An Education In Cuckoldry

"Ralph, I'm glad you could arrange to meet me here
this evening. I know the lateness of the hour may be
inconvenient, but I think I have something that will help
us both."

"Dr. Roland, I was rather surprised at your call for
this meeting, and especially for you wanting it to be
confidential, a-and not for me to tell anyone, especially
my wife about it."

"The reason I did so Ralph is because I've recently
learned you've been concerned about your wife's activities
since she joined this special adult education project eight
months ago. Am I right?"

"H-How did you know?"

"I'll tell you all in good time. Lets just say, I
just happened to have found out that you've been curious
about her change in dress fashions - you know more
revealing attire and shorter skirts, change in hair style,
and most importantly, her, shall we say her changed
attitude about sex as well as your detection of her vagina
seeming enlarged."

"H-How in the w-world... Dr. Roland d-did you f-find
out all..."

"Ralph, I'll answer your questions in due time.
However, let me go back to the reason for asking you over.
First of all, you know the students we have for this
program are all adult minority male students - all are
black. They are the hard core unemployed and the aim of
this pilot program is an approach of finding new ways to
address the educational needs of this group. This project
is near and dear to me. I don't want it clouded by
scandal, especially where one of my white teachers is
sexually involved with the students."

"Y-You mean Regina is..."

"Yes, I have proof that your wife is sexually involved
with several of our students and I'm worried about her
being able to continue performing professionally. However,
my hope is that I could obtain her removal indirectly,
discreetly and without me having to do so. That's where
you come in."


"Yes you. Now I can answer all your questions, but I
tell you what, lets run a few minutes of this secret video
I secretly shot first and then I can tell you my plan."
Dr. Roland took a video from his desk drawer and
slipped it into the TV VCR combo near his desk. Moments
later the scene of a conference room appeared on the
screen. Moments later there was the noise of a group of
black men walking in the room.

From their conversation it was apparent they were
waiting on someone. The more the four men talked the more
apparent it was a woman they were waiting on. A few words
later, to Ralph's chagrin, he learned that the `bitch'
`hoe' and `slut' they'd been referring to was Regina, his

It couldn't be overlooked that the men kept handling
the bulges in their pants. They were rather sizeable too.
Just then on the video, his wife walked in the room.
She greeted them gleefully as she locked the door after

"Hi darlings." He heard her say as she held out her
arms for the nearest tall black male, who also extended his
arms and they soon embraced in a tight passionate embrace.
Their lips locked and his big black hands roamed all over
her shapely rear. Soon the other three black students
gathered around and groped his wife's ass as she still was
in the arms of the black man. They broke their embrace and
she was quickly in the arms of another student. Except
this time it was very visible that she was reaching over to
grope the very visible outline of an erection in the pants
of one of the students standing adjacent to her.

As the video continued, Ralph was shocked speechless.
After their greeting sessions, he couldn't believe the
group was removing his wife's and their clothes. In no
time, his wife was down to just her open bra, open crotch,
and stockings.

He was not only stunned by their undressing and the
conversation being carried on, he was heard his wife
discussing some of the things that Dr. Roland had mentioned
to him earlier. As the men were shedding their clothes, it
hurt Ralph to hear them chuckle at his wife tell them how
he - her husband - had commented to her on how stretched
and looser her cunt seemed to be. They laughed even louder
when she told them what her reply was. "Ralph, it's all in
your mind." The group also roared with laughter when his
wife made a comparison of their big stalwart cocks to her
husband's smaller "bird prick". He was hurt by the banter
of his wife and the group, but couldn't help but be
impressed by the size of the genitals his wife was eagerly
fondling and caressing on the video.

"Seen enough Ralph?" Spoke Dr., Roland as he stopped
the video at the moment after the first black man
penetrated his wife's apparently well lubricated pussy.
Ralph simple nodded his head. He was still

Dr. Roland went on to explain why he wanted Ralph to
have the video.

"So you see Ralph, I want you to have this so that you
can use it for whatever reason you deemed necessary, maybe
even for grounds for a divorce. It certainly seems proof
enough of your lovely wife's adultery - with several men to
boot too. However, it could also be used to rein her in
and make her more captive to you."

"More captive?"

"Of course. By holding this over her head, she'd be
yours, and so much under your control." He said with a
slick, unprofessional, grin on his face. After a brief
moment of thought, he liked what he was saying, even though
he was still upset at discovering his wife's infidelity.
"However, there is one small matter that I must insist

Ralph asked him for clarification.

"You see I don't wish to have my name come up in this
whole matter, that's why I said I'd like for you to use
this tape to influence your wife to quit the project."
"I understand." Ralph replied.

"However, to be sure you don't feel obliged to bring
my name up in regard to this matter, I've come up with what
I feel is a fool proof way to ensure your confidence on
this matter. However, I'm not sure how you're going to
agree with it."

What Dr. Roland told the dismayed husband, who'd just
discovered he was a cuckold, what he had in mind, Ralph
almost fell out of his chair.

"W-What! S-Suck you off!" Ralph stammered in shock.

