I watched as my husband fucked my friend

It was about 10pm on a Friday night and my husband Peter & I were watching TV. I was not really paying attention, but mulling over a recent conversation I had with my friend Josie.

Two weeks ago she had come around to my house and after a glass of wine we got onto the subject of my husband Peter.

“He knows you have sex with other guys though Bev?”

“Yes of course, but he has not shown any interest in any other women. He doesn’t mind having a threesome with me and another guy though.”

“Like Greg?”

“Yes like Greg. If Peter did have sex with someone else I would prefer that he did it openly. I mean, he barely shows any interest in even you Josie.”

“Perhaps he is just a little on the shy side?”

“That could be true.”

The phone rang pulling me out of my deep thought. As I picked it up I saw Josie’s number listed on the caller ID.

“Hey Josie, I was just thinking about you. What’s up?”

“I really, really need your help. I parked at the Eastgate mall and when I came out, someone had slashed one of my tires. I am worried they are hanging around watching me, I have this feeling.

“You in the car with the doors locked?”

“Yes of course.”

“We will be right over. Sit tight.” I hung up and looked over at Peter.

“Someone has slashed one of Josie’s car tires at the mall; she’s worried the person is still hanging around. Can you come with me to go and get her please?”

“Sure, we’ll take the truck.”

As we approached the mall, Josie guided us by phone to her parking spot. Peter did a quick loop around to see if anyone was hiding between the cars before leaving the big Ford idling behind Josie’s car.

Josie gratefully slid in to the truck and sat in the middle of the bench seat. I got out and stood on the step to keep an eye open.

Peter inspected the tire and popped open the trunk to retrieve the spare.

“This’ll only take a couple of minutes.”

Peter quickly changed the tire and started the car up.

“I don’t really want to drive home; can I stay with you tonight?”

“Sure hun. Peter, can you drive her car over to our house? I’ll drive the truck and will check to see if anyone is following us.”

We made an uneventful trip home and parked Josie’s car in our garage. Peter’s truck normally stayed outside anyway.

Once we were in the house Josie relaxed for the first time. I passed her a drink which she downed quickly. I filled it back up again.

“Thank you guys.” She exclaimed and hugged both of us. I smiled, Josie’s little 4’ 11” frame always looked so tiny against Peter’s body. I changed the subject and asked her what she had bought.

“I have the final interview tomorrow at noon for that catering job. There are just two of us left in the running so I wanted to impress them with a nice black business jacket and skirt.”

She opened the store bags and pulled out her purchases.

“I’ll go and try them on again, see what you think.”

She went into the guest bedroom down the hall and appeared a few minutes later.

“Wow you look good.” I commented. “Would you give her the contract Peter?”

Peter got up from his chair to get a beer from the refrigerator.

“She has my vote. You do look good Josie.”

“I’ll get you some hangers for them.” I went into our bedroom and came back into the kitchen-family room.

Josie slipped off the jacket and passed it to me. Without pausing, she unzipped the black skirt and slid it off her body. I put that on a hanger also.

I noticed that Peter had paused in the kitchen watching as she unbuttoned her black blouse and handed that to me.

Unabashed by her state of undress, Josie walked over and picked up her drink.

“That looks even better.” Peter said.

I raised an eyebrow at his comment. Josie did look very sexy wearing stockings, a pair of lacy boy short panties and a matching black lacy push up bra.

“Thank you Peter, that’s sweet of you.” She kissed him on the lips and went back down the hall to put on her jeans and top. Peter’s eyes were firmly fixed on her cute little ass as she walked off.

“Do I detect a little interest in her body?” I quipped.

“She is very attractive, but sometimes she is a little too overbearing.”

Josie came back in fully dressed and we had a couple more drinks before we decided to turn in.

“Oh Josie, Peter has just grouted the guest bathroom tiles, use our en-suite shower in the morning.” I warned her.

The next morning I woke up fairly late, pulled on my workout clothes and got on the treadmill. After a half hour run I had a shower. Wrapping a towel around me I went out into the kitchen and started the coffee brewing.

