White Couple and Black Men

The summer of my seventeenth year I spent a lot of time lounging
around the lake. I was spending a lot of time on the beach, concentrating
on my tan. I had a nice bubble butt that filled out my white Levis very

I met a cute blonde headed girl on the beach. We were instantly
attracted to each other and became inseparable. Her name was Lucy.
She had just turned 14 a month before my birthday. She lived with her
divorced mother. I spent a lot of time at their house. We became so
close that she trusted me so much that one night she allowed me to NOT
only to kiss her, she allowed me to take her virginity. I had never fucked
a girl before. I could not believe how tight her pussy was. Her mother
was asleep in the next room. She bit her lip to keep from making any
noise. There was a little blood that we had to clean up afterwards. After
she lost her virginity we fucked a lot that summer. We would spend all
day at the beach and most of the night fucking in her room.

One night about 11 o'clock I was heading home from her house.
I still had a hard-on after fucking her twice. I still didn't have a car at
the time. I was at least eight blocks from home. For some reason I felt
uncomfortable, like someone was following me. When I looked back, I
saw two figures keeping pace with me. They were too far away to make
out much about them. When I saw them I picked up my pace but they
were gaining ground on me. I crossed the street, but they crossed too. I
started running. I thought I could shake them off my trail by running
between houses and through back yards. It didn't take them long to
catch up with me and tackle me to the ground.

We were between two buildings that were two stories high.
When they had me on the ground was when I found out that they were
both blacks in their mid-twenties. They were much bigger than me. One
of them punched me in the mouth. One of them told me to empty my
pockets. I gave them everything that was in my pockets. My wallet
didn't have more than a couple of bucks. There were a few coins and a
comb. They were not satisfied with what little money I carried. One of
them punched me in the stomach. Then they started pulling my clothes
off of me, thinking I was hiding money. It didn't take them long to had
me cowering on the ground totally naked.

When they finished rummaging through my clothes to no avail,
they turned their attention to me. One of them punched me in the
stomach again. The other guy hissed at me, "If you are going to pass
through our turf, you have to pay for it. He pulled me to my knees and
grabbed a hand full of hair. He said something like, "You are going to
pay up another way!" While he unzipped his pants and pulled out a
black cock. He shoved it into my mouth! He hissed at me, "If you bit
me, I will knock out every tooth in your head."

I remember that his cock got very big in my mouth. At that
moment a light came on in one of the houses. The two hoodlums got
scared. The one that had stuck his cock in my mouth zipped his pants up
and the two of them gathered up all of my clothes before they took off

The strange thing was that no one came out of the house to
investigate the ruckus. It took me a moment to gather my wits. I had no
choice; I had to make it home on my own. I felt nothing but shame
about what had happened to me. I would wait for cars to pass before
running across streets to hide in the shadows or behind parked cars, as I
made my way home. This took place back during a time when no one
locked their doors. Fortunately my mother and sister were both asleep
when I snuck in the back door.

For about a month I didn't tell anybody about the mugging and
what had happened to me. I eventually told my girlfriend. She was the
closest friend I had. I believed I could trust her, not to repeat it. After I
told her she gave me a smile that was hard to figure. She may have even
said, "Mmmmmmmm. The story actually turned her on! I swear her
eyes glazed over, and her hand rubbed my penis through my jeans until it
got hard. She grabbed my belt and started undoing my pants! In short
order we were sucking each other on the couch. She was so turned on
that I thought she was going to pull my cock off.

A few weeks later, she wanted to go on a romantic picnic by the
lake. When we got to the lake we found a secluded spot, it was well
hidden and the trees came down the waters' edge. She had prepared a
basket of sandwiches, deep fried chicken, potato salad, chips and 'Kool-
Aid' she had spiked with some of her mother's wine. She waited until
after we had finished eating before she, laughed, told me that it was her
plan to get me drunk so that she could take advantage of me.

Her hand didn't have to stroke my cock through my bathing-suit
very much at all to have me fully erect. That was hardly necessary, just
the sight of her sitting there in her tiny bikini was enough to give a cigar
store Indian a hard-on. Even in my condition I was able to reach around
her to unfasten the top of her bikini. I playfully played with her sweet
stiff little pink nipples. She suddenly shoved me backwards, onto my
back and grabbed me by the waistband of my trunks. She pulled them
off in one swift motion. My dick sprang to full attention. She gave out
with a childish giggle and compared my woody to the trees surrounding

To retaliate I rolled her over onto her back and pulled the strings
holding her bikini together to expose her pussy. I did love the way her
labia dangled through her blonde pussy hair. I was on her in light speed.
She was just as quick flinging her ankles against my shoulders. I drilled
her pussy like a Standard Oil field pump. Her pussy was wet and
sucking on my cock, suddenly her pussy had my prick in a vice-like grip,
just like the day I told her about my being forced to suck the black guy's
cock! Out of the blue her eyes went glassy again. When her eyes cleared
up she looked me in the eye and said, "I was just thinking about that
black guy's cock going in and out of your mouth!

She was wildly thrashing her hips around, and moaning. Her
cunt was so wet it was all I could do to keep my cock in her. Just when I
thought it was going to slip out her pussy would grip it hard. When she
finally let out a load sigh and expelled all of the air in her lungs. We
were both sweating. She told me, "My mom has a black boyfriend....I
would like to tell him your story. If the two of you are up to it I would
like to watch him fuck your mouth, and I bet you have a tight virgin
asshole!" She laughed kind 'a like she was joking, but the look on her
face was evil. I responded by getting another hard-on. She didn't miss
it. She took it in hand and leaned over my body and gave me a blowjob
to die for.

