My man dan

Danny and I have known each other for years. We went to high school together and that is where the two of us became life mates. Yes, we are gay.

We shared an apartment while in college. There we explored all facets of gay sex. Danny is the males male. He is into body building, His physique is Adonis like. I call him Danny, but he much rather prefer to be called Dan. Dan is proud of his sexuality but doesn’t flaunt it.

On the other hand I am more flamboyant and I am obviously gay. I am the type man who is thin, well built, but still effeminate. I enjoy being the submissive in Dan’s and my relationship.

Danny fucks me well. And I enjoy immensely sucking his big dick. We could be the poster boys for the gay movement. So this is where my story starts.

We are both 25 years of age. Dan has developed his own contracting firm to build high priced homes in gated communities. I work as a customer service manager for a leading supermarket chain that is very liberal and diverse in its hiring practices. I am explaining to you the working conditions so that you the reader may find my story plausible.

As I said we have explored various facets of gay sex, I enjoy being the submissive to Dan’s dom. I will do anything for my macho man. We occasionally will introduce drugs into our sex acts. We both enjoy our recreational hits of cocaine and ecstasy. As submissive as I am, I am often given rufees unbeknownst to me. There have been many times that I wake with bruising and cum coming out my ass and mouth, hog-tied or strapped to the bed or just left to lie in my own and other persons sex filth, The feeling I get from this type of experience gives me the hardest cock and the most intense orgasm, but I know my man would let no harm come to me. I trust and love my man.

Recently Dan asked me to start shooting up a new drug that he had gotten from a doctor friend of his. He explained that both of us were going on a steroid regimen to enhance our bodily physique. I love Danny, so this excited me that we were going to embark on a body altering adventure. Imagine two hunky guys getting it on in a 69, or connected together from a pounding dick into one’s own well worn ass. I am looking forward to my body getting bigger. No more slim-jim effeminate man. So the regimen began, every morning we would give each other our shots.

Dan’s physique already toned and big, noticeably was getting even bigger even down to the size of his penis and balls. The man was insatiable. Our sex got even better. He had me sucking him at least twice a day if not more. My ass took a real pounding from his growing cock. The shear force from the new found strength he received from the steroids took its toll on me.

Allow me to elaborate; Dan is 5’11” in height, 225 of solid muscle, olive complexion, jet black hair worn in a ;pony tail, dark eyes, a square jaw line with brilliant white teeth encircled by a shiny black goatee. His well toned body is dreamy, pectoral muscles jutting out over a flat firm abdomen. From there his pelvic region frames a 9 inch dick, thick with a heavy ball sack that dangle between two muscular sculpted thighs. His arms firm and defined with big meaty hands that have the softest touch or the most painful grasp when he holds me close depending upon the activity.

For example, I kneel down in front of Dan as he relaxes in his easy chair, I unbutton his shirt exposing his magnificent chest, I place light tender kisses on him as I place my right hand in his crotch massaging his cock through the denim of his jeans. My left hand gently stroking his hard firm chest, I can hear and feel his heartbeat increasing with anticipation of what is to come. I take his nipple in my mouth, sucking it and stroking it with my tongue. As it hardens and reacts to my mouth action I take it between my teeth and bite on it, making his nipple harden and grow bigger. After spending time teasing both Dan’s nipples, I lick my way down to his crotch area where I have already loosened his pants and my right hand has been busily massaging his massive dick through his underpants. I take his penis through the underwear into my mouth, soaking the material with my saliva. His manly musky smell intoxicates my nostrils driving me crazy with passion for my man. My own penis growing and aching for release swells in my pants leaking its pre-cum into my panties. I peel Danny’s undies off with my teeth, freeing his penis of its material captivity. I breathe warm air over the head of his dick, I can see it twitch and rise up to meet my lips. My tongue reaching out to touch the head, a finger strokes the pulsing veins of his warm cock. Pre-cum oozing from the penis eye and waiting for me to lap it up awaits my tongues touch. Yummy. I go for it, bobbing my head up and down with each thrust forward taking in more of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I feel his tension in his penis and I let up on my sucking. I look up at my mans face and see the pleasure that I am providing him. Next I take his balls, one at a time into my waiting mouth. I roll them on my tongue and take them between my teeth, like fragile eggs I savor their taste. Danny’s penis now on the brink of shooting its wad release his balls and take his dick on my tongue he shoots his massive wad, warm cum gushes all over my face, but mostly in my mouth. I lick my man’s penis clean and then feed him in a passionate kiss his own seed that we both savor.