As the machine gurgled and spluttered I heard our shower running, so I poured myself and Peter a cup each and walked back into the bedroom.

“I’m so horny Bev, working away from home last two weeks…” Peter declared as he slid into bed alongside me. I could see he was partially aroused and I felt myself getting wet. I was looking forward to getting a good hard fucking.

Before we could say or do anything else, we heard Josie’s knock on the partly open bedroom door.

“Hi guys, can I use the shower please, or should I come back later?”

“Come in, feel free. We are just having a cup of coffee in bed.” I said.

As Josie showered I slipped my hand under the sheets and wrapped my fingers around Peter’s cock. As I gently stroked his full length, I could feel the wetness of his precum leak out on my arm. I couldn’t remember him being this stiff and urged Josie to finish showering. I knew I would start to orgasm before he even got half way inside of me.

A few minutes later Josie came out of the bathroom with a towel fastened around her, sat on the bed alongside Peter, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you for last night Peter; you don’t know how frightened I was. I owe you big time.”

As she went to get up, her right hand slipped down his chest until her wrist bumped into his erection. She lifted the sheet and whistled softly.

“Oh my…”

Josie shifted position and without hesitation circled her lips around the purple tip of his cock. Peter groaned as he enjoyed the wet warmth of her mouth encompassing him.

“Not now Josie.” I muttered, the ache between my thighs intensifying. I watched her head bob up and down as she tried to fully take the length of my husband’s cock. I noticed Peter’s hand slide up the inside of her thigh under her towel.

Josie gave a little squeal, indicating that his fingers had reached their destination. Peter’s hand started to move back and forwards. I decided that I needed to join in on the fun, but before I could react Josie got up, removed her towel and straddled his hips. With a quick wiggle of her little bottom she had Peter’s cock at the entrance of her pussy.

“God it has been weeks since I got seriously fucked.” Josie announced and with that pushed down greedily burying Peter’s manhood inside of her. “You’re so hard, ohh God I’m going to cum already... Aaahhhhhh.” Her head snapped back, eyes tightly closed as she relished her climax.

She slowed her bucking to a stop before Peter had chance to cum.

“Oh, there’s nothing like a quick orgasm to start things off. Your choice of position now, use me as you want.”

Peter could not restrain himself and rolled her onto her back. He looked into Josie’s eyes and lifted her knees up so they touched her chest, exposing her pink shaved pussy lips. Her 24B breasts were flattened by the pressure of her knees.

I watched as his hard manhood re-entered her, pushing at her soft flesh. Each time he pulled back to enter her more deeply I could see her juices glistening on his shaft.

Josie squealed in delight as she started to quickly orgasm again.

“Come on big boy, fuck me hard, use me, make me cum.” She begged.

I tried to get in on the action but their fast moving bodies were too entwined. My fingers slipped between my legs to stimulate my pussy, but I could only watch as my husband roughly pounded into my best friend. I knew he wouldn’t last long at this intensity and to my dismay I saw his body tense as Josie screamed as she hit her peak.

Peter’s body slowed as he savored the last throes of his orgasm and Josie’s eyes opened. Her hand reached out and grasped mine tightly.

“I’m sorry Bev, sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

Peter rolled off Josie’s tiny body, his once hard cock softening. I knew he wouldn’t recover for a couple of hours after such an intense orgasm.

They lay there for about five minutes catching their breath before Josie sat up.

“Oh shoot - the interview.” She quickly got up and ran off to the guest bedroom to get dressed.

I reached over to my husband and held his now soft penis.

“I need satisfaction as well you know.”

Peter kissed me. “You are going to hate me Bev, but I need to pick up the building supplies for next week before twelve. I’ll be back and ready to make love again this afternoon.”

I rolled over onto my back and groaned at my stupidity for enticing Josie.

“Bye.” Josie yelled. “I’ll drop by and tell you how it went.”

Peter started to get dressed. “Greg said he will drop by later, he wants to borrow the pipe bender. It’s in the garage.”

Peter kissed me on the lips and after the door closed I heard his truck start up, reverse out of the driveway and roar up the street.

