Year 2524

I sit in History class and day dream about what life must have been like
500 years ago. In the background the robot instructor was droning on about
old fashioned travel.

How did people really get along? I mean with simple things like travel,
for example. There are pictures and drawings on our personal screens of
old airports. It says that it took people more than 6 hours to transport
from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts. Now if it takes over an hour people
bitch about the service.

I love studying history. I could spend hours looking at pictures and video
clips about what dress was like and entertainment, even social things.
We've learned that they were not able to teach about sex in school. Not
really. It says they had what they called sex ed classes, but they never
talked about the details or mechanics or even emotions of sex, and shit
that's the best part. Can you believe they didn't even teach about gay
sex. HELLO! How did the gay boys learn anything?

Well, while doing a research paper I found that back in the early 2000's
they thought only about 10% of the kids were gay. And the study also says
that being gay was considered bad and unusual, even illegal. What kinda
stupid thinking is that? Now if you don't do gay sex THAT is weird. My
boyfriend is only 11 and he knows at least as much about sex as I do. The
Republic says today about 62% of boys over 5 are gay. That feels a whole
lot better than being in a 10% group.

My name is Ettsii (Et-see). I am 16 and live with my boyfriend and parents
in the Peoples Republic of North America. Maybe that is why I like history
so much. It is hard to believe that so many things are so different now
than they were then. We have very few laws. Mostly about hurting others..
You can have sex with anyone of any age as long as the other person
consents and is not hurt. Simple as that. You can not kill a human or
take their belongings. You can travel anywhere in the world or eat or
drink or smoke anything you want. You may own a laser gun but not a bullet
gun. Our prime leader is Sarin Uptil, the first female and lesbian to lead
the Republic. She really has done a lot for us. If we pay all our taxes
and have no negative credits against the Republic, we get 2 credits toward
a new spaceport. (It takes 5 credits to get one)

Sorry, I get carried away. My boyfriend, Tomitus, and I live with my
parents in South Lakes, which was once Ohio and is now along the Atlantic
coast. In our geography class they teach us about how the continents have
changed over the years.

I actually met him in a Homosrus bar about 3 years ago. He is soooooo
cute. True his pinga is small, only 10 deters long, but he knows how to
use it. I am trying to convince him he could sell his cumum for at least
~40,000 dramons. Hell, we could be on our own in a few months. He only
wants me to have it, which is tons kind and cute of him, but I get enough
of it and he can still sell some on the side. I can't convince him. We
fight over it constantly. I hate to fight, about anything with anybody.
But this is something I truly believe is important. He finally says he
will not give up his pussy to me if I keep fighting with him.

I don't know if I can even survive without his pussy. I have been in that
pussy at least 5 times a week for the last 3 years. Ughh! In order to
find out what another boy's pussy is like I go to a boy store. I have
never been to one, but have heard a lot about them.

Here's the deal. A boy store has boys both for rent and sale. The stores
are perfectly legal and the boys are there because they want to be. For
most of them it is to make dramons but for some it is just to have as much
sex with as many different guys as possible. In the store the boys sit on
tiered seats with small signs hanging around their necks. The placard on
the necklace tells the patron their name, age, price and below two sets of
colored rows. The first is their preference for things the second is what
they will do if necessary. The color codes are universal. Green is go or
ok. Red is stop or not at all'. There are topics, such as oral, anal,
piss, humiliation, kissing, rimming, etc. etc. and so forth.

I am just looking to see how another boy's pussy feels because I have been
with Tomitus for so long. And I don't have much Darmons so I pick to rent
a small but cute boy for ~10,000 Darmons for one hour. The boy is excited
because I am his first client. He says his name is Benti and he is 8 years
old. I know this may not be his true stats but I really don't care.

Benti: Tell me what you want and I will do it. You want my mouth or my

Me: I want your pussy. But please don't make me cumum too fast.

Benti: Great I love to get fucked.

We go to a small room provided with the price and he quickly and eagerly
lays on his back and puts his knees next to his head. He is very agile
plus he is also already lubed. As soon as I see his pussy my pinga jumps
up hard and fast. I slip into his small cunt easily. He moves his muscles
to grip and hold me tight. I have never experienced anything close to
this. I can barely move because I am afraid I will shoot. He keeps cooing
and saying my name over and over. Shit man, this tiny whore is awesome. I
cumum far too quickly but I deliver what feels like nearly a cup full of my
boy juice into his cunt. Best fuck I ever had. Yet 30 minutes later on my
way home to Tomitus I feel bad...sad. I truly love Tomitus. How can I
ever tell him I went to a boy store?

