Grandpa what are you doing?

I was 19 that i was asked to go stay with my grandpa. He was old and needed some help around the house. I was getting paid for it so i didnt mind doing some house chores. Most of the day were pretty normal, doing some house chores like cleaning and doing the dishes. My grandpa Dan was 56 years old. He was really fat and really tall. You find him shirtless most of the time.

One day i asked my grandpa to go see a friend since i was done with work. I ended up staying late at his place. I reached Dans house pretty late. I guess he thought i was going to end up having a sleepover at my friends but i didnt. I entered the house and on the way to my room i could hear sounds coming out of Dans room. His door was open too and i went to see if everything was okay. What i saw i couldnt comprehend.

Dan was on his bed and stroking his cock. His cock, i cant even tell you how big it was. He was definitely 9 inches although his cock seemed pretty thin in girth. I was confused about what he was doing. I was also curious.

me: Grandpa what are you doing?

Dan: oh... i didnt see you there son

me: i just came back... but what are you doing

Dan: aahh... im just pleasuring myself.... you wanna watch

i nodded and went over to his bed. I climbed over and watched him jerk his monster cock. He asked me if i did it and i told him i have never done this. I kept watching him in curiosity. I asked him "Grandpa can i touch it?" he was more than happy to let me touch it. I grabbed his shaft and it was really hard. He asked me "Do you wanna help grandpa with it" and i nodded in agreement. He explained me how i should jerk his cock and i did exactly like he told me. I was jerking his hard cock and he was enjoying it. I jerked his cock for about 10 mins and he blew his load all over his belly and chest.

me: grandpa what is this white stuff

dan: its cum... its like milk that come out when u do this

me: if its milk that means u can drink it

dan: you wanna try tasting it

me: ill try it

i leaned over and licked over some of the cum over his hairy belly. His cum was really sweet. He asked me "Like it?" i nodded. He instructed me to lick the rest of it. I licked all the cum from his belly down to his pubic area. His cock was still covered in cum. I grabbed it and started licking his cock. "Oh my...Youre...making grandpa feel so good". I licked his shaft and balls. He was soon hard again. "Look you made me hard again son" and i started jerking it but he stopped me and told me to keep on licking it. I started licking his monster cock. He was moaning like crazy. He then asked me to open my mouth and suck it like a lollipop. I did exactly and was sucking his cock. He kept his hand on my head try to push more and more of his cock in my mouth. I choked and gagged alot but i was also enjoying this.

I sucked his cock for 15-20 mins and then he said "I am going to shoot again try to take it all in your mouth" He grabbed my head and started to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. Then he pushed his cock as deep as he could in my mouth and i sensed his seed flowing down my throat. I swallowed as much as i could but at a moment i couldnt breathe so i pulled his cock out. I licked the remaining cum of his thighs and cock.

Dan: That felt really good thanks son

me: i actually enjoyed ur milk... i mean cum

dan: alright but you cannot tell anyone about this not even your parents alright?

me: yes i promise grandpa

The next day, Dan was in my room before i was up. He was caressing my ass and was jerking his cock. He saw me wake up and said "Time for breakfast sport". He got on top of my chest and started rubbing his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and he lowered his cock in my mouth. He was slowly thrusting his cock. Today i was able to handle a bit more of his cock. I was starting to enjoy the taste of his cock. I sucked his cock for a little while before he exploded at the entrance of my throat. I coughed up alot but ended up taking all of his load down my throat.

Dan: since you gave me pleasure ill do the same for you

He went down to my cock and pulled my trousers down. My 6 inch cock was rock hard. He took it in his mouth and started sucking on it. I couldnt even last for 10 mins and ended up shooting in his mouth. He didnt swallow my cum infact came to my face and kissed me. He swapped my own cum into my mouth and i ended up swallowing it. My cum was pretty salty compared to his. He then turned me over and spread my ass. He told me what a great ass i had. He buried his face in my ass and started licking my hole. He was hard again and we got into 69 position where i was sucking his cock and he was licking my hole. I was enjoying this alot. He ended up shooting in my mouth again and made me swallow it all. He licked my hole for a while then placed his finger on it. He slowly entered me and there was a pinching pain in my hole. He slowly moved his finger and i really enjoyed this experience. He found my prostate and started to rub it while he sucked me and i ended up shooting a second load faster than before.

Dan: did u have fun

me: ahhh grandpa i never experience something like this before

dan: dont worry grandpa will give u many experiences like these

dan: lets stay naked when we are at the house

me: really... that sounds great.

After that the next few days, i was always on my knees sucking Dans cock. I managed to learn deepthroating and was now easily able to take his cock down my throat. Dan played with my ass alot loosening it everyday. I was now able to handle 3 of dans fingers with ease. I would cum instantly when he fingered me.

After a week of doing this, he was ready to fuck me. My ass was ready to handle his cock now. After we had dinner and took a shower together. He made me get on all fours on the bed. He oiled my ass and his cock. First he fingered me and also lubed my hole from the inside. He placed his cock on my hole. Slowly he pushed his cock in me, first his mushroom top entered me and it was by far the most painful. I endured the pain and then Dan slowly kept entering me. When he was completely inside me he said "Good job sport its all in... does it hurt?" and i replied "Its hurts but i think i can manage". He then slowly started moving his cock in and out of my hole. It was painful but i was also enjoying it.

Dan kept fucking me very slowly. I told him he could go faster and he started pacing up. He was soon pounding me really hard. His balls were colliding with mine. He was also spanking me. Dan turned me over with his cock still inside and started pounding me while kissing me. I wrapped my arms and legs around Dans and enjoyed his deep and fast stroke. Dan jerked me off too and soon i spurted a load on my chest. Dan was about to blow his load too. He pushed his cock as deep as he could and then i felt his warm thick seed shooting in my hole. He pulled his cock out and his cum was leaking out of my gaping hole.

We stayed in eachothers arm and then he fucked me again. Dan and i had plenty of sex. I loved cock so much that i had sex with friends dad when i was at a sleepover at his place. He was was a single dad and was sleeping on the couch after some drinks. My friend was also fast asleep. I pulled his dads underwear down and started sucking on his cock. His cock was much thicker than Dan but it was not long enough. He woke up and told me "I always knew you were a faggot". Then he pulled my trousers down and spit on my hole and started entering me. Since he had a thicker cock than Dan it was really painful. But after the pain was gone he pounded me like a bitch making me cum twice. I swallowed all of cum. Now i occasionally have sex with him and also continue to please Dan.

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