I cursed at my misfortune, and losing the desire, got out of bed and pulled on my favorite yellow sundress over my naked body.

To distract myself I worked in the yard, pulling weeds and tending to the potted plants on the patio. Just before noon I heard the doorbell ring and the front door open.

I went back into the house to see Greg had let himself in.

“Hey Bev, good to see you.”

“You don’t know how much.” I muttered, the feeling of sexual need welling up again inside of me.

I gave him a deep kiss on the lips and pressed my body up against his. I knew he could feel my breasts crushed up against his chest. His hands slid down the back of my dress and that he could feel I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Woah, you’re friendly today.” Greg exclaimed.

“No, just horny.” I murmured.

“Peter said I could borrow the pipe bender..” He seemed a little flustered.

“Is your pipe stiff and hard?’ I nibbled on his ear.

“It will be soon if you keep that up.”

“Good.” I shifted my hand down to his groin and began massaging his cock.

The doorbell rang again. I broke off from my fondling.

“Geez, does it rain or pour?”

“Hi Bev! I got the contract, I brought some champagne, let’s celebrate.” Josie’s voice echoed from the front doorway.

Josie bounced in to the kitchen as Greg and I separated.

“Hi Josie, how are you? Nice outfit.” Greg commented.

“Hi Greg. Oh it may look nice, but I prefer to get into some casual clothing.” She dropped a bag of clothes on the floor.

Greg took the champagne from her and opened it with a pop. I got some flutes from the cupboard and put them on the counter. After the glasses were filled we toasted her success. I was genuinely pleased for her; she had worked hard for that job.

Josie downed the glass in one. “I must get out of these clothes, they are a little itchy.”

With that she started to unbutton her blouse exposing her black push up bra. Greg’s eyes drifted to the glimpse of cleavage.

“Let me help you.” Greg offered and unfastened the clasp on her skirt and undid the zip. Her skirt and blouse fell to the floor. For the second time in 24 hours that little minx stood in my kitchen in just her black lingerie. I could sense the chance of sex slipping through my fingers again.

Seizing the moment I walked forward and unfastened her bra, letting my hands slide from her back to cup those beautiful perky 34B cup breasts. I caressed her nipples between my thumb and index finger and tweaked them into little mountains of hard flesh.

“Ummm that feels good Bev.” Josie gasped. She reached behind her and I felt her hand slide up under my dress until she touched my pussy.

“Oh you vixen, you are not wearing any panties.” She turned around, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips, her tongue seeking out mine in a passionate embrace.

My right hand ran across her tummy until my fingers reached the waistband of her panties. With barely a hesitation I continued downward, seeking out the warm soft flesh between her legs.

Josie’s hands were not idle either as she slipped my sundress off my shoulders and down my stomach. My tits popped free from the restraint and she eagerly sucked on my nipples as I groaned in encouragement. I could feel my stomach muscles contract. With a whisper the dress fell to the floor leaving me naked.

Greg moved behind Josie, easing her panties down her thighs until they joined my dress on the floor. As I continued to kiss Josie passionately the warmth of her skin touched mine. I ached for a physical release.

“I want you Bev.” Josie whispered in my ear and wrapped her legs around my hips. I cupped her ass with my hands and half carried her to the bedroom and we collapsed onto the bed giggling.

Josie wriggled around under me until her face was between my legs. I felt her hot breath and then the soft wet flicker of her tongue at the entrance of my vagina. As the first electric burst of pleasure shot up my chest I leant forward to seek out her inner flesh, pulling apart her pussy lips to expose that little pink bud of pleasure.

As I gently sucked it between my lips, I could feel her do the same to me. I lost myself in a wave of pleasure and thrust my tongue deep into her vagina, lapping up her sweet taste. I knew exactly what really turned her on and slipped two of my fingers into her now sopping pussy.

I was expecting her to do the same, but instead I felt Greg’s cock probing my pussy lips. Josie’s tongue flicked from his tip to my clit and started the first fires of my orgasm. By the time he was only halfway in my climax hit, wave after wave, each one intensifying as he pushed deeper inside of me.

