An Interesting Sleep Over

We had spent several weeks planning a trip to Las
Vegas, it was to be myself, 4 male friends and my buddy
and his wife. I chose to get my own room having no one
else accompanying me and as the other guys were long
time friends and usually shared rooms when they

2 days before the trip my buddy Dave, who was
organizing the trip told me there would be one more and
asked if I wanted to cut my room costs and go half with
his friend from work. I agreed and figured it would
free up more money for gambling.

We all got into Vegas at various times and Dave's buddy
Bobby was supposed to arrive sometime after 1 a.m., so
I left his name at the desk with permission to assign
him a key upon arrival.

Our first night was full of eating, gambling and a lot
of drinking. By midnight I was quite drunk and headed
back to my room. I immediately passed out in the large
comfortable bed to the sound of the air conditioning
humming away.

At some point during the night Bobby checked in and
came up to the room. I never heard him come into the
room, but as I lay on my side I recalled a warm,
gentle, caressing sensation on my back. It was just
enough to stir me, but not enough to actually wake me.
I was content to lay still and enjoy the sensation as
if it were just a dream. As moments passed the gentle
caresses moved lower down my back and I could sense
another's presence lying behind me. I was just so deep
in relaxation from the travel and alcohol that I didn't
want to move.

As I continued to lay still I felt the warmth of a hand
slide under the top of my boxers and descend down
across my bottom. I slowly began to awaken further, but
had not yet put the pieces together as to what was
occurring. As the warm, smooth hand cupped and caressed
my buttocks I allowed myself to relax further. Within
moments I could hear someone's breathing deepening
behind me and feel warm, moist breath upon my back.

While I savored the gentle, warmth of the exhaled
breath upon my shoulders I became aware of a finger
slowly sliding between my buttocks. The feeling was
exhilarating and I fought to control my breathing and
remain still for fear of frightening whoever was
touching me like this and have it end.

I felt my buttocks being more firmly grasped as my
bottom was being parted to make way for that fantastic
finger now searching for my hole. It was like a gentle
current of electricity spread through my body as the
finger found its' mark and slowly circled around my

It was all I could do to stay still and pretend to be
asleep while a slow continuous pressure was exerted
upon my tight, sensitive hole. I began feel the sheets
being lifted and the careful tugging of my boxers down
across my bottom. It was at this point that I could no
longer contain myself and very slowly raised my hips
and began to assist in the removal of my boxers. My
breathing became more rapid and my heart raced. I was
becoming more aware of my surroundings and the ultimate
deduction that it was in fact Bobby sexually arousing
me in the dead of the night.

Neither of us spoke as I slipped off my boxers and
reached down with my right hand to part my bottom
further for him. He responded with quickened breathing
and began to kiss my back as his finger continued to
press harder against my tight, little hole. Bobby began
to lower his head and his kisses worked down my back
and over my bottom.

I took my hand away and allowed Bobby to roll me over
onto my stomach. I buried my face into the pillow as he
spread my bottom wide open with both hands and plunged
his tongue into my bottom.

I could not believe this was happening. I could not
believe that I was doing this with another guy, but it
felt so good I was paralyzed by pleasure. Bobby's hands
gripped my bottom firmly and began to frantically pull
my ass as wide open as possible to expose my hole to
his hot, wet tongue.

I moaned as his tongue found its' way inside me. I had
never experienced anything like this before and it was
incredible. His tongue probed deeper, I got so caught
up in the moment I realized that I now had my back
arched up into his face and was excitedly spreading my
own ass wider to allow him deeper into me.

My ass was soaked with his saliva and my cock was rock
hard......then it happened! I remember hearing the
words, "Please fuck me, I want to feel your cock inside
me!" It sounded like it was it came from someone else,
but I realized that it was me begging for my first
cock. "Oh fuck, please, please fuck my ass!" I pleaded.

"Do you have any condoms and lube?" he whispered. "I
don't!" I whispered back. "Do you still want to fuck?"
he asked. "Yes! Just be careful." I replied. I still
don't know what that meant, but my animal lust was too
far gone to make me hesitate now.

As Bobby began to slowly lick his way up my back I
could feel his rock hard cock graze my bottom. "It's
big." he whispered to me. "And you're tight, is this
your first time?" he asked me. "Yes! Just fuck me,
pleeeaassee, fuck me now!" I moaned. As he pressed his
hips against my bottom I felt his massive cock slide
between my buttocks. "Oh my God!" I thought he is

I arched my back further and Bobby pushed a pillow
under my hips to raise my ass further. I held my breath
as his enormous, rock hard cock began its' search for
my wanting hole. He slid it back and forth across my
quivering hole and I spread my legs further continuing
to pull my bottom as wide open as possible.

A searing pain shot through my bottom as his cock found
its' mark and began trying to force its' way inside me.
I let out a whine and immediately heard him say, "We
need more lube!" Bobby dismounted my backside and
climbed further up the bed, kneeling next to me. I
turned my head to face him and I knew what he wanted me
to do; it was what I needed to do.