Over the course of a couple of months I thought that my body too would have shown signs of built up muscle, but I was having the exact opposite effects. Dan finally confided in me that yes I was taking steroids, but the kind that was going to feminize my body rather than bulk me up like his; he specified that there would only be one bull in our relationship and that it would be him. My vision of two hunky men going at it together was shattered. The next day Dan had emptied my dresser of all male underwear, socks and t-shirts, they were replaced with girls panties, stockings, pantyhose, and camisoles. I was ordered never to wear male undergarments again. All clothing was to be of an androgynous nature. No more oxford shirts and dockers slacks, unless going to work and then only until I couldn’t get away with hiding my new appearances. So starts my days of living the in between life.

My appearance gradually took on an androgynous look along the lines of gothic elegance. I continued with the hormone treatments but Dan started me on a regimen of diet and exercise to create a more girlish body. At home with Dan I wear sports bras to support and shape my bust line. He got me boy style short shorts or mid-calf or below the knee work out pants in cotton and lycra. Dan bought me women’s sneakers, clogs and platform flip-flops. He especially likes it when I wear the sky high flip-flops with my super short shorts and camisole top. In public I like dressing this way and get the strangest looks from passer bys especially during the time of having to grow my beard out for electrolysis. I am growing my hair out but Dan wants me to maintain a neat appearance. Therefore he has me style and cut it by a hairstylist. My hair is currently worn with bangs and soft wisps around my pierced ears and very short cropped cut in the back. I have my hair colored depending on Dan’s mood, although he does prefer me as a brassy redhead. I have had platinum blonde hair, ebony black hair and a rainbow of colors in between. Dan has had me shave my eyebrows and pencil them in depending on the width he desires for my look. He expects me to wear light makeup such as mascara and eyeliner, all different shades of lip-gloss, finger and toe-nail polish of various shades from black to white and shades of mauve, pink and red as well. BY THE WAY I LOVE THIS CHANGE. The hormones make me horny for my man and his dick. I get fucked in the ass a whole lot more now that my body is becoming more to Danny’s desires. He thinks it’s sexy when I give him a blowjob now and leave a ring of lipstick on his massive cock. Speaking of cock Daniel still enjoys mine and finds it a turn on to see his young boy-girl naked with a cock dangling between my legs and sprouting pubescent boobs on my hairless body. My nipples are now extended and puffy. The areolas are enlarging as they will eventually grow into lovely female melons. Danny assures me that he wants my dick to remain functional. . He has inquired into getting me a steroid that will enhance the size and girth of my own dick so that it will eventually be obscenely large, with my balls producing vast amounts of semen. Earlier it was mentioned that Dan wanted to be the only bull in this relationship and so he is, but he to loves the cum cocktail once in a while and he is a hearty cock sucker and a wonderful lover of my ass. I love him so. He has brought out the best queer in me and I love the attention I get because of my current odd look. My dick stays hard almost all the time. Following is a typical night out for Danny and me.

Dan has a Stephen Segal appearance; hunky and sexy to put it dreamily. I on the other hand take on the appearance of this gothic creature. A pale, frail ivory skin tone, my hair a brassy copper red with long bangs parted in the middle, with wisps of hair around my ears, but closely cropped hair in the back (like that of AEONFLUX). My eyebrows are a deep auburn pencil thin line. My eyelashes coated with onyx black mascara and my eyes lined in smoky charcoal eyeliner. My cheeks blushed with blood red powder to highlight my high cheek bones, ruby red lipstick to accentuate my big powty lips. I wear a diamond nose stud. Dan also likes that I have pierced my tongue and wear a tongue bolt which heightens the pleasure he gets when I suck his cock. I am wearing a black Victorian sheer lace mesh body suit that has a plunging back line and long sleeves that are ruffled on the cuff. A top this, I have a deep burgundy leather corset that has a multitude of belts and laces to give me an elegant hourglass figure. Black leather short shorts that lift and separate my cute round bubble butt cheeks. I am wearing fish net stockings that show off my long slender feminine legs. My four inch patent leather platform Mary Jane’s makes me a statuesque 5’11”. My antique silver rings and cross necklace are of Victorian styling. This is all topped off with a long flowing robe like coat in deep hunter green jacquard satin with silver fox fur lined cuffs and collar, cinched at the waist with a scrimshaw ivory skull button, so when I walk my long sexy legs show when the coat opens. Am I boy or a girl hard to tell? We are ready to go party the night away.

We head out to the Maverick’s club, a hard leather bar in town. Dan gets us a few lines of coke and we chase that with a few X tabs taken with some serious consumption of alcohol sends us back to our place for some wild sex. Dan finds another man of his choosing usually and I get the pleasure of servicing them both.