I could no longer stimulate Josie as I gasped for air, my back arched as the electric charge froze my muscles.

“Oh yes, yes, finish me off, pleeeazzzze, fuck me hard.” I begged.

Greg started thrusting hard into me, his hips slamming into my ass.

I begged for a climax but the pleasure kept climbing in intensity.

“I’m going to cum soooo hard, please cum I can’t stand it anymore, arggghhhhh.”

Greg groaned and I felt his boiling hot cum squirt inside of me as I screamed in silence. His thrusts slowly subsided and I came back to my senses, my muscles shaking and drained from the exertion.

I rolled off Josie and laughed.

“My turn to be sorry Josie.”

I collapsed on my back, relishing the feeling of warm cum as it trickled down from between my legs.

“Not to worry, you are talking about the “bunny” remember, he keeps cumming and cumming…” I laughed at Josie’s comment; we both knew that Greg had a remarkable power of recuperation.

Josie rotated her body on the bed and spread her legs wide open. I watched as she slid her hands slowly down her tummy until she reached her mons. Her fingers pulled apart her sex lips in a crude invitation.

“Push it in me now. I want to feel you get rock hard again inside of me.” Greg was still fairly rigid and the two of them locked together. I went back to the kitchen, put on my dress and poured myself a glass of water before going out to sit on the patio.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew was Greg and Josie giving me a kiss on the cheek and saying goodbye. I watched them from the door as he loaded the pipe bender in to his truck.

“Catch you later. Thanks.”

About an hour later Peter came home and he presented me with a small bunch of flowers.

“That’s sweet of you honey.” I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. His hands slid around my waist and down onto my butt where he gently caressed my cheeks.

“You are not wearing any panties?”

“Not wearing a bra either.”

“How can I be sure?”

I slipped the sundress of my body and stood there naked in front of him.

“Where and how do you want it?” He asked, his gaze firmly riveted on my trimmed pubic hair.

Without answering I sat on the sofa like a slut, arms outstretched, with my legs apart.

Peter knelt on the floor between my thighs and took my C cup breasts in his hands, roughly squeezing them, making my nipples harden into little rose colored bumps. I arched my back and slid down the chair, locking my legs around his waist.

“I’m wet enough already.” I whispered, not really wanting him to eat me out and taste Greg’s semen.

He stood up, took off his clothes and stroked himself until he was fully erect.

“I promised you I would be ready to go again this afternoon.”

“Ummm, just don’t cum too quickly.” I warned him as he guided his cock between my thighs. He rubbed the tip up and down the length of my slit, his precum mixing with my wetness.

“Oh that feels good, push it hard against my clit.” I breathed grinding my hips against him. Peter leant forward and sucked deeply on my left nipple before lightly biting on it.

“I can’t wait anymore. Fuck me.”

He pushed about two inches of his cock into me and pulled it almost back out again.

“Don’t tease.” I warned and tried to slide off the couch to get more of him inside of me.

“I’m in charge; I’ll do what I want, when I want.”

This control game always drove me crazy, going in deeper each time and then slowly sliding in and out. I saw him smile; he knew exactly what it was doing to me. I started an orgasm that built in intensity with every one of his light teases.

“I can’t hold off much longer.” I wrapped my arms around him, pressing my breasts hard against his chest and gently bit him on the neck.

“Fuck me harder, pleeeaasse. Pound that hard cock into me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee.”

Finally he gave into my wishes and his rhythm changed to where he would almost pull out, and then bury himself all the way inside of me. Time after time his groin slammed into my clit.

“That’s it, that’s it, oh God, I can’t hold back any longer, it’s too intense - aaaaaaahhhhhh.”

His pace picked up even further. He tossed my body around like a rag doll as I shouted out in pleasure, before groaning loudly and I felt the tickle of his hot sperm shoot into me. His movements slowed before he slumped on top of me.

“That was intense.” I sighed. “Grab some rest, but don’t bother to get dressed. The day isn’t over yet lover.”

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