Humiliated Sissy

A hot shower,a fresh pair of cotton panties and a good nights sleep, will always make the world seem brighter..... I'm told.

The next morning,I was awoken to gentle kisses on my neck and George fingering my butt. His hand was in my panties and his middle finger was wiggling its way up my hole.

I didn't realize but I had started moaning, gently at first, but now I breathing heavy and moaning louder. I reached back and felt his hard cock growing in his tighty whities. "Mmmm." I moaned. "Pull down your panties." He whispered. I put my arms behind me cupping my butt and looking over my shoulder,in a " come hither " kinda way. I slowly pulled the back of my panties down,as he pulled his beautiful circumsized boner out and began pushing it into my butt. Watching over my shoulder really excited me, to think, only two days before, this was just fantasy.

I reached back and cupping his stubbled face,I kissed him passionately. I continued to watch as he slowly pumped in and out and around and around. "Oh Georgie." I sobbed. "I love your cock." "You really like it, when I butt fuck you, don't you baby?"

"Eh hm." I moaned. I watched intensely as he humped me, slowly at first and again, faster and harder. Now, he rolled me onto my stomach and spreading my legs, he mounted me. I stuck my butt in the air, begging to be humped some more. I was starting to lose control and was really enjoying my sunrise butt fucking, when he pulled his meat out and shot his hot load all over my back.

I lay there, having not orgasmed and feeling unsatisfied. George got up and went in to shower. "I want you to do some laundry today, and if you meet the building manager, be careful, he'll try to fuck you." He said from the shower. I remember thinking, it depends on how good looking he is.

After George left for work,I showered and cleaned up. Putting on my pink satin panties, that fit my butt really well,and my white bicycle shorts with a half cut t-shirt. I primped myself in the mirror, making sure I was sexy as hell. Before I walked out I began examining my breasts. I had swiped some birth control pills from my sister and had been taking them to make my titties grow..... it was working. My breasts were perky and my nipples were puffy.

I gathered my panties and went searching for the laundry room and looking for a good time. I finally found it, in the basement, away from the apartments. I walked in and the door closed behind me,then I heard it lock. I turned to see a really muscular Bald man with a beard. "Well well well, what do we have here?" He said, with a smile. I must admit,I was taken back,he was so built in his tank top and well fitting 501s jeans. I started putting my panties in the washer and he walked over. "I'm Steven, the building manager." He said. "Hi.... I'm Danni." I replied. "Are you visiting George?" He inquired.

"Eh huh." I muttered. He looked into the washer and picking up a pair, he asked " Washing your panties?"" Giving me a naughty little smile, he pulled the back of my shorts out,as he looked down at my pink, pantied butt. "You like to butt fuck Danni?" I just nodded nervously. "Are you going to butt fuck me too, Steven?" I asked meekishly.

Just then he moved behind me and began kissing my neck and rubbing his crotch against me. I could feel his hard cock between my butt cheeks,as he reached under my shirt. "Nice titties,is your butt, clean and tight baby?" He asked, and again I just nodded. He kneeled down while pulling down my shorts, he began kissing and fondling my pantied bubble butt. Then he bent me over, pulled my panties to one side and started licking my hole. I was already moaning, when Steven stood up and opened his jeans. He pulled his already erect cock out of his red, bikini underwear and moved my panties over. Spitting on his cock, he pushed into my butt. "I've never butt fucked standing up." I moaned. He just started humping slowly. "I like fucking you with your panties still on. You like it too, don't you sissy slut. He held me down and dominated my body and I was loving it. While he was fucking me,I realized,I was fucking back. I was beginning to only be able to climax with a cock in my butthole. I didn't mind, any shame was gone,I had no guilt or embarrassment. In two days, my entire life had changed,I was a Transvestite.

Just then Steven pulled out and exploded all over the back of my panties. I immediately followed. I thought.... So much for fresh panties. Steven put his manhood back in his jeans and unlocked the door. " Perhaps I'll screw you later." He chuckled. He left me bent over the washer with my shorts down and semen soaked panties.

Just then someone,(a "girl" as well) walked in with her laundry. "That was quite a show.... someone got a good fucking." She said cheerfully. I continued shifting my clothes to the dryer, and quietly left. When I got upstairs,I quickly undressed and took a shower, but I had no clean panties to put on. I began looking around and discovered a drawer full of beautiful beautiful panties,bras and lingerie. From the other room,I heard the phone ring, I wrapped a towel around me (including my growing tits) and went to answer it.George was on the other end to let me know, there was a party tonight,and where the drawer was. "Put on something sexy,I want to show my girl off." He ordered, telling me what to wear and what was to be expected. I quickly went into the bathroom and doing as I was told, gave myself an enigma, my first. Returning to the bedroom I removed my towel. I put on a pair of high waisted cotton panties with little blue polka dots and a white cotton bra.... very cute. Just as I was brushing my hair, there was a knock at the door. I nervously looked through the peep hole to see the"sister"I had met downstairs. "I brought your panties and George asked me to come up and do your make up."

