The first.. only woman I have suckled from
since my mother. I started the vibrator, an easy one-
handed job - if you know how. (Hold the base with the
palm and bottom three fingers while using your thumb and
forefinger to turn the switch, but takes practice.)

Hearing the whine of the motor, I gently rolled it over
her skin her free nipple, and slowly worked my way down
to her Mohawked pussy. Holding it length ways, I rubbed
it over her clit, sliding it down along the length of
her lips. Her moans of pleasure reassured me I was
hitting some marks. Lin pumped her hips as I wiped the
tool over her Mohawk.

She moaned, increasing the sound of her pleasure, then
she squealed, "Put it in! Put it in!", so drove it into
her snatch. There was nothing gentle about my push and
it slid straight into that dripping cavern with no
resistance at all.

In seconds she screamed her cum and there appeared small
droplets of juice around the vibrator. She pumped her
hips up to meet my hand as I poked her with the long,
hard tool. As Lin came down from her cum, I moved to
take the vibrator out of her and she said, "No, leave it
there for a moment or two." I pushed it back in so it
was almost fully inside her.

She pulled me to her and kissed me, driving her tongue
into my mouth. I felt her hand moving down my body, over
my ass, then it lost contact with me. In moments though,
I felt something warm on my lips. Warm and vibrating.
Warm, vibrating and insistent. Warm, vibrating,
insistent and sliding between my lips as I opened my
mouth to accept it. It tasted like Lin. It tasted a
sweet, tangy taste of sugar and spice, cinnamon and
nutmeg. It tasted lovely, which was really unexpected.

Lin pulled the vibrator out of my mouth and kissed me
again. She whispered, "Can you stay the night?"

I didn't even think about it, I replied, "Yes." I
kissed her back, and then we touched each other, she
made me cum, again, with her fingers. She told me she
wanted me to do something with her. I wanted to do
anything she wanted me to.

Lin reached over to the bedside drawers again, and this
time pulled out a large bottle of oil. She wiped some
over her vagina, then smeared a lot on my hand. She
said, "Put two fingers into me." So I did, but with my
nails, I had to be very careful. Then I thought, fuck
it, about time they were trimmed. I pulled out and told
her that this could be dangerous, so get the nail
scissors. She asked if I was certain, and I was. Lin
took me to the bathroom where I put my hand under the
warm water tap, making my nails softer.

Within minutes the long nails on my right hand were all
gone, sharp edges removed and I was ready for business.
Drying the hand off, we then went back to bed. Lin got
onto her back, spreading her legs. I knelt beside her,
preparing myself by putting more oil on my fingers.

Spreading Lin out a little more, I put two fingers into
her. The oil and her natural juices made her slippery
and I was able to easily slide my fingers in and out of
her. Then she said, "Put another finger in me." I did
and again pumped my hand in and out, slower, but kept
the action going.

Her moans increased as I seemed to get more of my
fingers into her. Then she said, between moans, "Go on,
put four fingers into me." I asked if she really wanted
me to. "Oooh yes, I do."

So I did. Now it was really tight, but I could still
pump my hand, only not as freely. I kept the action
going and Lin said, "Put some more oil on your hand, but
don't pull out," and handed me the oil.

I complied, and kept it going while really covering my
hand, her vagina and the sheets with a liberal coating
of oil.

"Now twist your hand a little when you get in as far as
you can go."

I did and every time I twisted, it seemed my hand would
move a little further around and a little deeper.

Then Lin said, "Go deeper, go as deep as you can, see if
you can get your whole hand inside me."

I was surprised, but willing to try. I moved my thumb to
the palm of my hand, then pushed it further to rest
between the second and third fingers.

I did keep twisting and then with a firm push and a
twist, my hand slid inside Lin. She let out a loud
squeal\moan. I asked if she was OK and she replied,
"Ooohh fuck yeah! Pump it, pump it. Fist me - hard."

So I did.

"Yeah, un-fucking-believable!" she moaned, "You're
filling me right up!" I curled my hand into a fist and
slowly pushed it into her.

I pushed gently until I could go no more, then pulled
back until I could see the bones of my wrist. I pushed
again, until most of my forearm seemed to disappear
inside Lin. It was likely only a couple of inches, but
it looked like a lot. Pulling out, pushing in, I
repeated that over and over again, much to the delight
of my new lover.