"Yes. That way every time you feel inclined to reveal
your source of this videotape, you'll remember the price
you had to pay and be less inclined to do so.

Incidentally, I have two more tapes like this. I've
been secretly taping your wife and the students over the
last two months. That's how I knew so much about your
suspicions. She told the students all about you."

"B-But surely Dr. Roland, there must be a more
reasonable way for you and..."

"There may be, but this is my way. It's a take or
leave it situation. Either you suck my dick for this tape
or I make sure it gets into more public channels. Imagine
the field day others will have with such graphic and
irrefutable proof of your wife's infidelity, not to mention
her explicit discussion of your, shall we say,

His words were like nails being driven in Ralph's
hands. He could imagine the pain of a public disclosure.
His wife would not only be ruined, but there was also a
good chance he too could lose his job. If they stayed
married, they'd both be required to move out of state and
have to find new jobs. The prospects of not going along
with Dr. Roland's extortion was not a pleasant thought, but
neither was being a cocksucker for him either.

"B-But Dr. Roland. Surely you r-realize this is-is
something I-I just don't do everyday. I-I don't know h-how

"How to suck cock?" He interjected cutting off
Ralph's stammering and slowness to reply. "Don't worry,
I'll guide you through it. You'll get the hang of my dick
in your mouth in no time. And don't worry, you won't
choke. I'll tell you when I'm coming."

Ralph felt a pang in his gut at the very thought of
having to accept this man's slimy ejaculate in his mouth.
The whole idea seemed so repulsive to him.

Dr. Roland apparently sensed what the troubled husband
was thinking. Dr. Roland then went on to paint a picture of
all the couple would have to go through if there was a
public disclosure of his wife's activities. He really
drove home the point of her losing her teaching license and
the real possibility of her leaving him.

"To some extent Ralph, her public exposure would
probably drive her to become more of a blackman's slut.
Which means you'd probably lose her forever. Apparently,
she knows you love her very much. That's why she loves you.
She's said so on the tapes. In fact she's told her black
lovers that several times on the tapes. So you see, by you
causing me to surface these tapes in a more public manner,
you're the one who is actually failing her and not keeping
your marriage intact. Is that what you want?"

Ralph looked him with glaring eyes. He was angry.

"And don't get any idea of trying to grab that tape
from the VCR and running out the door. You're no match for
me. Besides I have two other's that are just as

That statement cooled any thoughts Ralph may have had
about trying to be brave and aggressive, which was out of
character for him anyway. It didn't take much to cower

"P-Please Dr. Roland. I-I can't..."

"Sure you can." He replied cutting the terrified
husband off again. "Just think of it as an opportunity to
save your marriage and get your wife under your control.
The woman you love. You both were virgins when you got
married. Right? Yes, your wife's told her black studs a
lot of little family secrets. Just imagine the three tapes
being aired on one of those X-rated cable channels. You
and her both would become famous, even if in a notorious

Ralph looked at him. He knew Dr. Roland knew he was
scared stiff of the very thought of what he was saying.
"What's a little strange taste in your mouth and a
little private humiliation compared to the worse public
humiliation this will bring on to you and your mother and
father, your church. Need I go on? And to think you could
prevent it all by just doing this one little thing. It's
time for you to be a man and be courageous."

Dr. Roland started walking over to where Ralph sat in
a wooden straight back chair. Dr. Roland was a tall man,
over six-two. He began unbuckling his belt as he walked
the short distance of six feet or so.

Ralph was more than terrified. He was glued to his
seat with anxiety and fright. He was frozen in place, too
scared to move. It seemed so quick, but yet as it was
happening, it seemed like in slow motion.

When Dr. Roland arrived directly in front of the
horrified cowed husband, his pants were on the floor around
his ankles, and in front of Ralph's face was a very large
ebony penis, which its owner grasped like a club and swung
in front of Ralph's bewildered face.

"It's time to protect and defend your marriage Ralph.
It's the right thing to do." The whole scene was surreal.
Dr. Roland's words, while out of synch with normal logic,
did make some sense to the bewildered beleaguered husband.

Dr. Roland reached over and guided Ralph's hand to his
large, but still soft black member. Ralph seemed to have
no strength left to resist the dictates of the tall black
man. Capitulating, he simply did as he was told. Dr.
Roland complimented Ralph on the softness of his hands as
he told him how to handle his impressive black manhood.

The effect on Dr. Roland's penis appeared almost
instantly. Soon Ralph noticed the flaccid penis slowly,
but surely, lengthening and extending and filling out.

He was ashamed and horrified but yet titillated at
what was happening, inches in front of his face and because
of his actions. He knew he wasn't gay, but he also
discovered it wasn't that unpleasant to fondle and feel
this blackman's big cock either.


As Ralph drove home, he mentally replayed his
initiation into becoming a cocksucker for his wife's boss,
Dr. Rick Roland.

