Spying On Uncle

My Uncle G and Uncle A shared a house from their 40s to their 70s.

My dad travelled a lot for work and when he would travel, I would stay with my uncles.

I usually shared a bed with Uncle G because my uncles would stay up driniking and watching tv a lot and I would get tired before them and so instead of sleeping on the couch, my Uncle G would send me into his room to sleep.

Uncle G who was 43 had been married, divorced and had kids who lived with his ex-wife. Due to the alimony, he swore he was never getting married again but he had plenty of girlfriends.

Uncle A at the time was 53 and he had black hair, blue, blue eyes and was about 6'3. Tall and a bachelor for life, he had girlie magazines all over his room and pictures too - very good natured also. He always wore blue jeans and a blue denim shirt with a white t-shirt underneath tucked into white BVDs.

I used to go in to wake him up in the am and he always had the covers off himself and a raging pee hardon. Almost every morning he would wake up and say to me, "Why don't you go and take a piss for me so I can go back to sleep..." and everytime he said it he would look down and waggle his hard cock in his underwear.

Still drives me crazy LOL.

Uncle G was a great guy, also a bachelor in his later years, but I often managed to sleep in his bed - a double sized bed and he always slept in just his FOTL. He had his own bathroom and shower off his bedroom and I got plenty of eye fulls LOL of him doing almost everything from showering to peeing to sitting on the pot!

In any case, I was happy to share a room with Uncle G since he was my favorite uncle. He had served in the Navy while my dad served in the Air Force. He was always cheerful and happy and he shared my dad's good looks with his blue eyes, farmer-tanned skin and prematurely salt and pepper hair. He, like my dad and most of his older male siblings, loved their beer and football - national Midwestern pastimes to be sure!

Uncle G's room was large, but he only had a full size bed with a single nightstand and dresser in it. The bed was parallel to the bathroom door and his nightstand was on the right side of the bed that was closest to the bathroom door. He told me that my side was the left side which was closest to the wall. There was a matching night stand on my side as well.

Next to the bathroom door was an outlet about waist high with a night light on it and when I mentioned to Uncle G that I never saw an outlet so high on the wall, he proudly stated that he had put the outlet in himself so that he could "see the door to head" even if he was half asleep so he wouldn't piss on the floor. I must have looked shocked because he laughed and said that he had never pissed on the floor - but it was "just in case".

Uncle G. - as did all of us then and now - slept in his white bvds. He had his regular routines before bed as well as when he woke in the morning.

The first week we shared the room together, this was pretty much his routine:

1. At night, he would pee, shower, brush his teeth and then put on a clean pair of bvds before getting into bed to set the alarm and then go to sleep.

2. In the morning, he would get up and as he always liked to say: shit, shower and shave - after which he put on fresh bvds, wake me up and then get dressed for work at the boiler plant.

He would always half close the bathroom door when he was in there but I would catch brief glimpses of his naked ass, back - a couple of times his cock - but just for a few frustrating seconds.

The first week was pretty non-descript, except that I could hardly sleep with him next to me. He usually fell asleep fast and he would start sleeping with his back to me under the covers and by morning he would have kicked the covers off himself within 2 hours of falling asleep and either be lying flat on his back or facing me. I would stare at his cock bulge in his white bvds for most of the night and loved seeing it go soft to hard to soft as he slept.

I stayed up as long as I could watching his beautiful bulge and would eventually fall asleep at some point. Towards the end of the week, Uncle G. would have to shake me awake since I was so sleep deprived LOL!

So it was from the first Sunday night until that first Friday morning. At breakfast, Uncle G laughed with my Uncel A about how hard it was to wake me in the morning - I remember thinking, if he only knew why I was so tired!!

That night Uncle G went out to the local beer joint as usual and when he hadn't come back by midnight and the house was quiet, I went to bed alone. My Uncle A. had gone to bed a couple hours before so I went to bed alone.

I was half dozing when I heard Uncle G stumble into the room and close the door behind him. I had the sheet over my head and face with a small opening for fresh air so he probably couldn't have seen if my eyes were wide open but I kep them squinted and pretended to be asleep.

Uncle G reached over and switched on his nightstand lamp which wasn't really bright - probably 40 watt - but enough to cast a dim lim on the room.

Uncle G seemed a bit drunk and he stumbled a bit as he fumbled out of his dress cowboy boots, jeans and western dress shirt. He looked over my way briefly and then went into the bathroom and stood at the toilet. He stepped out of his bvds clumsily and let loose a heavy stream of pee and peed for what seemed like 10 minutes! His cock was cut, about 5.5 - 6 inches soft and had a big round fleshy mushroom head tip. He finished and shook his cock and then headed over to the bed - naked!!

He climbed in and I took in the scent of Uncle G's musk cologne, tobacco smoke and beer as he settled in to sleep. I lay as still as I could positive that he would hear the loud pounding of my heart and quickened breath and wake up but he fell asleep as usual.

I waited and prayed that he would be true to form and kick off the covers in an hour or two - and after what seemd like 5 hours, he did!