My hands are not large, but they are not small either,
not large, but definitely not small. Lin was grunting as
I pushed my fist into her. She moaned and grunted and
squealed in delight as my whole hand, now a fist, filled
her vagina. With my other hand, I rubbed her clit and
she soon began to cum. She came so hard that my wrist
was squeezed and trapped by the spasms of the muscles
inside her love nest.

I didn't stop, I just wanted to give her as much
pleasure as she had given me earlier. She came again,
just as hard, just as much pressure on my hand and wrist
as before. I just can't fucking believe that I am right
now fist fucking another woman. My fist buried deep
inside her, her moaning as orgasm after orgasm shoot
through her body. She had convulsed and muscle-spasms
three times and was only now feeling what I felt as she
was licking me.

And I was glad to be able to do that, to another woman.

I pulled my hand out, as gently as I could, and it was a
lot easier coming out than it was going in. The mixture
of oil and her love juices made my hand so slippery
there was not even minor discomfort getting my knuckles
through the vaginal opening.

The aroma of our love making was overpowering and just
so sexy. We were both exhausted, physically and
emotionally. It wasn't long before we fell asleep,
content and satiated.

Even though I was in a strange bed, with a person I was
not used to sleeping with, it didn't stop me from
getting some good rest. I did wake up once during the
night, to the feel of a hand masturbating me until I
came, again. I slept again until I felt Lin getting out
of bed, waking me.

I heard the sounds of a bathroom, and a shower starting,
and the running water just got to my bladder. I got up
and used the toilet, watching Lin in the shower, behind
the misted door. She beckoned me to join her, "Come in,
the water is lovely."

I rinsed my mouth at the bathroom sink, and quickly
wiped some Aim around my mouth with a finger. I joined
her to wash away last night's sins, and prepare for a
whole new bunch.

I kissed her under the spray of water, then taking the
body wash, covered her front with it, and used my own
body to wash her down. I turned her around and did the
same thing to her back. We giggled like school girls,
and I kissed the nape of her neck. Lin turned and I
kissed her again. The shower last night was part drunk
fun, but this one was just real sexy fun.

I was determined that this morning, I was going to taste
her. My nerve might fail me yet, but I made sure she was
clean and well washed. I used soapy fingers to
masturbate her, tasted soapy nipples which were quickly
washed by a warm stream of water flowing over her. She
masturbated me, kissing me all the while. Enough, I
thought. Bed, now, under my mouth.

We dried each other like we had the night before and
this time, it was me taking the initiative. I took Lin's
hand and led her to the bed. I laid her down, making
sure her legs were over the side, so I could kneel down
on the floor and still have access to her Mohawk covered
pudenda. I kissed up her raised left leg, to the knee
then her right leg, while running my fingers over the
inside of her thighs. I kissed lightly the inside of her
right thigh moved up to the junction that contained my

Slowly I kissed upward, gently nibbling at the soft
flesh of her inner thigh, intently listening for the
little gasps and soft sighs indicating I was on the
right track. For the first time, I was looking at a
woman, her vagina, her snatch, her pussy, her love
canal, tunnel, her... cunt. A line of skin, glistening
in-between a line of pubic hair. Swollen, pushing
outward, multi-colored, rich pink on the inside, flesh
colored on the outside. An engorged nut, about the size
of the tip of my little finger. Something a lot more
complicated than I had thought it was.

I could smell an aroma of excitement, overpowering the
fresh shower perfumes Lin used. I closed my eyes and
lowered my face, using nose, my ears, my lips and my
tongue to guide me to the places of greatest pleasure
for my lover. I held down a shudder at the first contact
of my tongue on the slippery surfaces of her pussy,
after all, if I can suck cock, eat semen, why not lick

I licked, and lapped, I prodded and gummed, I used my
tongue to push into her, lapping the vaginal canal as
best as I could. I took the labia lips and held them in
my lips, I licked from the canal to the clit and back
again, in a rhythmic motion, slowly, consistently. I
lapped her clit, all the time tasting the smooth, subtle
flavors of a woman, feeling her love juices seeping out
of my mouth and onto my chin.