He couldn't put out of his mind his first lap of the
swollen giant bloated velvet smooth cockhead. He couldn't
forget the heat of the man's black meat and the smooth
rigidity of the long black shaft as it slid back and forth
in his white mouth. He was hard pressed not to forget the
force of the hot gooey semen spewing and spurting over his
tongue and flooding the interior of his mouth. Especially
how the black man's viscous cum coated and clung to his

Ralph was frightened at how easy it was to suck the
black man and how easy for him to receive and swallow the
man's slimy hot discharge in his mouth. The taste wasn't
that objectionable and even with Dr. Roland's insistence
that he not do anything to wash the after taste from his
mouth for a while, Ralph found it not at all unpleasant.

Ralph knew he wasn't gay, but there was something
elusive about the taste of the hot load of jism in his

About three miles from home, Ralph stopped and bought
a soda to finally wash the after taste from his mouth.
He'd have two more opportunities to try and describe the
elusive taste he's been trying to assign to his first taste
of sperm. That's because Dr. Roland let Ralph know that he
would have to come back next week for the second tape and
the week after that for the third. At each visit for the
videos Dr. Roland expected the extorted husband to suck his
black cock. Ralph could only resign himself to what was
being imposed on him.

As he neared his front door, he put the video in his
coat pocket until he could safely hide it in his workshop.
Dr. Roland advised not revealing any of them to his wife
until he had all three.

Ralph didn't like it, but at the same time he also
needed time to think on how he was going to reveal to his
wife that he knew about her gross and brazen infidelity.

"Hi Honey! I got your call. It's horrible you had to
work late tonight."

"Hi dear. How was your day?" He asked making sure he
sounded normal and in no way suspicious, in view of all I'd
seen and done earlier.

In response she went into a detailed discussion about
her success and failures in teaching various topics to her
students. He occasionally got a few things in about his
day as they ate dinner.

Ralph later managed to hide the videotape in his
workshop. The tape he'd paid dearly for by sucking a big
black cock.

All through the evening, he was tempted to allude in
some way to the real going ons with the special project his
wife was working on, but true to his promise to Dr. Roland,
he didn't.


In the following days after obtaining and viewing the
first video, Ralph became more aware of the pattern of his
wife putting him off more and more when it came to sex.
That is, she wasn't up to intercourse, which was normally
only once a week for them anyway. Her tension headaches
were numerous and her attitude toward her husband was that
she was providing him mercy sex, when she did provide him
sexual relief, even though she didn't used those exact
words. Instead, she desired mostly oral sex. They did
some 69 now and then, but much more of where she insisted
he eat her first and then she'd suck or jerk him off. He
noticed, as of late it had been more of the latter. That
is where she'd start licking his prick and then end up
stroking him to completion.

Ralph, after becoming aware that other more robust
cocks were nestling in his wife's snatch had a far
different reaction when sucking her now than prior to
finding out she was a slut for her black adult students.
He'd noticed for sometime that she was juicer than normal
and her gash did appear to be more gapping, but he didn't
concern himself with that until recently.

It was odd, but he didn't find himself hating her as
much as he thought he would. He was more afraid she'd
leave him. The scenario Dr. Roland discussed worried him
far more than the fact he was licking pussy that black men
were fucking regularly.


The second installment payment to Dr. Roland went
rather smoothly, that is if you can call blackmail payments
a normal occurrence, especially if the payments are in the
form of blowjobs.

The only difference this time was that he wanted
something extra.

"B-But Dr. Roland I-I don't see where..."

"Ralph, what the difference if you lick my balls a
while. Okay, instead of a minute, go for 30 seconds.
After all, you're licking my dick. If you're doing that,
why worry about lapping my hot balls? They're all in the
same place."

Ralph was sure he could get Dr. Roland to bend on such
a trivial mater. The Doctor wouldn't bulge. He was also
intimidating as he stood over Ralph who was already on his
knees looking up at the tall well built black man.

"C'mon Ralph, let's get this over with and stop
haggling over trifles. You need these tapes and I got
them. Either I use `em to do what I gotta do or you use
them to handle this in your own way. If I use them, you and
your wife get shamed. You can use them more discreetly and
get her to quit the program or to quit fucking my students.
You make the choice. Now lick my balls and my suck dick or
get out. I don't know why I'm fooling around with you. I
should've use these tapes to fuck your wife."

Ralph got busy after hearing the implied threats. He
at first gingerly began to lick Dr. Roland's big hairy
balls but increased the level of his efforts after the good
doctor grabbed the back of his head and prompted him to
increase the activity of his tonguing action.

A few moments later, Ralph was back in familiar
territory. He had Dr. Roland's big black tool nestled
firmly in his throat as he moved his head back and forth on
the rigid ebony shaft of dick meat. As before, he was
holding and kneading those large silky sac of balls as he
mouthed the black man's impressive tool.

After close to 10 minutes of mouthing the large
heated dick, Ralph was alerted to the impending ejaculation
brewing in Dr. Roland's balls. The moan emanating from
him, just as last time, meant that show time was near. A
time when Ralph the dutiful husband was doing what he could
to save his wife and himself from overt embarrassment.

A split second later, Dr. Roland's cock pulsed and the
first powerful spurt filled the white husband's mouth. He
knew to start swallowing, for the second and others soon
followed quickly. Ralph's timing was perfect this time.
He swallowed and gulped in perfect unison to each volley of
hot sticky gluey blast of the man's abundant jism.