I shyly opened the door a crack and she pushed her way in. " Oh cute.... you like full back panties,I could tell by your laundry. Ok let's get your face on sweetie." She had gotten dressed herself and was beautiful, wearing a dress and stockings. "I like thongs myself, but to each their own." She chattered on. At this point,I felt safe and relaxed. She put the basket on the couch and took me into the bathroom. It took about an hour and when I gazed at myself in the mirror,I was astounded. Sheila had made me gorgeous. I was a woman and a pretty sexy one at that.

Then went to the bedroom and pulling out a denim skirt and a plaid blouse,she said. " Here, put these on." Doing as instructed I put the skirt on, and as I was buttoning the sleeveless blouse, Sheila stopped me. "Here." She said. "Like this."

Leaving the bottom buttons undone, she tied a big knot, enhancing my pert little titties. Then she hiked the skirt up high to show my sexy legs and maybe even some panty. " me your walk, remember to keep your thighs together and arch your back a little bit." I slowly strutted across the room, trying my best to look sexy. Stopping on the other side of the room,I looked over my shoulder giving my best come hither stare. "Nice...." She said. "You have a great little wiggle, even I want to fuck you."

With that, she gathered her things and left. I just kept gazing at myself in the mirror, amazed at my new persona. It wasn't difficult leaving the past behind, when my future was wide open to such erotic stimulation and arousal. I didn't even recognize myself,I was dying to go out in public. So after doing the tasks my boyfriend had given me,I dared to venture outside. I walked up and down the block three times, practicing my walk, and even got a couple cat calls. When one passerby said. "You got fry's to go with that shake baby?" I got a little scared and went back upstairs. It wasn't long till George got home and when he saw me in full regailia, he just smiled and said. "Wow, they're going to love you at the party tonight." I said. "Hi Georgie... Can I suck your cock?" In a low sultry voice. He put his strong arms around me and held me close. I could feel his erection and dropping to my knees opened his jeans and kissed his crotch. "I've wanted your cock in my mouth all day." With that I pulled his pecker though the slot and licked all the way up the shaft. As I sucked it into my mouth with a slurp, he said. "Now swallow it all baby,we don't want any to get on your outfit."

Feeling very comfortable in my new persona,I vigorously sucked him off. After regaining his composure, George stood me up and made me model my clothes, being sure I bent over twice, to get a good look at my pantied butt. When I went in to fix my lipstick, George called a cab.

After a short taxi ride,we arrived at the party. As we exited the cab, George gave me his orders. I was to only give my attentions to whom he told me to. I was to be charming, gracias and sexy at all times, no matter how anybody treated me and never leave his side. I belonged to him, no one else, or I would regret it later. I nodded in appliance and we made our entrance. George made the introductions and we mingled around till our host made his appearance. "This is Gavin, the birthday boy, Gavin,this sexy bitch,is Danni my personal sissy slut. I began to blush from the way George had discribed me.

Gavin gave me a hug and a kiss. Then to my surprise, he lifted my skirt and checked out my panties. "You'll have to blow out my candle later." I gave him a naughty little smile and George said. "She'll do that, whenever you're ready, Gavin."

The party continued and drinks flowed. Everyone was starting to get drunk, including me. As I talked with other girls,I realized I was not the only"girl"in attendance. This was a"FEM"party and I was a willing partisipant . Soon it was cake time and George was pretty drunk. I was pretty buzzed myself and decided I would give Gavin,a little birthday dance.

I began moving my hips to the beat and before I knew it I was shimmying my titties and flashing my panties. It was more than Gavin could take and he led me into the bedroom. Kissing me deep on the mouth, he pushed me down to my knees. I opened his pants and began sucking his manhood. He put his hands on the back of my head as I took his cock all the way down my throat. He was so drunk and excited,I knew it wouldn't take long. I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth,a moment later, he shot his load. "Happy birthday." I said. He just smiled, and I stood up, straighten my panties and fixed my skirt. As I left the room, George grabbed my arm. He was really drunk and really mad. "What were you doing?" He demanded. "Sucking his cock, like you told me to." I pulled away and went to the bar, and began to drink. Then I noticed George talking to someone. It was Damien,I had met and sucked the night before. Although I was drinking Cosmos,I managed to get a few in me. Damien came over and we began chatting. I hadn't noticed but he slipped something into my drink. "George said I should give you a ride home." Feeling drunk and quite agreeable, for some reason,I left with him.

When we got in the taxi,I was pretty buzzed and barely awake. It was a short ride to our destination,we exited and Damien had to help me upstairs. As we entered Damien's apartment, the taxi driver came in as well. I started to fight, but I was drugged with HGB and couldn't argue too much. Damien's friend came up behind me and began fondling my panties. Damien opened his jeans and pulled them down, while his buddy did the same. " Down on your knees, you sissy, this will teach you to do as your master tells you." As I was forced to my knees the cabbie began slapping my face with his cock, while Damien did the same to my butt. The cabbie grabbed my hair and ordered "Open your mouth bitch." I opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in. His member was so much,I started to gag.

Meanwhile Damien had began fingering my butt with lube and slowly pushed into my tight hole. I sucked and they fucked for what must have been hours, belittling and humiliating me all night. When I left the next morning I was sticky with semen and had to walk back to Georges....a walk of shame.

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