Baton Rouge

All the stories I post are true. This happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1989.
I was in Baton Rouge on business. There was an adult theater about a mile from my motel room and after dinner I drove down to check out the action. I had been sucking cock since I was 14, and tonight I really wanted to have sex with another man. I love fucking my wife, but she hasn't got a dick, so she can't meet all me needs.
First I went by the liquor store and bought a bottle of whiskey and mixed it with a large coke from the nearby all night grocery.
I bought a ticket and took a seat in the middle of the theater. There were a few other guys there, but nothing seemed to be happening in the theater. I was getting really disappointed, but things changed when the booze hit my bladder.
When I got in the men's room the first thing I noticed was that there was no door on the men's room, and no doors on the stalls. Tthere were two other guys there, one white and the other black. The urinals were the wide kind where two or three guys can stand side by side to piss in the same urinal.
The white guy was taking a piss and I stood next to him. He stroked his cock and turn toward me to let me know he was interested. The black guy was leaning on the wall next to the urinal.
I reached over and touched the man's cock, and he started to get hard immediately. I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth.
As soon as I started sucking his dick, the black guy knealed down beside me and began to play with my dick and balls.
I sucked the white guy's dick slowly, working my way up and down the shaft, and about every fourth time I came up to the head, I would stop sucking and take on of his balls in my mouth. All the time the black guy was still playing with my cock.
After about 5 minutes of moving back abd forth from his dick to his balls, he grabbed my head and held me onto his cock. By this time he was as hard as an old wooden fence post. Just then another man walked into the men's room. I jumped away from his dick, but he told me it was OK. I guess he must have known the newcomer.
I took his cick back in my mouth and worked up and down, running my tounge around the head when I pulled back. The man who had just walked in stood by the door and watched the show I was putting on. It took the guy about another minute to shoot his load.
I swallowed his cum and kept sucking until he pulled his dick away.
By this time I was so hot from sucking cock, having my dick rubbed, and being watched by another guy, that I stood up and shot my load into the unrinal. I came so hard it squirted out just like I was takling a piss.
Speaking of piss, about two years after the public rest room blowjob, I let a woman pee in my mouth. I will tell you about that in a later story.

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