As before a week ago, on the way home, Ralph still was
trying to describe the after taste of cum from Dr. Roland's
big dick.

This time, Dr. Roland also insisted on being milked
for what seemed like forever, even if it as only five

A week later Ralph went through the same ordeal, but
was far more comfortable with his cock sucking duties. He
wasn't sure why he thanked Dr. Roland for the last tape,
after all the man had degraded and humiliated him something

"Now Ralph, I hope you will remain true to your word
and not involve my name in this. After all, I did this to
ensure it wouldn't come up. And I hope me putting you
through this unorthodox little exercise reminds you of your
commitment to me." Ralph mentally recalled the words as he
drove away.


"Ralph! Where did you get this a-awful video? His
wife cried out.

"It doesn't matter Regina. The important thing is
that I have them and nobody else. It took me a bit of
doing, and hard work to get them. But now that I, rather
we, have them, it's time for us to talk about you getting
off the special project and being more of the wife I use to
have before all this came about. I forgive you Regina
darling and we can destroy these tapes here and now."

"All nice and neat huh, Ralph. I'm afraid not honey.
You see Ralph, once you go black, it's true, I don't know
if I can go back to what you have to offer me in the bed.
I love you as a husband, but us staying together depends on
you accepting me still getting all the black dicks I want
on the side."

"R-Regina, I-I know you're upset about me springing
this on you all at once. So l-lets just take time to talk
this over and let things sink in."

"Well, let me show you a video and you let this sink
in honey. Then we'll talk some more."

Ralph saw his wife take a video out of her school
brief case and replace the one he had of her and the black
adult job core students.

"DING DONG!" The doorbell rang.

"Perfect timing. You go ahead dear, I'm expecting

Ralph was surprised at his wife's reactions. He
pondered who could it be. They rarely had visitors after
work except for pizza delivery.

Ralph's curiosity quickly switched back to the new
video as he clicked the remote. A moment later after the
initial blank lead on the tape, he immediately recognized
the furnishings in the scene on the video. Then people
came into view. His mouth dropped wide open and he was
speechless as the action unfolded before him.

"You're fairly photogenic Ralph, don't you think?"

"Ralph snapped his head around to see the smiling face
of Dr. Roland with he and his wife arm in arm. Both
grinning broadly as they watched the drained expression on
Ralph's flushed face.

Ralph felt dizzy. He hadn't eaten lunch and was
almost on the verge of an anxiety attack as he anticipated
revealing his tapes to his wife. Now with this extra shock
and an empty stomach, he fainted on the sofa.

"Ralph! Ralph! Ralph honey, you hear me!" He could
hear his wife's voice off in the distance. Then it came
closer and closer.

"He's coming around. See, his eyes are opening now."
Ralph heard Dr. Roland's heavy bass voice speak.

Later as the three sat around the kitchen table, Ralph
was told all about the plot to entrap him so that he
wouldn't interfere with his wife's plans to keep getting
sex on the side from not only her students, but primarily
from Dr. Rick Roland, her boss.

"You had us scared there for a minute Ralph. I'd
asked Regina if you had any heart problems. I'm glad you
told us you hadn't eaten and you were just wound too tight
also, hence your fainting at being caught on tape the same
way your lovely wife had. The big difference of course was
that she was acting and you weren't." Dr. Roland spoke as
the three ate the large pizzas that he'd brought along.

"S-So y-you two are involved a-and the students too?"
Stammered Ralph, still not feeling all that great
emotionally, after discovering what a fool he'd been made

"Yes darling. Let's just say, it's way to keep their
minds on their studies." His wife replied with a broad
smile on her face.

In the surreal atmosphere, Ralph asked probing
questions as he ate and got his strength back. His wife
and her co-conspirator, Dr. Rick Roland let her husband
know that the tape of him Fellating Dr. Roland was far more
damaging than that of his wife should he use it to get back
at her or seek a divorce.

"You see honey, I can always claim that I was a lonely
unsatisfied wife who was not getting what her husband
failed to provide. And with this tape of you on your
knees, not once, but three times, notice the times and
dates in the different scenes. What jury wouldn't
understand your preference and blame me for stepping out?"
Sitting silent and not knowing what to say or do, he
heard how the camera angle was carefully selected to show
the time and date and him in all his glory, but not Dr.
Roland's face.

"We didn't record voices on the video as not to have
Rick's voice on the tape." His wife stated with a smug

Her husband was still in a daze as he tried to absorb
all that'd happened and been perpetrated on him.


Ralph took a long look at his sleeping wife before he
left the bedroom and went in the kitchen to make coffee.
His thoughts were on the events of last night. He was glad
it was Saturday morning and neither of them had to go to

As he sipped hot coffee, he had to be realistic. He
knew that his marriage was not going to be the same, as
before the current turn of events.

Moments later, he could hear the shower. He was
surprised that his wife didn't sleep in longer, especially
in view of the sexual work out that Rick Roland had put her
through with Ralph being forced to watch.

