Extra credit to Blake

Blake was a normal 18 year old boy in the middle of his sophmore year in high school. Blake was never much of a student and always got bad grades. His parents told him if he got one more bad mark on his report card that they would make him go to boarding school. So Blake triend his best to keep his grades up the whole semister. He was able to get all of his grades up except for one. Mr. Meek Ryan's Gym teacher was always very hard on his students and made them work for their grades.

There was only one week of school left and Blake needed to get his Gym grade up. So one day after Gym class Blake stopped Mr. Meek in the locker room and asked to talk to him. Mr Meek told him to come back after school. So once the final bell rang Blake headed over to the locker room to see his teacher.

Once Blake got there he saw Mr. Meek sitting on a bench waiting for him. Blake asked him if there was anything he could do for some extra credit. Mr. Meek said that he noticed that Blake's grade was low and said there was one thing he could to to pass. He said if he had sex with him in the showers then he would pass him. Ryan was surprised my his teacher's response. He diddnt want to get sent away so he agreed.

They walked over to the showers and Blake stripped down to his underwear. Mr. Meek took off his shirt and told Blake to start by sucking his dick. So Blake got on his knees and unziped his teacher's pants. Then Blake pulled down his underwear and started sucking. Mr. Meek grabbed Blake's head and started thrusting into his mouth.

Then Mr. Meek stopped Blake and said " Ok, now it's my turn." Mr. Meek started rubbing Blake's package through his underwear. Once Blake was hard Mr. Meek pulled down Blake's underwear and started sucking. After a couple minuites Blake came into his teacher's mouth and he swallowed like a champ.

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