Family Awakenings

The next week went the same, everyone fucked everyone. I’d usually fuck Stacey and one of the other women before work, Danny would fuck all four throughout the day and we’d finish off the evening with family group sex.

Stacey and Ash had both continued to bring up having their dad move in. I was hesitant because we’ve always gotten along and I didn’t want our new way of life to ruin that. My reluctance changed after Danny and I had both cum after double penetrating Stacey. The other three were a little upset that they didn’t get to enjoy our cocks as much as Stacey.

“You know I think it might be time to talk to your dad.” I told Stacey and Ash while we were relaxing in the spa. “I think if we have just the women here when you talk to him we’ll have a better chance of convincing him.”

Stacey was beaming, “I’ll call him right now and see if he can come over for lunch tomorrow. If he can we’ll figure out a plan to get him on board.”

The next day around noon the doorbell rang. I opened the door and shook my father in laws hand. “Carl. Nice to see you. Come on in. Danny and I were just heading out so it’ll just be you and the girls.”

I called out to Stacey that her dads here and Danny and I left.

“Hi daddy!” Stacey said excitedly. She was wearing a skimpy thong bikini with her see through wrap. She gave Carl a big hug and kiss on the cheek. “We’re all outside at the pool, did you bring your trunks?” Stacey asked as she led her dad out back.

Carl’s eyes were glued to his daughters ass as she walked in front of him. “No I didn’t even think of it.”

“That’s ok daddy we’ll figure something out. Do you want a drink? I have your favorite whiskey.”

“Yes please, that sounds great.”

They walked into the kitchen to get some glasses for their drinks. The wine and cocktail glasses are on the top cabinet and as Stacey reached up to grab them her wrap slid up exposing her big firm ass to her dad. Carl could feel his cock begin to grow and he quickly averted his eyes.

With drinks in hand they went to the pool. Ash was sitting at the table wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination. When she saw her dad she jumped up and gave him a hug.

Carl could feel his youngest daughters nipples on his chest through her thin top. He took a drink to try and calm his nerves. He’d never seen his daughters like this nor had he ever had thoughts about them like he was having now.

“You two seem comfortable,” he nervously chuckled. “I’ve never seen you wear stuff like this before.”

“Well we don’t normally when we have guests but when it’s just family we tend to do what we want.” Stacey said as she removed her wrap.

“I guess that makes sense. But what about the kids? They don’t mind seeing their mom and aunt in practically nothing?”

Before either of the women could answer, Steph and Sarah came running up to their grandpa. Carl almost choked on his whiskey when he saw his two granddaughters run up to him in bikinis that covered less than their underwear would have. Both girls had g strings on that disappeared between the crack of their tight little asses.

“Grandpa!” Sarah was the first to get to him. She jumped on his lap and wrapped her arms around him. Steph hugged him from the other side and he could feel her hard nipples poking through her bikini.

“Well I guess that answers my question.” Carl said as he eyed his granddaughters up and down. He poured himself another drink and finished it quickly before pouring another.

“We’ve become a lot more open recently daddy. It’s brought us all closer together. Now how about some lunch?” Stacey asked as she began pulling hamburgers from the grill.

Lunch was pretty uneventful with Carl constantly checking out the four sexy barely covered women he was all alone with.

After lunch Steph and Sarah went back to the pool and let the adults talk. Carl couldn’t help but watch their asses sway as they went back to the pool.

By now Carl had a pretty good buzz going and he was no longer trying to hide how he looked at his daughters.

Stacey was the first to put their plan into motion, “Dad, one of the reasons we wanted you to come over is to talk to you about moving in with us. We know how lonely you’ve been and we think it would be good for you to be around family. Ash has already moved in and it’s been amazing having her here.”

“I’m not that old you know. I get by just fine on my own. It’s true I’m lonely but I’m not some senile old man who needs to be looked after.” Carl was getting angry.

“No daddy that’s not at all what we mean. We know you don’t need to be looked after. We just wanted to be closer to you. You don’t have to give an answer right away, just think about it.” Ash tried to calm the situation down.