It was Lin I was eating, the same taste as her mouth,
her skin. The essence of Lin, a little spicy, and
nowhere near as salty as a man. Not that I have sucked
off too many men, but they were all a little salty. Lin
wasn't like that at all. A more pleasant flavor, that is
for sure. Thinking about it now, I think I realized that
not all women will taste like this, like men, women too
will taste different. But for now, Lin actually tasted
quite lovely.

With her making me cum like I did, and now me eating
her, I am not sure why I never thought of a woman as a
sexual partner before. This was actually wonderful. Here
was I taking sexual pleasure from a woman, a lot of
pleasure, and now giving her sexual pleasure. A much
better trade sometimes than with men, I can tell you.

All this wasn't really going through my mind while I was
muff-diving on a former employee, this all came later as
I relived the experience. For what I was doing to Lin,
she was reacting to. Initially it was soft moans and
little body movements that told me she was enjoying the
attention of my tongue and lips.

Then slowly, but steadily, her movements became more
intense then stronger, then wild. She nearly threw my
mouth off once, and then clasped so tight with her
thighs that I thought if she rolled over, my neck would

So this is what it was like when a woman came, or
rather, when Lin came. It is different when using
fingers and when using a tongue. More intimate, I think.

After a few moments, Lin pulled me up to kiss her. She
licked my face, and I must admit, that was probably the
most sensual moment I had experienced to that moment,
but what happened next was just so sexy.

Lin rolled me off her, and onto my back, she then
started to kiss her way down my body, but she turned
herself around and straddled me. In moments, I felt her
tongue diving into me, and that wonderful musky aroma of
her most intimate parts enveloped me as she lowered
herself onto my face. I licked her again, and again she
licked me in a sixty-niner. This, surely, was the most
sensual and intimate thing that two people could do for
each other.

Oh, I had done this before with men, but I had never
thought of it in these terms before. It was just the
giving, the touching, the sharing of pleasure. Of doing
the most intimate of dances with someone I just wanted
to be with at that moment.

There is a big difference between taking the hardened
tool of a man in my mouth while feeling his stubble
running over my labia and licking the soft folds of skin
of a juicy pussy while my other lips were being kissed
and licked but the soft lips of a woman. Just the
thought of me doing this turned me on so much I was
cumming hard, again, very quickly.

I think we were both surprised ad when Lin shifted off
me, turned and hugged me, kissed me she said, "Jeez,
girl, you must have been seriously horny."

"Oooh I was... am still," I replied, and then I sighed
getting my breath back. "But this has to end, I got to
move, kids to pick up and so on."

"Yeah, I gotta finish packing, getting ready to leave."

"Oh," I was actually sorry to see her leaving. "When do
you go?"

"Wednesday," she replied, "So basically, five days."

"Four nights?"


"Yes, nights. Can you spend your nights with me? Or do
you have other lovers?"

"No one. No boyfriend, broke with him a week ago, and a
girlfriend who lives upstairs, with her husband. She
won't miss me. But what about your kids?"

"Well, easy fixed. Gary won't be home for another week
and a half, so we can use the guest room, or my bed. The
kids rooms are upstairs. The master and guest bedrooms
are downstairs."

"Handy, but I still have to pack and clean this place."

"Yeah, like that is going to take you five days? You can
empty this place out if you like, and still have a
comfortable bed to sleep in. Renting?" Lin nodded, so I
went on, "You can do it during the day and those last
minute things are not going to trip you up. I can drop
you off here and pick you up from wherever you like. And
at night, we can maybe have some great sex. And I don't
have to worry about arranging the kids timetables to
suit a reinvigorated sex life."

It took a while, but she agreed. So it happened, and the
sex was great.

I am usually pretty good in assessing things,
consequences and such, of actions, but the unanticipated
fallout was, to say the least, life changing. In my
defense, I can only say that I didn't look at the
question at all, just thought and acted. No
consideration outside of the immediate, emotive demands
of my sexuality was made. If it had been, I would have
saved a lot of angst, but also would have missed out on
a lot of very intimate, very deep, and very satisfying
sex - or that just might be lust satisfied.

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