Ralph was lost in thought as things turned over and
over in his mind. He almost didn't hear his wife's

"Morning darling. I hope you slept as well as I did."

"M-Morning Regina." Ralph stammered as his wife's
greeting broke his chain of thought.

"Y-You know I-I did t-that for him because I love
you?" Ralph said to his wife as she sat down with her cup
of Java.

"I know you did darling. It made me feel so good to
know that you'd suck cock to protect my name. But seeing
you do him on the video, and especially the way you milked
him after he pulled out of me last night, meant a lot to
me. Have you ever sucked dick before our little trickery?"

"Of course not!" Her husband replied in an indignant

"There's no reason to sound like that honey. The past
really doesn't matter now anyway does it? The future is
what we have to work on."

"Regina, d-do you still love me, o-or is it Dr.
Roland?" Ralph spoke sheepishly after getting up enough

"Of course I love you honey." His wife said as she
bent over and pecked him on the forehead. "Rick Roland is
sort of a fantasy come true for me. You know, every girl's
`real man' fantasy. Honey, I have to confess. It was
because of me that Rick came up with the scheme to entrap
you darling."


"Yes. You see I told him that you were getting more
and more suspicious of the changes with me, not to mention
my cunt being a bit more stretched." She stopped to
chuckle as she looked at her husband who was not amused.
"Well anyway, I told Rick that while I adored being
with him and the sexual excitement he'd brought into my
life, I knew my real love was you Ralph. Remember Rick
saying last night what a lucky man you were to have had him
go through so much trouble for? He was really referring to
all the work in setting you up and planning all the video
work with me and the students, as well as your being on

"Y-You saying you loved me really means a lot to me
Regina. B-But the role you and he want for me, is, uh...
is so humiliating. H-How can I-I just turn my back to the
fact that y-you're going t-to be nothing m-more than his
concubine a-and worse... a-a sex toy for the adult
education students."

"Honey, don't look on as it humiliation. You've got
the wrong attitude. Look upon it as doing your part to
improve race relations."

"What! Y-You can't be serious?" Ralph raised up his
back in the chair.

"Well that's what's really going on. But the bottom
line dear is that I don't want to lose you. I love you and
I want you to stay with me on this. After all, maybe I
wouldn't be lusting after Rick or the big dicks of my
students if you had more of what they had." His wife
replied in a more serious tone after being rebuffed by her
husband on her `race relations' concept.

She could tell she hit her husband of five years below
the belt.

"I'm sorry honey. That's cruel of me and really not
fair. But you do understand that for the first time I'm
getting sex I'd never dreamed was possible for me before."
"I-I know. T-This is all so much for me to take in,
b-but I-I do see your point. A-And I guess I should be
glad y-you still want me around, even if only I can
p-please you b-by lick-licking you."

"And I need that darling. I need you doing that for
me very much. Sure their big black dicks are two and three
times bigger than yours, but when you love me with your
tongue, we're making love. It's special because I know
you're doing it because you love me. With Rick and the
guys, it's more lust between us. I'm just a piece of white
ass to them."

Her husband felt much better at her revelation, but as
the couple talked about how they'd make their marriage work
in the future, it became very clear to Ralph, his role
would not only be that of the lesser man, but a much lesser

"Not every time?"

"Yes honey, every time. You know Rick made you
promise last night to do it all the time. Plus, it'll let
me know you still love and respect me throughout all this.
Besides, you didn't seem to have a problem eating Rick's
hot cum straight from his dick, what's the matter with
sucking it from my pussy? After all, it comes from the
same place, and you've sucked my cunt many, many times
before. Plus, I am your wife."

"O-Okay, if y-you want me to, I-I guess I'll do it.
The only reason I-I did it last night after he did you was
because he kept threatening me with that damn tape. Do you
t-think he'd really use it a-against me?"

"Yes Ralph he would. So don't be foolish and try to
avoid doing what he or I want you to do."

"You seem to have a lot of influence with him. You
would try and stop him if I put my foot down on him
basically taking over our marriage. You know I have to

"Honey, first of all you don't have to try. Forget
the manly pride thing. You're too weak to make it happen.
You know that. Anyway, I won't support you. I have
feelings for and need Rick. I love and need you. But if
you want out, tell me and I'll leave. We can get a divorce
and I'll see if Rick will give you the tape. Who knows, he
might. Then again, he might not. He might send it into
your company. Hence, you might leave me and be ruined
professionally too. But if you still want to be in my life,
you can expect the tape of you to be used as a threat if
you don't cooperate. Understood?"

His wife's word's hit him like a bolt of lighting.
This was the first direct indication that he could
completely lose his wife to her black lover. He knew he
had not a single chance or any hopes of keeping her other
than to do as they desired of him.

"Understood honey? I must have your answer that you
know your place. Otherwise, there is no need for us to go
on together." His wife asked a second time.

"I-I understand m-my p-place, Regina. P-Please don't
leave me." Her husband said in a broken voice as he
looked down in his empty cup.

