Trans woman at the club

As a bisexual man, one of my favorite places is a local swingers club that has a monthly LGBT night. They usually have a good mix of guys, cross-dressers, and women. Occasionally they will have a trans woman or 2. Most of the guys are there because they are almost guaranteed to cum as many times as they want. Most of the women are there because they enjoy the horny guys getting each other off. The only real rule they have is that after 10pm, everyone has to be naked or in women’s lingerie.

One night I said hello to a couple who were talking. He was a big guy and she was a small Filipina woman. They quickly invited me into the conversation. The talk turned sexy, and we decided to head to one of the rooms. She would kiss him and then me and then back as she rubbed our cocks. He pulled his cock out and she went down on her knees. I joined her and we shared sucking his big hard cock. He pulled the rest of his clothes off as we sucked him. He began pulling her top off. She had small tits that were perky with hard dark nipples. I moved around and started sucking on her tits while she kept sucking his cock.

He said we should all get naked and climb on the bed. I immediately pulled my clothes off as she pulled her skirt off. I was surprised she left her panties on but went back to sucking on her tits and nibbling on her hard nipples. I reached down and rubbed her ass and my hand came across her cock, tucked between her legs. I had no idea that she was trans. After a few more minutes, he suggested she suck my cock. I laid back on the bed and she got between my legs and began slurping on my cock. He moved around behind her, pulled her panties to the side and slipped his cock in her ass. She moaned her pleasure while she kept sucking me.

He took long strokes in her ass, fucking her slow and deep. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said he was going to walk around. With that, he just left. I asked her if he was ok and she said that he likes to fuck for a minute and then look for someone else to fuck. She asked if I wanted to fuck her and of course I jumped at the chance. I moved around behind her and began with licking her ass. I pulled her panties down and off to give me better access. As I worked my tongue in her ass she told me how good it felt. After a few minutes of licking, she begged me to fuck her.

By now, I was very horny. I started to fuck her but after just a few strokes I stopped. She asked what was wrong and I said I was about to cum so wanted to hold it. She said she wanted to feel me cum inside of her ass and told me to fuck her hard. I began pounding her ass hard and within just a few more strokes I yelled as I shot my cum in her ass. After I was done cumming, I reached under her and stroked her cock. She laid down and I laid on top of her. I kissed her neck and told her how beautiful she was. She turned her head smiled at me and gave me a big wet kiss.

She rolled onto her back and bent down to take her cock in my mouth. She moaned and told me the guy she was with never did that and lost interest in her after he would cum. I told her he was an idiot. After hanging out, kissing and cuddling for a while she said that she had never been there. I offered to give her a tour of the place. She asked about the dress code. I said that she could be naked, or she could wear her panties. She said she felt more comfortable with the panties on.

We walked around, chatted with some people and had some drinks. After a few hours, we ended up in the dark room. This a room that is extremely dark. You can only barely see shapes. It has a massage type table in the center of the room and a couple of chairs around the walls. After our eyes adjusted, we could see a few people sitting in the chairs. Someone was sitting on the table stroking his cock. We moved over and she began sucking his cock. I asked if anyone else wanted to get sucked and another guy came over and sat on the table. She and I were now on her knees next to each other sucking on these 2 strange cocks. We both sucked and licked the balls and then back to the cocks. By this time it was around almost 2am so most people had been edging for awhile and were about ready to leave. This is the best time to get a load of cum.

After a few minutes of sucking, we were both rewarded with a mouthful of cum. I swallowed my load because I love cum. She held hers and then kissed me to share it with me. We kissed with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. She broke the kiss and told me to get on the table. As soon as I was on the table, she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking. I was got hard almost immediately. Then she crawled up on top of me and slipped my cock in her ass. She pushed me back so I was laying down. She began working her ass up and down as she leaned down and we continued to kiss. After a few minutes of this, we realized there was a person on either side of us stroking their cocks near our faces.

We broke our kiss and each took a cock in our mouth and began sucking. I was enjoying sucking a cock while she was riding on my cock. I would have cum immediately if I had not just cum a few hours earlier. After we sucked the guys for a few minutes, one of them said he wanted to fuck. The other guy said he did to. I said that she and I could handle that. She climbed off of me and leaned against the table. I moved over and leaned on the other side. One of the guys got behind her and slipped his hard cock in her ass. The other guy got behind me and began to work his cock in my ass. They both began fucking us while we were leaning over the table with our heads next to each other.

We were both grunting from the aggressive fucking we were getting. In between grunts I told her how beautiful she looked. She moved over enough to kiss me. We were both bent over this table being fucked by strangers as we continued to make out. This was such an incredible feeling. Eventually, both of the guys began to grunt as they shot their load of cum in our asses. When they finished, the pulled out and started to leave. They never said a word to either of us but we could hear them say to each other that it was great to unload in some sluts ass.

I said that would like her to fuck me. I climbed back on the table, only this time with my legs high so she could enter my freshly fucked ass. As she fucked me, she leaned in and we kissed. She sat up and said she was about to cum. I begged her to shoot in my ass. She grabbed my cock and began stroking it as she fucked me. I began to cum at the same time she grunted and shot her cum deep in my ass. After she was done cumming, she leaned down and licked my cum off my stomach.

We laid their resting when we heard the lights being turned on and the owner announcing they were closing. We got up and went to get our clothes. She wrote her number on a napkin for me and I promised to call the next week. Unfortunately, it was raining and when I went to my car the napkin got wet. I never saw her again, but I still dream about her.

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