Jonny Likes Older Men

Jonny realized something in his young life: he had a thing for older guys. He wasn't gay. He had a girlfriend, Jenna, and loved her, loved fucking the freaky little slut. She wasn't his first but she had opened his mind to a lot of new things. He told her she knew way too much for a high school sophomore. She would just smile and grab his cock. Knowing what a freak she was, he told her his fantasy about being with an older man. She loved the idea and helped him live out his fantasy.
Jenna had heard about a spot in a local park where guys would cruise each other. They were mostly older guys, married, in the closet. They went there one sunny Saturday afternoon. Jonny wasn't sure what to do. Jenna said,''When a guy comes by and makes conversation, start rubbing your cock. If he's interested, he'll do the same.'' he still wasn't sure how she knew this but he just nervously said,''okay''.
Soon a guy came along and noticed the handsome, brown-haired boy sitting on a fallen log. He liked what he saw, lean, swimmer's build, green eyes. This kid was too cute not to fuck! He sauntered up to Jonny and started chatting about the weather, the park, so on. He saw the boy rubbing his cock and started doing the same.
Jonny liked what he saw with this guy: mid to late 40's, salt and pepper hair, good shape, a lot like Jonny's dad actually. The man looked around and said,''You up for some fun?'' Jonny nodded nervously.The man noticed his nervousness. ''You're pretty young. This your first time?'' Jonny nodded again. "Oh boy! I get to break you in!'' the man said with a grin. He pulled out his 7'' cock and moved to Jonny's face. With all nervousness gone, Jonny sucked his first cock like he had been doing it for years. He pulled his own cock out and stroked it while he sucked the man off.
The man soon blew his load. He dropped to the ground and took Jonny's cock in his mouth. It didn't take Jonny long to cum himself. The man thanked Jonny, zipped himself up, and left. Jenna came out from her hiding space, her cunt on fire from watching Jonny sucking a cock. He bent her over the same log he had been sitting on and fucked the hell out of her smooth-shaved snatch. He balled her blonde hair up in his fist as he pounded her. She loved it a little rough.
Jonny knew he was hooked on cock after that day. He and Jenna repeated the scene several times. He knew he could find anything on the internet and started chatting with a number of older guys. He would do webcam shows for them and met a few in person. A few times Jenna went with him and they had threesomes. He hoped to be with her forever.
Sometimes Jonny would email nude pics of himself to these friends. One Sunday morning his parents were gone, Mom visiting her sister, Dad playing golf. Jonny was taking advantage of the empty house and took pics of himself in different rooms. He didn't hear his Dad come in early from golfing. His dad, Mark, for his part was pretty surprised to find his son naked in the dining room, bent over the table with a dildo in his ass. There was a camera on the hutch, apparently with a timer. The shutter clicked and Jonny went to check the pic and reset the timer. He was still unaware of his Dad's presence.
Mark's own cock was hard as a rock. He had always enjoyed sex with men, especially younger ones. He hadn't had any in a while. The sight of his son with that dildo in his ass was driving him wild. He slipped off his shoes and clothes and crept in the dining room. Jonny was having difficulty getting the dildo back in his ass, so he reached for the bottle of lube he had carried down with him. He greased up his tight little hole and reached for the dildo again. Before he got the chance to replace it, his Dad came up behind him and caught his wrist. ''Forget that thing. You need a real cock,'' he whispered in his son's ear. He slid his 8'' cock in his own boy's hole. He was so thick, Jonny thought he would split in two.
It took Jonny a few seconds to realize he was being fucked by his own father. He loved it! He knew then that this was the cock he had always wanted, the reason he liked older men. Mark had never thought about fucking his son, never knew Jonny liked sex with men too. Now they both knew they could have the guy on guy sex they both loved so much whenever they wanted it.
They spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking in every way they could think of. Mark loved Jonny's smooth cock so much he did the same himself. Jonny couldn't get enough of his Dad's cock. He loved the taste of his cum and loved to rim his ass. Mark loved Jonny's young, smooth skin. He spanked the boy's ass just to see it turn red. Then he fucked it again. It was so tight, it was unbelievable.
Jonny told his Dad all about his adventures and how Jenna was involved. Mark told him about some of his past episodes too. Jonny asked Mark if he would be interested in having Jenna join them. Mark just smiled and said,'' Sure. She's one hot little piece of ass.How would you like your mother to join us too?'' Jonny just returned his smile and nodded. They both knew there was lots of fun ahead...

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