"That's better darling. It's all going to work out.
It'll be good for both of us." Regina said as she mentally
gloated. She put her arm around him, kissed him on the
cheek and praised him for doing the right thing. He didn't
notice the smile of triumph on her face, which signaled the
thrill she got from forcing her will against his.


"You're going out tonight?" Ralph asked as his wife
appeared dressed in a thigh high mini and heels. She
looked so vivacious and tantalizing.

Accustomed to them spending a quiet Saturday night in
front of the TV, he was somewhat shocked at her plans,
which he hadn't found out about until that moment.

"Rick's going to take me out for dinner, dancing and a
little bar hopping."

"O-Oh, I-I see. C-Can I-I go along?"

"No darling, it's better you stay home. By the way,
here is a list of things I just didn't feel like doing
today. Be a sweetie and work on them while I'm out."

Ralph, surprised at the sudden attitude change in his
wife, looked at the chore list. Knowing that a better man
was taking over his wife and had won her over as a
co-conspirator in his subjugation, he felt too ashamed to
reply. He accepted the list in silence.

That Saturday night was the beginning of a pattern of
behavior that would become common place in the lives of
Regina and Ralph. Oftentimes, Regina would leave on Friday
nights and wouldn't show up home until Sunday afternoon.
However, she required her husband to always be at home when
she called to check on him.

Ralph was getting an increased share of pussy from his
wife. The only problem was that Rick Roland or one of his
students had always been in, and come in his wife first
when it was presented to him. Always, Ralph was required
to lick his wife's juicy gooey semen coated pussy whenever
she came in from being sexed.

When she let him, he was allowed to insert his much
smaller prick in her after his tongue douche. She didn't
always permit him that privilege. Sometimes she didn't
feel up to letting him enter her. Other times, Dr. Roland
would call Ralph and let him know that his wife needed a
rest and that he, her own husband was not to pester her by
asking for some, since he, Dr. Roland wanted her rested and
fresh so she could open her legs for himself or the
students, mostly the latter, who'd done very well on a test
or pop quiz.

Ralph knew he had no choice except to accept such
abject degradation if he wanted to keep his lovely wife
whom he adored deeply, even if she was now a slut to
blackmen and their humongous cocks.
He'd heard stories of white wives leaving their mates
once they'd sampled black cocks, but he never thought it'd
happen to him.

Ralph struggled with the fact that he didn't lose any
love for his wife and even found himself becoming
sympathetic to her being happy that she could keep him and
her black studs. Even though he was seeing a side of his
wife that was foreign to him until now, he'd comes to
realize that she wanted him around so that she could
dominate and cuckold him.

He suspects that his beautiful wife can only find a
kind of pity for him after being around such confident and
well endowed men as Rick Roland and the group of well hung
black adult students.

He can see that his wife does have genuine concern and
cares for him, but how she expresses or shows it is all on
her terms. Terms, Ralph senses, that she expects him to
accept and abide by, which he does.

In certain ways he feels deserving of her treatment,
due to him not being able to deliver her the sex that Rick
Roland and the others are giving her routinely. In a way,
he sees that she needs and deserves this. In other ways he
feels pangs of defeat and total helplessness.


As they sat across from each other enjoying after
dinner coffee, Ralph noticed how radiant and pleasant his
lovely wife looked this evening.

He assumed it was because she basically had everything
going her way. She had her `real men' and him. She could
enjoy them in the normal way, and him, her husband, in a
way that addressed her latent dominant or perverted nature.
Even if perverted, it kept him in her life and that had
some value to him, just to be with her, even if in a lesser
role than he'd ever envisioned previously in his wildest

He knew it was odd, but it pleased him that things
were in balance for her even if it was out of kilter for
him. It had been seven months since Dr. Roland had
basically taken over their marriage and claimed his wife as
his woman and slut. But so far, while things were out of
whack in one way, they were in balance in another. That
is, Ralph had gotten fairly use to being not counted as a
man when Rick Roland, or the grown students he sent around
for Regina to service, were in their house.

It took a while, but Ralph soon resigned himself that
it was hopeless to mope all the time because he was no
match either physically or sexually or able to compete with
the parade of black men that came to enjoy his wife

He soon took comfort in his wife's words that sucking
her cunt after it was fucked and filled with other men's
cum was his exclusive domain. He knew it was her desire to
focus his sexual talents on his pussy sucking ability, with
masturbation basically what he could look forward to with
any sort of certainty for sexual relief. This became
normal routine sex for the couple.


"Ralph honey, I guess it's time we start thinking
about seriously decorating that third bedroom."

"Why?" He replied to his wife with a puzzled look on
his face.

"Well darling, our family is going to increase in a
few months, thank to Rick."

"Now look Regina, Rick is not going to move any of his
students in here. It's bad enough to have them coming over
to see you for... uh, well you know, anyway, having one of
them move in is out of the question. He's really pushing
things ..."

"Ralph! No students are coming to stay. That's not
what I mean. I mean you're going to be a daddy, thanks to

"W-W-What! Y-You m-mean you're ..." Her husband was
having the hardest time uttering the word that didn't seem
to want to seem to come from his lips.

"Yes darling, I'm pregnant. I'm going to be a mommy,
and you a daddy. Isn't that wonderful?"