Back at the club though, I get a chance to feel up against the hunky leather boys, by cuddling up close and kissing them at Dan’s bequest. I like the idea of letting them find out the hard way what is in my leather pants. One of my pleasures is love bites, both receiving and giving them. Dan watches my behaviors with the guys in the club and then chooses the one that gets to go home with us.

Tonight’s cowboy is an old, fat out of shape guy. Dan believes I deserve someone disgusting to fuck me. When we get home we do some more coke and X. Cowboy is wasted and is truly disgusting, Dan has me in my entire Victorian splendor kneel before this slob and kiss him passionately. His bad breath mixed with the intoxicating smell of my perfumed body makes me want to gag, but we remain tongue tied for minutes. My hands with painted nails massage his soft un-toned body. Sweat oozes from his skin and I give my fat lover a tongue bath, lapping up his stench and swallowing his bodily ambrosia. By this time I have cum in my panties a number of times. This is just the start of a long night of love and humiliation for me. Dan sits in his easy chair and starts to masturbate himself, a big devilish grin on his face. He is watching me struggle with this stinky old man. The idea of me humiliated pleases Dan immensely. I have taken off my body suit but kept the corset on, my stockings and Mary Jane’s still on but my leather short shorts are around my ankles, Old Stinky wants to fondle my dick. He squeezes my dick with his chubby rough hands, not the most pleasant of feelings but Dan insists that this man may have his way with me. We get into a 69 on the couch old stinky on top of me, his crotch smells as if he hasn’t bathed in years. I suffocate from the smell, yet I am strangely aroused by the situation. The taste on my lips and tongue become inviting and I need more. I roll the cowboy over and start lapping at his brown hole, hoping for some noxious gas to fart out his ass and envelope my senses. I start to long for this nasty old fat man, and crave his bodies’ flavor. Mr. Stinky’s dick is tiny and his balls small, a mere mouth full. Cowboy can’t get it up, so I chew on him until he dribbles in my mouth. The combination of body sweat and old urine make my mouth crave his cum. I try everything I know from gentle kiss, sucking deeply, to chewing on his balls to make this man give me his seed, but all I get is him pissing on me and letting out wicked farts. Dan is laughing his head off watching me frustrate with this 350 pounds of old flabby flesh lying atop my young feminine body. After an hour of Dan watching me sexually attempt to please this fat man, he decides to throw him out. The old man put up no resistance to the idea when he is confronted by Dan, my man. I love Dan.

Now it’s my turn to please my man. First I straighten up my appearance with fresh lipstick, I adjust my panties and leather shorts, the corset pushes my naked chest up so my little swollen breasts and big nipples are extended forward. Dan’s pants are still open and his cock swinging freely. Cum is encrusted in his pubic hair from earlier that evening when he was jacking off to the display the fat man and I put on for his voyeuristic pleasure. I sultrily walk over to Dan and put my arms around his massive body. I pull him close and press his cock to my crotch. I kiss him and put my tongue deep down his throat. I unbutton his shirt and slowly slide down before him leaving a trail of saliva where I lick and bite him. I can smell the encrusted cum and my taste buds start make me drool for his crotch. I clean the chunks by raking my teeth through his thick pubic hair, where I clean my man thoroughly and swallow all the dried cum and the occasional pubic hair. I take Dan’s cock in my mouth; tease it with my pierced tongue, taking his cock deep into my throat while the tongue ball does its massage magic. He shoots his load down my throat and then shoots a load on my face as he pulls out. He orders me to strip out of my leather shorts and soaking wet panties. I am to remain in my corset, stockings and heels. We embark to our bedroom where Dan and I do a few more lines of coke, He then proceeds to harness my arms and legs to the four corners of the bed with padded leather restraint cuffs. The feeling of complete submission is frightening and exciting to me. My penis is magnificent tower of hard manly flesh arising from my feminine body. Dan starts by towering over my helpless body then begins to give me love bites on my neck and small tits. This action just drives me crazy and I writhe in uncontrollable ecstasy. This goes on for 10 to 15 minutes. I am sweating and crying and feeling love for my man. Dan then takes my dirty stinky panties and places them securely in my mouth, then he takes one leg at a time and secures them to the bed board so my legs are now up in the air and my dick, scrotum and asshole are in plain site. Dan puts a big black shiny butt plug in my asshole, then proceeds to flog my dick and balls He whips my nipples, then my dick and balls starting gently and getting harder and faster with each stroke of the riding crop. I had cum earlier when Dan was giving me love bites, and penis had softened considerably after I shot my wad. Now I can feel the heat from my whipping build up in my pubescent chest and a raised temperature in my scrotum with every flogging of my balls. After a half hour of this my dick and balls are extremely sensitive to touch. At this time Dan grabs my cock and he proceeds to suck on my cock I have both the sensation of pleasure and pain. He squeezes my balls and they hurt, but are willing to feed my cock its load of cum. Dan deserves a big load of cum for all the love that he gives me. After a few painful pinches of my balls I feed my man his treat of hot salty cum. We are not finished yet; Dan rips the butt plug from hole and starts to finger me. I have been dilating my asshole regularly so I can accept his huge dick in my boy-pussy. Eventually after a few minutes Dan has stretched my rectum so I can accept his entire fist up my butt. No matter if I suck Dan’s cock or he has his fist in my ass, when ever we are joined I feel as if we are one body together in motion. When Dan is finished fisting me he climbs atop my girly body and pounds the hell out me with his big dick. Thrusting his full weight against my soft yet firm bubble butt Dan shoots his load of high protein ambrosia. He positions my body so that his creamy deposit drips out of my beet red ass onto the sheets of the bed. My sphincter takes time to close there for leaving my ass looking like a gaping hole. Creamy beige cum comes dripping out my ass. Dan releases me from my bondage and we hold each other. Two men in a love embrace. Yes, you see I still consider myself a man. Dan has me lap up the cream from my asshole that was dripped on the bed. Tastes like Dan’s wonderful cum mixed with shit remnants from my ass. YUMMY. I change the sheets and Dan and I head off to bed together. He consoles my pain and I feel safe in his arms. Dick to dick we press our bodies together, his muscles so firm, his musky body odor intoxicates my nostrils and his manly hands holding my soft feminine body, makes my dick hard and the pre-cum on my fingers I relish as I lick my fingers clean. I drift off into an exotic dream state knowing I am safe in my man’s arms. I love you Dan.