I was not sure if she was joking or not. We got dressed and
gathered up out basket of trash. When I dropped her off at her home I
felt foolish in front of her mother. I was sure she knew what we had
been doing. It was a couple of days later that she called me to invite me
to have dinner at her house that evening.

I figured I better dress in nice clothes and be on my best
behavior. I selected my best white Levis' and three tone brown
Pendleton shirt style jacket over a white T-shirt, white wool crew socks
with white Converse tennis shoes. I shaved close and used water to
comb my hair. I knew it would be dry and soft by the time I arrived at
her house.

When I rang the doorbell my girlfriend opened the door and led
me to the dining room. I could have died right then and there. Sitting at
the table was a handsome black dude. I had thought she had been joking
about watching me having sex with a black man.

Her mom introduced him to me as Gilbert, while standing behind
him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She kissed him on the
neck after the introductions. I'm sure my face was drained of all blood.
I would have bet my face was as white as my T-shirt. The man held up a
big meaty palm that was as large as a baseball glove.

He was dressed in a nice sports shirt and very shinny dark brown
dress pants. His hair was cropped close to his head, high and tight like a
Marine. When I got a chance to see his shoes I could tell that they were
expensive Ostrich leather. The watch he had on was gold and I could
tell that it was expensive. I may not know much about wristwatches, but
even I know the tuning fork of an Omega watch. Whatever he did for a
living he was able to buy the best.

It was all I could do to eat dinner, I was so nervous. I felt like
they were studying me very carefully. Hell, I didn't even know which
fork to use.

Lucy's mom told us to go into the living room, and they would
serve coffee to us. We adjured to the living room and sat down on the
couch to talk while we waited. When the women brought in the coffee
and plates of cookies they sat their trays on top of a very thick glass
coffee table. The conversation was casual for the most part. Lucy's
mom had tucked one leg under the other as she sat next to Gilbert. It
was Lucy that brought up the subject of my having been assaulted by to
black thugs. It was embarrassing for me to tell how they beat me up and
at Lucy's encouragement I admitted that one of them had forced me to
such his cock. The atmosphere was charged with sexuality.

Lucy's mom had a nice figure, even if she was about 25 pounds
overweight. She had on a tight fitting dress with a low neckline. Her
large breasts looked like they were going to spill over the top of her dress
at any moment. She was as interested in the subject of black guy raping
me in the mouth as Lucy had been. Lucy and her mom were the ones to
bring up the subject of wanting to watch me suck Gilbert's cock.

Gilbert was happy to please the ladies. I was full of apprehension
about what they wanted me to do. The three of them had to do some
fast talking to get me to take off my clothes for them. Lucy even helped
me get undressed. When I was totally naked, I felt so vulnerable
standing there as the two women played with my dick. Lucy's mom
pulled back my foreskin to expose the head of my dick. Gilbert also ran
his big black hand over my butt too. Lucy's mom started encouraging
Gilbert to get undressed too.

He leaned over and removed his shoes and socks before he stood
up proudly and began removing his clothes. I had never seen a naked
black man before. It had never occurred to me that their skin got darker
with exposure to the sun. Gilbert had a black face and the backs of his
hands; otherwise his skin was as brown as a Mexicans'. When she
dropped his boxer shorts and exposed his sexual organ I was impressed.
Hid cock and balls were as black as his face. I noticed that his scrotum
sagged lower on the left side and looked grayish. The cock was as long
as any cock I had ever seen and his foreskin was tight. I assume that was
the reason the head of his cock was rather small, giving his cock a
tapered look. I was duly impressed.

He wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked it a few time
to bring it to full erection. I didn't resist when he stepped in front of me
and rubbed the end of his dick against my lips. Lucy and her mother sat
on either side of me, so they could watch as Gilbert stuck his cock into
my mouth. He held onto the back of my head and fucked my mouth.
My jaw stated to ache from the effort to keep my mouth open so long.
The head of his cock was poking the back of my throat on the deep
thrust. It almost made me gag. He fucked my mouth until he climaxed.
I almost chocked on his cum. When he pulled it out he shot some cum
all over my face.

Lucy moved in and licked the cum from my face. She gave me a
blowjob while her mother made out with Gilbert. When he achieved
another hard-on Lucy insisted that I prostrate myself over the coffee
table. Lucy and her mother worked diligently lubricating my asshole
with a tube of KY. At her mother's request Gilbert straddle my hips and
guided that black snake into my virgin asshole. I had never felt anything
like that pain before. I was sweating while Gilbert fucked my asshole.

Mother and daughter were enthralled with the activity. They
were masturbating each other like crazy. When Gilbert shot his second
load in my ass and he pulled out I felt cum running down the seam on
my scrotum. Lucy replace Gilbert and licked up all of the cum dripping
out of my asshole. Her mother was sucking Gilbert clean too. The funny
thing was I liked the sex with Gilbert.

When I returned home I had Lucy's phone number and saw as
often as possible. Her mother was happy to pick me up as long as she got
to watch me having sex with Gilbert and Lucy.

That was not enough for me. I made friends with the black
defensive end on the football team. He was a six-foot two, 230 pound
black guy. When I told him about the rape and Gilbert he was happy to
let me suck his cock and fuck my ass like the whore I was.

One evening when I was planning on spending the night at his
house, he had a couple of his buddies there. They made me undress for
them and I was subjected to a brutal sex game where one would fuck my
ass while I sucked the second one. The third guy would be pulling on
mu cock and balls. Before they finished with me two of them managed
to get their cocks in my ass at the same time while I was gagging on the
thirds cock and cum.

I even set it up so that the three of them could catch me with
Lucy. She got to watch me being fucked while one of them fucked her
ass too. We were a pair together. We lived for degrading sex with black
guys. Eventually we got married when she reached eighteen. We
continued having degrading sex with her mother and black men.

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