Ralph sat speechless with a bewildered expression on
his face as he heard his wife tell how Dr. Roland told her
he wanted them to raise his child. How she stop taking her
birth control pills. Ralph's wife went into great details
on how she made sure all the black adult students used
condoms, when she gave them their weekly prize for having
good grades.

"And of course darling, there was no problem with you
and I, since you've just been my pussy eater doing the time
I was being inseminated." She said in a matter-of-fact
manner in her explanation. Her husband, still dumbfounded,
only got more flushed in the face at her last words.

"I can tell you're upset dear, but I want his baby,
and if you truly love me, as you say, you will accept it as
your child too, because the baby will be a part of me too."

"I-I just don't k-know what to say. I-I mean sexing
you was one thing, b-but y-you having his b-baby is
another. Y-You do l-love him, d-don't you?"

"Maybe in a way I do, but it's different between he
and I, versus you and I. He did ask me if I would let him
knock me up to prove I really cared for him. He knows I
truly love you sweetheart. He was trying to determine my
true feelings for him."

"I-I see. T-Then I-I guess it-it's over for us since
you didn't consult with me first." Ralph said in a
dejected tone.

"Of course not honey. This shouldn't change a thing
between us. You see, it was his idea to surprise you with
the news. He said, this would be an acid test of whether
you really loved me. He said if a man truly has an
unselfish love for his woman, he won't mind her having a
baby by her lover, especially one who can give her what he
can't in the bed. I guess I was persuaded by his argument
and went along with the plan. Well, honey do you think you
really love me or is it shallow and not true love."

Ralph looked even more flustered as he let his wife's
words soak in.

"Regina, I-I guess I-I see his viewpoint, b-but having
his baby is-is s-so significant. Before this, I-I thought
that things were settling down and that m-maybe things
would go back to normal after y-you got your fill of Rick
a-and the students. B-But now, I-I guess that's not to

"No darling, you're right. That's definitely not to
be. Black dicks are here to stay in my life... or is it
going to be our lives?"

Ralph paused and pondered at his wife's leading
statement, as she waited for his reply.

After a long pause, her husband meekly and softly said
"O-Our lives dear."

Chapter 10: A YEAR LATER

As Ralph walked in the door carrying "their" four
month old son, named Roland, he made a mental note to check
out the sale on disposable diapers, he'd heard about on the
car radio as he drove home from the day care. Since he got
off from work earlier than Regina, it was his duty to pick
up the baby on the way home.

Ralph repeatedly praised his decision to agree with
his wife and Rick Roland selling their old home and buying
a new one in a different area of the county.

The new subdivision was also more racially diverse so
Ralph wasn't as embarrassed now as he would've been in the
previous neighborhood being seen as the father of a mixed
baby. Even though his new neighbors and the public still
gave he and his wife a second look when they were out with
their new black son.

Ralph had gotten pretty much accustomed to the daily
routine of spending more time with Roland than his wife,
since Roland's biological father, Dr. Rick Roland usually
kept her late for business and personal duties.

Ralph had become more attached to his new son, more
than he'd planned, because of his long tours of babysitting
while his wife spent so much time with Dr. Roland and the
Special Education Project.


"Honey, Rick was so excited that he got this class of
student's scores at the highest level yet. He thinks he's
really hit on a way to get them to do their best on the
state comprehensive exam they have to pass at the end of
the program."

Her husband, always enjoying talking with his wife, was
only lukewarm to hearing yet more praise about her lover.
"Good for him." Ralph said in a lackluster fashion.

"And well, it's good for us too darling." His wife
said in a soft coy voice.

"Why?" Ralph replied in a quizzical tone.

"Well honey, you know you and I have talked about
getting our family started, since I've proven my love to
Rick and had his baby."

"Regina darling, I'm so glad we can get on with our
lives. When are you going off your birth control so we can
get started? I can't wait to have you more like a husband

"Honey, I know this is going to come as a shock to
you. And I... I want you to know I truly love you as my
soul mate and marriage partner and helpmate."

"Yes Regina dear, what is it you're trying to say."

"Well Ralph, I've been off the pill for two months,
and I'm already expecting our second child."

Ralph, started to stand up, but slumped back in his
chair, looking flushed and flustered. Bewilderment showed
clearly on his face.

Regina went on to explain how Dr. Roland was able to
get the students to do so well on the state comprehensive
exam. Her poor husband's eyes open their widest as he sat
speechless at what was being revealed to him.

"So by offering me to them unprotected, and with the
opportunity of the highest ranking student, or students in
the case of a tie, having the opportunity to knock me up,
he really got those score up there in the stratosphere."

Ralph, still speechless and horrified at how calmly
his radiant wife was informing him, sat frozen. He could
only listen and try to process what was happening to him.
He heard it but couldn't believe it.

"We had three students tie for the highest score, so I
won't know who the father is until the baby is born. But
Ralph darling, it'll be our bundle of joy and love."
Regina stated in a cooing and sensuous voice.