We have been taking the steroids now for eight months or so and the effects have been extremely wonderful Dan has no trace of fat on his hard ripped body. Huge biceps and triceps with beautifully defined muscle definition his legs the same well defined muscle definition frames his always hard long thick penis that is now what I call affectionately my personal foot long sausage. His chest and stomach are smooth and hard, his nipples perky and sit atop a well defined set of pectorals. My man could give Arnold Swartzaneger a run for his money. I am so blessed to have this gorgeous man for my own.

Well for me, I am happy to say I have boobs now, lovely 42C melons that ride high and firm on my femininely sculptured body that the hormones that Dan has been shooting into me have produced. I now have shoulder length hair that is platinum blonde with waves in a 1940’s style. My eyebrows still plucked thin and died to match my platinum hair. Dan has had me get a nose job to give it a little up turn on the end. I have also had botox treatments to give me fuller lips and higher cheek bones. To think of it I have taken on the similar appearance of Christina Aguillera. No more androgyny for this boy-girl. I have curves now that just drives my man Dan crazy. My waist is 34 inches and I have well shaped hips that are 39 inches and a Jennifer Lopez butt. My measurements are now 42C-34-39. Thanks to the other steroid that Dan got for me my penis is a whopping 9 inches and has a 2 inch diameter. My scrotum is heavy with 2 large balls that secrete cum like a fountain. I enjoy going around the house in my high heels and being nude with my tits and dick swaying freely. When ever I get the urge for something sweet I just sit in my easy chair recliner and jerk off, when I am about to shoot my load I raise my legs over my head and aim my cock for my mouth and shoot away, lapping up all that sweet cum that my balls have produced just for me. Dan has been looking forward to the day that I am limber enough to suck my own cock. Eventually with the yoga classes I have been taking I will be able to accomplish this task with in a few more months. Sucking my own cock, I can hardy wait for the day to arrive. In the mean time I am living the vida chica. My large delicious breasts with deep cleavage are generally on display seen through mesh tops or low cut blouses. My favorite top to wear is a belly shirt where I show off my belly button piercing and small of the back tattoo of a hatching chrysalis. I still love my short shorts, mini skirts but high heels of all sorts make my cock hard. Girls have got to have shoes and I am no different.

This girl is going shopping now. More shoes especially with high heels and straps, skimpy tops to show of my jugs and lingerie to sex it up. I am planning a surprise for Dan, perhaps a new tattoo; I’ve been thinking of getting a snake head on my clittycock and have its body wrap my inner thigh and have its tail inserted in my asshole. Mmmm maybe too much. How about having my scrotum pierced. Any suggestions?

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