I stayed under the sheet, peeking out at his beautiful naked body, his cock laying against his thigh. I watched as it went from soft to hard and then soft again - swearing that I could see a glistening drop wetting his pee slit.

He slept as usual, intermittently snoring and moving slightly as he slept. I peered over at the alarm clock and saw that is was about 5:30 AM - about 3 and a half hours since Uncle G. stumbled into the bed naked.

I just took in his beautiful form as he slept: a dark bronze farmers tan on his face, neck and upper arms, white skin everywhere else highlighted by a salt and pepper haired chest from which trickled a thin silvery trail of hair to just past his belly button and then a thick bush of darker hair above and around his shaft. His balls were big, heavy and not as hairy. His cock lay semi-turgid along his thigh and yes, it looked as if his pee slit was slighty wet from the soft-hard-soft and now getting hard again actions of his dreaming cock.

His hand absently fondled his growing cock in his hand and I froze once again as I watched. He wasn't really playing with it, but it kept growing until it was stiff as a rock.

Suddenly, Uncle G. started and was semi-awake. He groggily mumbled, "Little Buddy?" which was his nickname for me and I stayed frozen, pretending to be asleep and willing my heart to stop pounding so loudly. "Little Buddy?" he repeated. Uncle G. moved his hand from his cock to shake me slightly. "Hey Little Buddy..." Again I lay still and quiet, trying to breath noticeably deeper to feign sleep. After a few more light shakes, Uncle G. chuckled quietly and mumbled, "Damn if that kid can't sleep".

He then positioned his head back on his pillow and stretched his legs out as he reached down and took hold of his cock. He grabbed just the big fleshy head between his forefinger and thumb - his finger on the underside of his head and his thumb on the top of his head. He then started to make rotating movements with them, just stimulating the head.

I watched entranced, heart pounding, mouth dry, trying not to breathe as he continued - his head getting more and more swollen and rigid. He started to mumble quietly, "Dolly, you lady, this is your loss tonight baby..." and suddenly Uncle G. started shaking harder and harder, until he mumbled, "Oh Goddamn f**kin; Christ O Mighty...uhhh" and his cum squirted out in thick globs all over his belly. After he stopped cumming he sighed and mumbled, "Goddamn...whew!"

He lay quietly for a few minutes and then got up and took another long pee in the bathroom.

He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped himself then picked up his bvds and crawled back into bed and was fast asleep.

I fell asleep soon after Uncle G had fallen into his post-orgasmic sleep and knew nothing until I felt myself being shaken awake to Uncle G’s familiar voice. “Hey Little Buddy! Time to rise and shine boy, you’re a’ sleepin’ the day away!” I groggily looked up and saw Uncle G in his familiar daily uniform of blue jeans and a plaid western shirt; his blue eyes twinkling as usual and his silvery salt & pepper hair combed back with a bit of Brylcreem.

I jumped into the shower as Uncle G made up the bed and wondered if I had dreamt the whole thing but it seemed so real and was still very much burned into my memory. If it was a dream, I hoped to have it again and again!

On Saturdays and Sundays, Uncle G and my assorted uncles, aunts, cousins, second-cousins all gathered together to drink beer, talk, watch football, play cards or lawn darts all weekend long.

It was all just another normal day and Uncle G seemed to be his regular, normal self.

On Saturday nights, just like Fridays; Uncle G would get up from the couch around 8:00 or 8:30 pm and announce that he had to go “shit, shower and shave”. He would then get dressed in his best jeans and one of his many pearl buttoned dress western shirt and cowboy dress boots before he headed out for one of the many local beer joints.

I laid awake under the sheet just as I had the night before, trembling in excitement of a repeat experience of the night before. Again, around 2:00 or 2:30; I heard Uncle G. stumble in to the bedroom and watched through slit eyes under the sheets as he undressed to his white bvds.

Same as before he went over to the toilet, peeled off his bvds and peed like a racehorse. He then walked over and crawled under the covers into the bed turning so his back was facing me. He fell quickly asleep and I looked at the back of his head as he slept.

At some point I fell asleep and when I awoke, it was still dark and very quiet except for Uncle G’s light snoring. I was still on my side facing Uncle G although no longer under cover of the sheet. My head was off the pillow and I had slid down a bit towards the foot of the bed so that my face was about at the level of just below Uncle G’s breastbone. Uncle G was asleep facing me and was very close – close enough that I could feel his breath on the top of my head. My heart started pounding immediately when I realized where I was!

I looked down just with my eyes and though dark, I could see only darkness as I strained to see Uncle G’s cock My left arm was just slightly under my cheek and ever so slowly in little movements; I moved my arm down towards my waist and laid it palm side up mere centimeters from Uncle G’s groin. It was a bit of an awkward position lying on my side and almost lying on my arm down alongside my body but I wanted to try to get as close to that wonderful cock as I could.

Positive that Uncle G was still sound asleep – as he was still lightly snoring and breathing deeply and slowly – I slid my hand, palm up so that it lay right against Uncle G’s bulge. I felt the warmth of his body and his thigh or was it his cock against the side of my hand and thumb. My palm was slightly cupped in an effort to keep it as natural as possible in the event Uncle G woke up. After an endless amount of indeterminable time, Uncle G shifted slightly in his sleep and I realized his soft fleshy cock head was pressed partially in my warm cupped palm. I lay completely still and didn’t move a single muscle – focusing on the warm flesh pressed into my palm.