I have been raised to be true and honest. And I honestly love Tomitus.
So, as hard as it was, I had to tell him the truth about the boy store and
Benti. It is easy to see he is hurt as he struggles to hold back tears.

What he does, says, next is the last thing I expected.

Tomitus: You fucked and enjoyed Benti, so I will do the same (even tho
Tomitus is totally a bottom.) And at the same time you will watch us

Me: Oh no Tomitus PLEASE don't do this!

Tomitus: Why the fuck not. You filled this Benti with your love instead of
me, so I have every right to do the same thing. ( was hard to
argue with his logic.)

Me; No. NOOOOO. Please Tomitus.

So the very next day we both go to the same boy store. And there is Benti.
Tomitus picks him out right away. I have no idea how he knew. Tomitus
tells the clerk that we will take him for an hour. If there is more than
one client at a time there is an additional charge of ~D 5,000. But
Tomitus says no problem.

Oh shit. I am devastated. Will I really have to sit and watch Tomitus
fuck Benti? Tomitus doesn't fuck anyone or anything ever. He is a true
and a capable bottom. Yet his pinga is hard and he wants Benti's pussy. I
feel like I might actually get sick. So I sit and watch Benti lay back and
throw his legs behind MY Tomitus and pull him into a deep and obviously
awesome fuck. Tomitus is fucking him long and hard and grunting and
swearing words I didn't even know he knew.

If these had been guys I didn't know I would have gotten hard and maybe
even cumuned. But I cried. I truly love Tomitus.

When he is done he looks me straight in the eye and says I once loved you
Ettsii. But I can not forgive you for taking Benti. Go look for another

No. No. Please Tomitus. PLEASE.

Ettsii..may your hand be your friend.

I go home but Tomitus goes elsewhere. I run to Mum and she tries to calm
me and dry my tears. Mum I love him so much and I am afraid he is gone.
Baby ( I hate when she calls me that ) time heals all wounds. That is a
very old saying and I suppose it is true. I can't imagine life without
Tomitus. If I had to, in order to get him back I would give up his pussy.
Damn, I am not sure I can do that but I sure as hell would try.. I go to
my sleeping pod and cry myself to sleep.

I am awakened at 8 AM as my pod starts to play Tchaikovsky's Sleeping
Beauty at a volume preset to wake me. At the same time the pod raises the
temperature by 5 degrees so my body adjusts to a regular temperature. I
love this piece of music and it helps to start my day feeling just a bit
better that last night.

I just finish my morning routine as my Mum calls me down for a delightful
morning break fast After break fast I go to my room and start to study my
favorite subject. History. My tablet barely comes to life when Alexia
tells me I have a call from Tomitus. Oh shit I am scared. Could it be
more bad news...or maybe good? I tell Alexia to connect my call. As soon
as I hear his voice I feel like a 14 year old school girl.

Tomitus: Ettsii I couldn't sleep one second last night. I hate what you
did, but truth is I love you more and can't live without you.

I sigh deeply. OMG) I can't believe what I am hearing

Tomitus: I need you. My pussy aches, but it is a whole lot more than that.
I want to touch you, to feel you, to smell you (I smell ???). Can I come

Ettsii: Of course my love, I am so sorry for what happened but I want you
so bad. Please hurry.

His space pod is new and top of the line. His parents got it for him for
his 12th birthday, which was yesterday. So he arrives here in about 10
minutes. It probably took half that time to program his pod for my

He enters my house without knocking to find me on my knees just inside the

Me: Tomitus I love you with all my heart and I am so, so sorry about what I
did. It was stupid and I feel terrible. I will do anything. Anything.
Lock up my pinga if you want. I just don't know how to show you my love.

Tomitus: You just did. There is no need for punishment, but there is the
need for love. Let's make a baby together. We both know two boys can't
make a baby, but it is a lovely way to say let's fuck.

I spent the rest of that night with my pinga in Tomitus. I think I
communed 5 times. We woke in the morning wrapped tightly together.

We now have our own house and live together, with love. We plan to buy a 2
year old boys has soon as we can afford it. May you have many good

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