I reached out and took his cock in my hand as he leaned
into my face. I felt terrified, dirty and guilt ridden
as I slowly guided this stranger's cock towards my
mouth. I could smell his heavy musky scent and the
light aroma of my own bottom. My lips parts
automatically as my mouth opened to receive him. It was
almost as if I had done this before, "Oh my God, I'm
gay!" I thought.

The thought was not enough to stop me from greedily
taking the massive head of his cock into my mouth. I
felt right; it was kinky, obscene, sinful and somehow
natural. Bobby gently took the back of my head with his
left hand and began to feed me more of his cock. Within
seconds I was gagging from this overabundance of man
meat. Bobby slowly began to fuck my mouth and I fought
to relax and catch my breath.

Within minutes my mouth was producing a nice thick,
slippery saliva all over Bobby's huge tool. "That
should work." he whispered as he withdrew his cock from
my mouth.

It was time and I wanted to feel another man inside me
in the worst way. Bobby licked my backside to further
loosen me up and rolled me onto my right side. His cock
slowly slid between my buttocks and I instinctively
reached down with my left hand to pull my ass apart to

His throbbing cock began to press harder and harder
against my resistant little hole. Suddenly, my
resistance gave way and his massive tool began very
slowly forcing its' way inside me. I bit into the
sheets and shrieked through clenched teeth as his
violation of my body began. The pain was sharp and
searing, but I wanted to know what it was like to be
fucked by another man, his cock sliding in and out of
me. Bobby's big cock continued its' slow advance inside

Just when I thought I couldn't take the pain anymore,
the giant, bulbous head to his cock crowned inside me.
I screamed through my clenched teeth into the now wet
sheet in my mouth. My hole resistance was broken as the
thick head of his cock slid deeper inside me. My ass
felt full as his shaft began to glide past my hole and
begin exploring uncharted areas.

I remember thinking, "So this is what it is like, why
does it have to hurt so bad at first?" "Am I going to
hell for letting another man stick his penis inside
me?" "Will I become addicted to cock?" "Should I trust
him to not cum inside me?"

Bobby's cock was long and thick and seemed to be
sliding into me forever. That massive, bulbous head was
going deeper and deeper inside me, until I was
overwhelmed by a deep, dull pain that made my whole
midsection ache. I spit the soaking sheet corner from
my mouth and screamed out in what can only be called a
cry of agony/ecstasy. It hurt so good, my bottom was so
full, the pain so deep, the experience so incredible.
Bobby had gone as deep as my body would allow, but yet
he held me down and ground his hips harder against my
bottom, pressing every last inch of himself into me!
His nest of pubic hair felt like sandpaper against my
soft bottom, his cock was like steel.

He was locked into that animalistic place men go when
they will spread their seed at any cost of pain to
their mate/lover. Our act of sex became an act
bordering on violence, almost a act of rape. Bobby used
his greater size and strength to put every last inch of
himself as deep as possible inside me over the groaning
guttural noises of protest from me.

I could barely make out the large silhouette looming
over me, but I could sense the feeling of rage as I
fought him. My pain seemed to excite him further as his
aggression built into all out rage, fucking my bottom
harder and harder the sound of flesh slapping echoed
through the room. Bobby's grunts became antagonistic
chants of, "You fucking bitch! Take all that cock
bitch! I own your ass bitch!"

I can't tell you exactly what I was experiencing, but
it felt as though my bowels were going to release
themselves all over the bed, I was full and needed to
be empty. By now his cock now slide effortlessly in and
out of my battered hole. The pain in my belly was dull
and harsh, but his grip was firm and relentless. With
one final incredibly forceful thrust Bobby's cock drove
so deep inside me I let out an agonized scream that was
almost drowned out by his primal bellow as his cock
exploded inside me.

I was incapable of moving from Bobby's tight grasp and
watched his silhouette as he drained himself deep
inside me. My pain lessened and I reached out to his
shaking form as he shook and quivered releasing every
last ounce of his cum in my no longer virgin bottom.

Spastic convulsions rocked his body as I tried to
tighten my internal ass muscles around his convulsing
meat. I worked in vain to use my battered ass muscles
to 'milk' every bit of goodness from him. "How did I
know how to do such things? How did I instinctively
understand how to take everything from him? Why was I
such a greedy little whore?" I thought to myself.

Bobby took another 45 seconds or so to completely empty
every last single, little sperm into my broken ass.

Bobby collapsed on top of me and lay there moaning as I
used my muscles to try to hold his cock inside me. My
ass was so battered and he was quickly becoming
flaccid. Within minutes I felt his cock slide out of my
hole. My hole was stretched open and I had no control
of it anymore. I began to fear that it might always
stay loose and open. My biggest concern was having all
that wonderful cum drain out from me. I wanted
desperately to keep every drop of his seed deep inside
me for as long as possible.

I began having weird thoughts about how I would like to
be able to go back down to the casino or walk around
out in public with my secret buried deep inside me. My
secret of having committed a lustful act with another
man. Of letting a complete stranger use me for his own
pleasure and enjoying every minute of it.

I lay awake all night as Bobby slept enjoying the glow
that accompanies having been fucked and filled with
another man's cum! And the knowledge that that dirty
little secret is absorbed deep inside me where it

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