“I’ll think about it, and I’m sorry for getting upset.” Carl took another sip of whiskey. As he looked over to the pool where he saw his granddaughters wrestling around in the water.

“Here daddy have another drink and then let’s go for a swim.” Stacey said as she handed Carl a fresh drink.

“I told you I didn’t bring anything to swim in. I guess I could borrow one of Mike’s swim trunks.” Carl was a little hesitant to stand up, he was worried they’d see the bulge in his pants.

“Ya but I don’t want to go inside, just strip down and go naked, you can wrap a towel around you until you get in the water and then no one will be able to see anything.” Stacey was really hoping that suggestion would work.

Carl had just enough to drink that he didn’t care anymore about modesty, especially since everyone else was barely wearing anything.

“I don’t think I want to go in the pool. But I’d really like to relax in the hot tub. Alright turn around so I can get undressed.”

Carl stripped down and wrapped the towel around him. He sank into the hot tub completely naked with only the bubbles from the jets blocking the view of his hard cock from his daughters and granddaughters. He closed his eyes and relaxed when he heard someone join him in the hot tub. He opened his eyes and saw both of his daughters. They had everything but their heads under the water, and even though the bubbles obscured his view he could tell they had both taken off their tops.

They sat there for a few minutes enjoying the peace and their drinks when Carl felt a hand around his hard cock. He jumped a little but between the whiskey and the wonderful feel of the hand he didn’t protest. Ash slowly began stroking her dads cock when Stacey slid up to his other side and began caressing his balls. Carl reached up and grabbed one of Ash’s big tits and began rubbing them. Then with his other hand he found Stacey’s wet pussy. He pumped two then three fingers in and out of Stacey while Ash continued to stroke his cock. Ash brought a nipple to his mouth and he began sucking and nibbling on her erect nipple. After a few minutes Carl was cumming harder than he had in years.

Stacey leaned in and whispered in his ear, “We should take this inside daddy.”

Carl could already feel his cock begin to stiffen again. He was so turned on that he didn’t even think about his granddaughters as he got out of the hot tub and walked into the house naked with his daughters.

As Stacey entered the house she turned around to her daughters and held up all five fingers, letting them know to give them five minutes before the rest of the plan was completed.

Once inside the master bedroom Ash layed her dad down on the bed and took his growing cock into her mouth. Stacey knelt behind Ash and began licking her wet pussy. It didn’t take long for Ash to reach her first orgasm. She moaned into her dads cock which brought him back to life.

“Ash move over I want some of daddy’s cock too. Why don’t you let him taste some of that delicious pussy?” Stacey said as she gently pulled her little sister off their dads cock. “Wow dad! I didn’t know you were so big.” Stacey said as she was stroking his cock. Carl was about seven inches and pretty thick.

Stacey began licking his cock head while stroking him. Ash straddled his head and lowered her soaking pussy to her dads mouth. Carl immediately began licking her swollen clit while Stacey began deep throating him. Ash could feel another orgasm approaching and when Carl shoved a finger in her ass she began cumming on his face.

Steph and Sarah had just entered the room, both enjoying the show. Steph was fingering her pussy while Sarah just watched. Stacey motioned the girls over and moved around the bed to allow her daughters access to their grandfathers cock. Sarah took her grandpas cock in her hand and began licking up and down his shaft. Steph got on the other side and joined her sisters tongue.

Carl knew something was different and when he looked up from his daughters pussy he saw his two little granddaughters completely naked with his cock in their hands. He wanted to jump up and stop this, thinking it had gone too far but Stacey quickly straddled his face and brought her dripping pussy to his mouth. Everything felt so amazing that he couldn’t bring himself to stop.

As he was lost in the taste of his oldest daughters pussy he felt his cock being guided into someone. As she impailed herself on him she let out a slutty groan that drove him wild. He began fucking her as hard as he could, still unsure of who he was fucking.

