Shemales bottom slut

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I don't want the title to deceive you I am a masculine man and straight
mostly but I do love servicing cocks of androgynous women and there is a
group of androgynous women in the vicinity of where I live and they call on
me regular.

It all started when I had my name and number on a singles personals and
this woman called me.

She said," My name is Nancy is this John?"

I said," Yes it is."

She said," I saw you on the personals ad. Now how opened minded are you?"

I said," I am open-minded."

She said," Good because are you familiar with androgynous females?"

I said," No I am not."

She said," First off I am all woman I am not a cross-dresser and I do have
a vagina but I also have a nice cock that works quiet well."

I said," What?"

She asked," Do you have a computer with Internet access?"

I said," Yes."

She said," Give me your email address."

So I have her my email address and she wrote it down.

She said," Turn on your computer and you will have my full body pic."

I turned on the computer and by the time I got to my email I saw had one
new email.

I opened it and I opened the pic of her and I was amazed.

What I saw was a nude pic of a woman who in my estimation was about 5"11"
and about 135 lbs and she had what looked like 30 D cup breasts and red
hair that came down short of her shoulders and blue eyes and I went down
and saw she did have a vagina but she also had a cock which was 8".

She asked," So what do you think?"

I said," You are sexy. Are you about 5'11"?

She said," Yes."

I said," You do have sexy long legs."

She said," Well, I am glad you like what you see. Now, you will come over
to my place and you will strip naked and you will obey me."

I said," OK, and just out of curiosity what will you do if I don't obey

She said," You don't want to do that. I am a nurse and I have a
tranquilizer gun which a mild sedative and I am willing to use it."

I said," OK,OK, I will do what you say."

She said," Good, take my word for it we will be doing something you never
thought you would ever do but you will be loving it."

She gave me directions to her house and I got there in about 20 minutes in
my pickup. I walked up to a fairly large split-level house and I noticed
an intercom at the front-door. I rang the doorbell and I heard Nancy click
on the intercom.

She said," Yes."

I said," This is John."

She said," Come inside and don't walk beyond the front-door."

I went inside and closed the door.

I heard her through the intercom again and she said," Now, disrobe yourself
and put your clothes neatly by the door. Don't forget to remove your

I did as she instructed and waited for her naked.

A couple of minutes later she walked out to me and she was a knockout. All
naked 5'11"
and her breasts were straight ahead and her cock was getting hard. She
walked behind me and cupped my cheeks with her hands.

She purred," You are about to lose your cherry to me."

It all registered and I said," Are you saying you are going fuck me?"

She said," Yes and not only that you are going to suck this cock and I must
say you do have a nice ass. You didn't think you were going to fuck me did
you? Now get down on your knees. I do have that dart gun remember."

She showed me the dart gun and I got down on my knees.

I than opened my mouth and I smelled a whiff of expensive perfume on her
cock and her cock tasted surprisingly pleasant and I could only get half of
her cock in my mouth before gagging on it.

She said," Don't worry you will get lots of practice on this cock and you
will be deep throating it."

I bobbed and sucked on her cock for about 10 minutes and than she suddenly
pulled her cock out of my mouth. She than took me to her bedroom and laid
me on her bed She than took some lube from the dresser and put some on her
fingers and she inserted her fingers into my ass and I drew a sharp breath.

She asked," Have you ever pictured being a shemale's slut? You are going
to be I have found from high school that a shemale takes a straight man and
penetrates him once after that he begs to have her cock inside him all the
time. I know there was this jock I banged regularly he would spread his
legs and bend over for my cock everytime I wanted. No, no man has ever
fucked me my hyman is still intact."

She massaged my prostate as she went in and out of my ass and my 7" cock
was leaking precum. She went in and out of my ass for 10 minutes and she
pulled her fingers and stood up.

She squeezed some lube on her cock and than spread the lube up and down on
her cock.

She than laid on her back and guided me down on her cock and I felt the
mushroom head invading my ass. I cried out in pain as she pulled me down
further and further down the shaft of her cock. I finally felt my hips
resting on her balls and I slowly let my ass adjust to the invasion of her

She said," Now ride up and down on my cock like a good little slut."

I went up and down on her cock and the pain gave way to pleasure. I was in
heaven feeling her inside, I slowly went faster, and faster on her cock
loving the feeling of her inside me.

I kept going up and down on her cock for an hour until I heard her say." I
am cuuuuumming."

I felt her cock twitched and than I felt her flooding my ass with with her

I stayed on her cock until it softened and popped out of my ass.

She said," I want you to thoroughly clean my cock with your tongue."

I laid down between her legs and started licking her cock clean of my ass
and her cum and I licked it until it was clean.

She pulled me to her chest and I cuddled up to her.

She said," Now I am going to move you in with me. You will be well cared
for and I will not want you to change from being man. You never know I
just may fall in love with you and we get married. You will stay for a few
days and I have a spare toothbrush."

I did stay with her and you will find out about our living-arrangements in
future installments.

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