I was thrilled at just being able to feel it, it was warm and I wanted to feel his balls, his shaft and as well as the big fleshy tip pressed and smashed into my palm.

Uncle G continued to sleep and then I felt his cock twitch slightly…once, twice…then nothing. I held my breath and prayed to God that if he let me feel Uncle G’s cock getting hard in my hand – please!! – I would never ask for anything again – ever! It was a prayer and a deal I offered to God on many occasions in the past and would again offer in the future when I ‘really’ wanted something to happen.

Slowly, Uncle G’s cock blossomed into my palm until it was hard and hot and pressed into my palm, the head twitching now and again pressing into the fleshy lower part of my palm just below my thumb.

I was in Heaven and was thanking God for making my wish come true when suddenly Uncle G shifted in his sleep and ended up lying on his stomach with my arm from the elbow to my hand under him! He was laying right on top of my palm his hard cock pressed into it! I took this opportunity to cup my hand around his hard bulge, marveling at the hardness and I swore I could feel his heartbeat – or was it mine – though it, thumping in my head loudly. He mumbled something and then I felt him thrust slightly into my palm…once…twice…three times, his cock straining and swollen into my palm. I cupped his cock a bit harder and felt his hard shaft and didn’t even notice my arm was starting to fall asleep.

My arm was now under Uncle G, my hand cupped around the upper part of his shaft and my forefinger and thumb alongside his swollen head. Uncle G had only thrust lightly a few times in his sleep and then stopped, still deep asleep. His cock was hard, hot and swollen in my hand. I moved my forefinger slowly until I worked it to the underside of his cock head. I could feel his pee slit and I lightly, lightly moved my fingertip on just underside of his swollen cock head at the bottom of his slit. It was all so unreal, I can’t even tell you how long it was but soon enough, I felt his tip get moist and my fingertip was sticky and slippery with his pre-cum.

I kept rubbing the slippery spot slowly and lightly as he slept – his tip was getting harder and harder – when suddenly it started to twitch up and down, up and down…and then it squirted – blub, blub, blub, blub, blub….

I felt his cock head twitch with every spasm, twitch with every blob of thick cum that it expelled; hot, sticky, thick and gooey. I think I could have cum in my underwear right then!!

Suddenly Uncle G stirred, groggy and mumbling, “What the…Jesus Christ O’ Mighty!” he muttered under his breath, still half asleep, “Goddamn it!” He lifted off my arm and almost fell out of bed trying to get out of it. He stumbled to the bathroom and grabbed some Kleenex as I moved my arm away from the spot and along my thigh – suddenly painfully aware of the tingling in it as it woke up from being laid upon for so long.

Through squinted eyes, and perfectly illuminated by the wonderful high nightlight, I saw Uncle G wipe off the long hanging thread of cum that was dangling from his cock slit and then toss it into the toilet.

He grabbed a few more sheets of Kleenex and switched on the lamp on the night table. The brightness caught me and I squinted half blind up at Uncle G. His face was swollen with sleep and he was still pretty groggy.

“Sorry Little Buddy, shhhhh - go on back to sleep, I just dropped something…go back to sleep.” I quickly shut my eyes tight and turned away from Uncle G to face the wall – quickly breathing deeply to feign sleep and to try to quiet my pounding heart and breathing.

I heard him mumbling incoherently as he wiped at the goo on the bed and then he got back into bed quickly falling asleep.

A few hours later, as I woke to the light sneaking in on my side of the bed, I turned to see Uncle G still asleep next to me on his back. He was, as usual, free of any covers and I looked down to see his beautiful cock standing straight up – hard as a rock!!

The alarm clock read 6:00 AM – I had made sure never to get up on a weekend before 10:00 or 11:00 AM to maintain my ‘deep sleep’ reputation so I quickly pulled the sheet over my head making my usual peephole so that I could take in Uncle G’s beautiful cock in broad daylight.

It was beautiful, big swollen, fleshy mushroom head – slightly pinkish purple – on a nicely veined shaft that led to big heavy hairy balls. Beautiful!

I watched and started to hear some stirring in other parts of the house, Uncle A got up around 6:30 or 7:00 AM every day – even weekends – and my Uncle G. stirred awake at the morning noises.

I saw his hand appear in my field of view as he reached down to scratch his balls. His cock twitched and seemed to get longer and harder as he did so – and I was thrilled once again to have a ringside seat!

I was so excited I realized I was breathing loudly in and out but Uncle G. must have thought I was in a deep sleep.

Once again, he grabbed his cock head between his thumb and forefinger and started to make his finger rotations on the top and bottom of his cock head. It swelled up in no time and turned a deep purple-plum color. Uncle G suddenly went taut and breathed in as he whispered "fuck"... – his legs locked and out as his cock oozed out thick blobs of cum. Once he stopped cumming, he exhaled deeply and suddenly got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to shit, shower and shave as always.

I happily closed my eyes to get some much needed sleep!

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