“Oh my god grandpa you feel so good inside me. Oh ya fuck me harder grandpa make me cum please.” Steph begged. He began pumping into her young little pussy harder as Stacey leaned in and began kissing her while kneading her firm tits. When Stacey began to pinch her nipples Steph couldn’t take anymore and began cumming furiously on her grandpas cock.

The sight was too much for Stacey and she began flooding her dads mouth with her cum. They rolled off Carl and lay there catching their breath. Carl sat up and almost came at what he saw next. His youngest daughter and youngest granddaughter in a sixty nine, eating each others pussies while Ash was fucking little Sarah’s ass with a dildo. He stood in front of Sarah who was on top of her aunt and put his raging hard cock to her mouth. Sarah sucked it greedily as her aunt licked her pussy and violated her ass.

Carl then lined up his cock to his daughters opening and shoved his cock inside. Ash gasped into Sarah’s pussy. After a few thrusts Carl pulled out and fed his cock to Sarah. Once she licked all of her aunts juices from her grandpas cock he rammed it back in his daughter.

Sarah began cumming and rolled off her aunt. Ash could feel another orgasm approach but she didn’t want to cum just yet. “Daddy, fuck my ass. I need to feel that big hard cock in my ass. Please daddy.”

Carl pulled out of his daughters pussy and knelt down to lick her waiting asshole. Ash began moaning loudly. She was rubbing her clit as her dad pushed two fingers into her ass.

“Oh god daddy, please just fuck me. I need you in my ass!”

Carl stood up and shoved his hard cock into his daughters ass. He fucked her ass furiously, relishing in the tightness around his cock. It only took a few minutes for Ash to have an intense orgasm.

“Oh fuck! Daddy don’t stop I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop keep fucking your little girls ass!”

Carl never slowed down as he fucked his daughter all the way through her orgasm. He could hear one of the others moaning and almost screaming in ecstasy. When he looked over he saw his two granddaughters fucking his daughter with strap ons. Steph was on her back with her fake cock up her moms ass while Sarah was in between Stacey’s legs fucking her pussy. Carl couldn’t believe that his daughter was being double penetrated right in front of him and especially by his two young granddaughters. When Stacey’s orgasm crashed into her it was more than Carl could take. He began filling his daughters ass with his seed.

As soon as he emptied himself into Ash he pulled out and rolled over. Within seconds Sarah was in between her aunts legs licking up all the cum that was now seeping out of her ass. Steph made her way over to her grandpa and began licking his softening cock clean.

After resting for a bit Carl sat up on the bed and was trying to understand what just happened. “Don’t worry daddy, we all wanted this. In fact we’ve been doing this since the start of summer.” Stacey said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“You’ve been fucking you sister and daughters all summer?” Carl asked.

“Not just them, Mike and Danny too. We’ve all been fucking each other. That’s the main reason Ash moved in. She didn’t want to miss out on all the fun.”

“Is that the real reason you asked me to move in?”Carl asked becoming a little more aware of what was really going on.

“Honestly yes. Don’t get me wrong it would be great to see you all the time. We all miss you and we do worry about you being alone. But there’s only two men here and Mike still has to go to work so that leaves just Danny to try and keep up with four horny women. I couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted to bring into our family secret. Only you daddy. If you say no we’re not going to try to find someone else. We only want you.” Stacey meant what she said. She knew they needed another man around but she only wanted it to be her dad.

“So what do you say? If you move in you can have all of us as much as you want. Of course you’ll have to share with Mike and Danny but that won’t be a problem. Steph and Sarah are insatiable and Ash and I aren’t too far behind them.”

“After today how can I say no? This was the best sex I’ve ever had and you’re telling me it can only get better. Hell yes I’m moving in. But before I do I’m going to have to sample you and Sarah. That is as soon as I can get hard again.” Carl chuckled already feeling the blood rushing back to his cock.

“Sarah come here sweetie. Let’s help out grandpa,” Stacey said to her youngest as she took him into her mouth.

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