Ralph, not at all happy about another baby that wasn't
his, not to mention another black baby that would further
embarrass him. However, he knew the score. He knew Dr.
Roland would for sure hold the incriminating video over his
head and insist he be the devoted daddy of another bastard
his wife would have.

Ralph was still very much in love with his wife, even
though he was being cuckolded in the worst way. He
couldn't get her out of his system, even if she seemed to
be a willing participant in his subjugation to her and the
controlling Dr. Roland.

He hated Rick Roland, but yet admired the man for his
good looks, confidence, and sexing prowess, yet hated him
for what he was doing to him and Regina.

Ralph, never really confrontational, felt trapped
between the woman he loved and the man she apparently had
very strong emotional feelings for. Enough so for her to
have his baby and those of others who he sent to her.
Ralph persevered as his wife began to swell with their
second child.

The baby was a girl and his wife quickly identified
which student who was the father. His wife seemed so
gleeful. Ralph, somber as he held "his" new tan skin baby
daughter, stood by his wife's hospital bed. Nearby,
Dr. Roland congratulated them both on their newest family
member. He hated the hospital staff seeing his white wife
and her black boss so chummy. That is, if you call long
passionate French kisses as being chummy.

As time went on, Ralph grew accustomed to his new
daughter just as he had to "his" first son, Roland.

On their daughter's first birthday, his wife announced
she was pregnant again. It was obvious she was looking for
a reaction from her enervated husband, who she knew now not
only understood his place but also had adapted rather well
to his domestic duties as the resident baby sitter and
nanny of the house. She was also pleased at his fatherly
rapport with the two children fathered by other men.

Ralph, since his schedule was more flexible, fed the
kids in the morning and got them ready for day care. It
was also his duty to pick them up. Many times he had to fix
dinner and put them to bed.

His wife Regina, whose work consumed her, at least
that's what she told her husband, came home late and left
early for work, thereby leaving her husband, Ralph with
doing a great part of the child raring responsibilities.
Additionally, her salary had long ago surpassed his, hence
she could also dominate her husband on the financial front
too, when he complained about sharing the work related to
child rearing responsibilities.

When "their" third child, a boy, was born, Ralph was
having his hands full since he was still doing most of the
work on the domestic front, while his wife's career was
growing by leaps and bounds. Regina was a supervisor with
several educators under her. Everyone on the project knew
she was the boss's woman.

Ralph went to a social function with Regina and one
would've thought that she and Dr. Roland were married as
much as they had their arms around each other and were
pecking each other on the mouth. His wife did peck her
husband on the cheek once and that was on the way to be
with Rick Roland. Ralph, a stranger to his wife's and Rick
Roland's professional co-workers, staff and friends, was
totally embarrassed and humiliated by the outright
disregard for him and the brazen actions of his wife and
her boss.

To add insult to injury, Regina and Rick Roland
disappeared to one of the bedrooms in the house where a
cocktail party was being held. When they returned it
didn't take much to figure out as to what they'd been
doing. Ralph knew the countenance on his wife's face to
know that she'd been freshly fucked.

"Well, I'm returning your wife." Rick Roland said to
Ralph with a wink as he and Regina walked back in the room
arm in arm. "She's made the evening quite enjoyable, quite
enjoyable indeed." Rick Roland added.

Ralph was seething under his breath, but knew it was
useless to say or do anything. His only course, suffer
silently and get on his wife about her sluttish behavior.
As they drove home Ralph started on her about how she
humiliated him in front of she and Rick Roland's co-
workers. His wife let him go on as she sat silent.
"Well, aren't you going to say something about your

"Are you through telling me how much you've suffered
under Rick, Ralph darling?"

"Please Regina, this is not a joke. Y-You and Rick
Roland h-have made m-me a joke in front of y-your coworkers

"Keep your eyes on the road honey, we don't need an
accident." His wife cut him off as Ralph's voice began to
crack with emotion as he complained of his subjugation.
"Now Ralph sweetie, Rick and I were a bit naughty
tonight. But it was all done for a reason. That reason
was to let professional enemies of Rick know that it was no
use in trying to blackmail him or me about our closeness.
With you there, they all could see you were not a factor in
his and my relationship, and hence they shouldn't consider
taking up your time with such shenanigans as complaining to
you about Rick and I. So you see dear, by us causing you a
bit of social discomfort, we prevented strangers from
bothering you with such things later."

Her husband was silent. He was processing the cunning
logic of his wife's explanation, as well as how she phrased
her wording.

"I-I see." He replied after a moment or so, in a soft
pathetic tone. This pleased his wife as she smiled to
herself in the dark interior of the car.

"But don't worry darling, you know you'll get your
turn in my pussy when we get home." Regina said in a sweet
sensuous tone.

Ralph knew what that meant. Even though he wanted to
be close and intimate with his lovely wife on his terms, it
was clear that her lover had priority. He had learned to
live with that. He had also become acclimated and resigned
to it. He hated the idea of not only being allowed sloppy
seconds, but also forced to eat up sloppy seconds before
putting his prick in her. It was a slap in the face. Yet
he had been slapped so many times this way, it was not an
issue anymore.

Ralph was silent the rest of the way home.

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